The benefits of tea tree oil for hair – top top recipes

Hair care should be comprehensive, regular and
correct. To do this, use ready
cosmetic and therapeutic agents. But there is another
no less effective option – the use of air extracts

Tea tree oil

Especially popular is tea tree oil for
hair, which has a number of beneficial properties,
recognizable pleasant aroma.

  • 1 The benefits of tea tree oil for hair
  • 2 Methods of use
  • 3 top 10 recipes for hair masks
    • 3.1 Mask for hair growth
    • 3.2 Mask for hair loss
    • 3.3 Mask to strengthen hair
    • 3.4 Mask for hair restoration
    • 3.5 Dandruff Mask
    • 3.6 Mask for split ends
    • 3.7 Mask for dry hair
    • 3.8 Mask for greasy hair
    • 3.9 Mask for normal hair
    • 3.10 Mask for hair during pregnancy
  • 4 Tea tree oil against lice and nits

The benefits of tea tree oil for hair

Due to the unique natural composition (more than 95
chemical compounds), tea tree oil is used as
in medicine and as a cosmetic
means for skin, hair.

Oil and its leaves

The extract is particularly nutritious,
at the same time it has strong antiseptic properties. If a
identify the major positive changes that are achieved in
the use of tea tree ether, the benefits will be

  • Reduced hair loss.
  • The amount of dandruff is reduced, the scalp becomes
    clean, which is achieved by antibacterial properties
    tea tree extract.
  • Growth is accelerated, the hair becomes thicker.
  • Improving blood supply, normalization of metabolic, metabolic
    processes. These are important indicators that depend on
    vegetation structure, density, gloss and others
    parameters responsible for the health, the appearance of the hair.
  • Healing of microdamages, wounds.
  • Normalization of the sebaceous glands, oily skin and most
  • Therapeutic effect on pediculosis, fungal and other

With proper and regular use of oil (melaleuka)
tea tree manages to restore the health of hair, beauty,
get rid of dermatological problems.

Beautiful hair

Application Methods

Essential oils can be used in different ways, but practically
all options involve diluting the extract of the plant. Usually
The following methods are used.
This oil:

  • Adding to shampoo or to any cosmetic
    used to care. If broths are prepared or
    special rinse solutions, then steam
    drops of tea ether will only benefit. Oil and shampoo
  • Application for massage. Massaging the head initially
    considered a positive effect on the condition
    scalp, stimulates hair growth, and the supplement in the form
    flavored oil will improve the result. Head massage
  • Wrapping Useful properties of the hood are enhanced by
    effect of “greenhouse”. Under the influence of high temperature, which
    created under the film, the pores expand,
    nutrients penetrate tissue better. Oil wraps
    used for therapeutic, prophylactic purposes, usually combined
    several types of oils, as well as auxiliary
    ingredients, for example, kefir. Hair wrapping
  • Aromatherapy The use of fragrant oils, including
    tea tree can be regular and simple. Enough
    drip on a comb a little bit of ether and hair will
    gradually absorb beneficial natural compounds, saturate
    pleasant aroma. Aromatherapy
  • Spray for shine hair. Also applies to one of the simplest
    ways to care. In pure, for example, distilled water
    add a few drops of aromatic suspension,
    periodic head irrigation is carried out. This spray can
    use after washing, before combing, massage.

Attention! Before deciding how to use butter
tea tree, you need to make sure that there is no
allergic reactions, since in the hood all compounds
are present in high concentration.

10 best recipes for hair masks

The use of ether for the preparation of masks is considered
optimal. While the mixture is aged, it is absorbed more.
nutrients than rinsing.

Hair and oil

If we consider the top of the best masks for hair with oil
tea tree, you can highlight the following leaders:

Hair growth mask

For the preparation of the mixture is taken the basis of which can act
burdock oil, peach, jojoba, olive, coconut
or other liked by smell, properties.

Respect the proportions – a tablespoon of base oil – 3-4
drops of tea tree suspension.

This video describes the oils that can be used with
a few drops of tea tree for hair growth.

Hair loss mask

The recipe is great not only in the fight against loss, but also
In general, for the improvement of the scalp. Henna mixes if
it is important to keep the existing shade, then you need to choose

Henna is brought to the consistency of sour cream together with 5-7 ml
extract of aromatic plants.

Mask with henna

Mask to strengthen hair

A teaspoon of honey is added to olive oil, 5-7 drops
ether, some lemon juice. The mixture is applied rubbing
movements, put on a plastic cap,
wrapped with a towel.

Lemon, oil, honey

Hair restoration mask

For the base perfectly suited dairy product, for example,
good effect shows a mask with kefir and tea tree oil.
You can add the mixture with honey, other esters.

This video describes the beneficial properties of kefir mask for
hair with tea tree oil.

Dandruff mask

To get rid of this unpleasant, the mask helps with
tea tree oil and burdock oil.

After applying the solution prepared from burdock
bases and 5 ml of extract of malaleuki, applied
wrapping 15-20 minutes is enough, after the first session they will be
noticeable improvements.

Dandruff oil

Split ends mask

It is necessary to separate the yolk, beat it, pour 30 ml of burdock
oil, 5 ml of tea tree.

Split ends of hair

Mask for dry hair

Fat yogurt or sour cream is slightly heated, 7-8 drops
plant extracts are added to the mixture. Better remedy
leave for 30 minutes, wrapping your head in a wrap, and then
thick towel.

Sour cream and butter

Mask for greasy hair

Well dries the skin of the head, and its better
add to mask, optionally used a little

Ingredients are natural dyes, so for
preserve the existing shade are selected colorless
kinds. Gruel made from plants is added
5-7 ml extract of malaleuki.

Oil, Basma, Henna

Mask for normal hair

If there are no obvious problems, then a mask with a small tea
tree and egg. The recipe includes yolk, 50 ml of milk, 3-4 drops.
ether, it is possible to add solution olive oil, extract
bergamot, rosemary.

This video explains how to make a hair mask with
tea tree oil.

Hair mask during pregnancy

When carrying babies essential oils should be used with
caution, use only proven natural
Ingredients. For example, a mask with yogurt without
fillers and 2-3 drops of butter or yolk, spoon
cottage cheese, olive and 2 ml of tea tree extract.

The above recipes for masks are not
the only ones there are many more options as possible
use essential oil for beauty, health.

Oil and leaf meleuki

Tea tree oil against lice and nits

There are several ways to use the extract of malaleuki for
destruction of lice and nits. This is a solution on alcohol, which
prepared from 50 ml of ethanol, 30 ml of oil
tea tree and 50 ml of distillate. The mixture is applied to the skin.
head, rubbed, after 10-15 minutes, washed off.

Rinsing followed by rubbing gives a good result.
solution of 60 ml of water, suitable and mineral, 20 ml of ether
tea tree and 7 ml of cloves. The procedure must be repeated.
at least twice a day.

Hair Oils

How useful will be the means to maintain the scalp and
hair depends not only on selected recipes, but also on
quality of the essential oil. This must be taken into account
acquiring plant extracts, especially lowering

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