The benefits of mechanical peeling

Mechanical peeling is especially popular.
among women. After the procedure, the skin becomes
smooth, silky and, most importantly, healthy. Mechanical face peeling
allows you to get a more even, natural skin tone.
Professional mechanical peeling has a lot of differences from
home, which is not too often. It requires
a specialist with a wide range of knowledge in this area,
professionalism of the master plays an important role.

With proper and proper conduct of the procedure, the patient
gets a result that even exceeds her expectations.

After peeling, you will feel that your skin is full.
oxygen, vitamins and nutrients.

The main advantages of the procedure

Should consider in more detail what constitutes
mechanical peeling. The principle of exposure to the skin distantly
reminds polishing procedure when the master polishes a special
surface to achieve perfect smoothness. In the process of peeling
there is a dispersion of the microscopic particles leveling
the skin surface, with their help the master also eliminates coarsened
cells Mechanical peeling referred to the type of surface, with
carrying out it is necessary to dose extent of influence applied
medication. In some cases, the procedure involves only
removal of hardened scales, in others it is necessary to level
skin surface. To the benefits of the procedure that is carried out in
salon conditions, should be attributed painless. One more
The undeniable advantage is the absence of the risk of infection.

Mechanical peeling process

During skin cleansing, the beautician regulates the amount
pressure under which abrasives are thrown
the particles.

Mechanical peeling has certain varieties. He can
to be gentle: in the process apply scrubs, gommazhi, masks in the form of
films. With deep used macrocrystalline scrubs.
Mechanical peeling will become an indispensable procedure in the presence of such
defects like acne; skin changes associated with age;
hyperpigmentation. The procedure is necessary to improve absorption.
remedies. It is indicated for mimic wrinkles and
photo aging. After its implementation, the skin is significantly transformed and
getting younger. Like any other cosmetic
mechanical peeling procedure has its own characteristics and
contraindications: it can not be done if there is a very pronounced
inflammatory reaction. The procedure is not recommended
women who have sensitive and thin skin, especially
one on which the spider veins are clearly visible. If in
a particular moment a woman uses retinoids to treat acne,
carry out the procedure is not desirable.

Varieties of peeling

After this procedure, the face is not only rejuvenated, but also
improves its color: a natural blush appears on the cheeks. She is
helps to improve blood microcirculation after exposure
special cleansers effective nutrition
cells, wrinkles are smoothed. With the help of mechanical peeling
You can eliminate the problem of acne. The procedure promotes
reduces signs of photoaging, gives a lifting effect.
Microcrystalline peels are gaining popularity day after day.
This method of cleaning is actively used in the field of cosmetology and
dermatology. It involves the use of a special powder,
containing aluminum microcrystals. Intact microcrystals with
effects on the skin provide “peeling” of the epidermis cells
to improve the properties of the skin.

Result of mechanical peeling

Result before and after peeling.

In this case, the crystals penetrate the subcutaneous layer, this
is achieved by using a special nozzle and pipe, in
which is a vacuum. Aluminum crystals scrape upper
coarse cells, some of them remain on the surface of the skin
and then peels off along with the cells. The procedure has three
options, each of which depends on the depth of exposure
used drugs. Microcrystalline peeling can be
superficial, middle and deep. After applying this
techniques there has been a significant improvement in elasticity and
skin elasticity. The peculiarity is that it does not
requires the use of special painkillers. If
you are allergic to acids, chemical peels can be replaced by

There is another type of peeling – saline. Procedure
This type is in great demand among women. Often she
used to rid the skin of accumulated toxins.
In this case, the impact occurs on the surface layers. After
salt peeling decreases the signs of cellulite, the skin becomes
more young and energized. In addition to this, salt peeling gives
effective moisturizing, the procedure has a tonic effect.
To conduct it, you must carefully prepare the skin, after
Why apply a medical mixture that may be present
additional healing ingredients. Means applied massage
movements and distributed over the entire surface of the skin, after that
they must be removed with water. As a result, you get healthy
radiant skin, normalized blood circulation and favorable outflow

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