The best anti-dandruff ointment – review, prices, a photo

Problems with dandruff are quite common in people of different
age This disease affects both men and women.
women, sometimes dandruff torments and children.

Independently, without correctly selected treatment such skin
the disease will not pass and it is for this reason that it is very important to turn
special attention to the currently available means to fight
with such a problem.

Dandruff ointment is one of the most effective and
common remedies for today. hair

Important! The sooner treatment is started, the easier it is.
and quickly get rid of dandruff.

Causes of dandruff

The content of the article:

  • Causes of dandruff
  • Pros and cons of using anti-dandruff ointment
  • Top 5 Best Dandruff Ointments
  • Hormonal ointment
  • The main list of ointments
  • Other means
  • Folk methods
  • Dandruff prevention

There are two main causes of dandruff, both
associated with the features of the scalp and are called seborrhea,
Consider its main types:

  1. Oily seborrhea. With excessively oily skin and
    hair prone to fat, too much of the subcutaneous
    the fat that clogs the pores, thus provoking the appearance
    such trouble as dandruff.
  2. Dry seborrhea. In case of very dry skin
    dandruff may also form on the head, however in this case
    the cause will be not the fat, but the smallest dried-up parts of the scalp,
    which form the dandruff itself.

Sometimes there is the so-called “mixed type” when
both types of oily and dry seborrhea are present.

In addition to the above factors, the cause of the appearance of “snow” in
hair can be:

  • bad ecology;
  • stress;
  • weakened immunity;
  • non-compliance with hygiene rules;
  • vitamin D deficiency;
  • diseases of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, and hormonal disruptions in
    the body.

Important! To develop an effective treatment regimen and
the selection of therapeutic agents is important to correctly identify
the root cause of the disease. For this it is recommended to contact with
a specialist.

Pros and cons of using anti-dandruff ointment

Despite the fact that today there are quite a few
anti-dandruff drugs in many different forms, from
shampoos to tablets, the vast majority of people
prefers to apply ointment. Such drugs, like any
others have both indisputable advantages and some
features that should be taken into account. girl smears hair with ointment

Advantages of using dandruff ointment:

  • convenience and ease of use. Ointment like
    it is usually quite easy to apply without spreading and
    delivering unnecessary inconvenience;
  • speed of absorption. Drug fast
    absorbed by the skin, resulting in a therapeutic effect
    happens pretty quickly;
  • the healing effect itself which does not force itself
    wait a long time;
  • often the composition of the ointment includes the means not only to improve
    scalp, but also some of the ingredients that have a positive effect on
    the hair itself;
  • single use only on problematic
    places that is economical use. One
    tube enough for a long time;
  • the result after the treatment is preserved
    for a long time;
  • value for money. Ointment like
    usually much cheaper than similar medicines in
    form of shampoos, lotions or sprays, however, by their effectiveness
    than they are not inferior;
  • almost universal availability of ointments from
    dandruff They can be found in any pharmacy;
  • a wide range of tools presented.
    You can choose what will be most effective in each
    specific case, taking into account the individual characteristics.

Cons of using anti-dandruff ointment:

  • many ointments dry out the skin, therefore
    the selection of a suitable tool should be carried out very carefully,
    especially with dry scalp and hair prone to dryness, and
    also after any cosmetic procedures in the barbershop.
    Optimally in this case, together with the ointment, use any
    moisturizing balms or oils;
  • often before use it is necessary to wash
    head that takes some time and not always
  • possible contraindications or allergic

dry hair Expert opinionEustimist hairdresserSet
questionIt is important! Healing ointment should prescribe
specialist, after determining the cause of the disease.
Incorrectly chosen treatment can only aggravate
the problem.

Top 5 Best Dandruff Ointments

On sale you can find a lot of good, quality and
highly effective ointments to combat this disease, but among
the entire range can be particularly highlighted
the following means:

Cyclopirox (Batarfen)

Disinfects and has anti-inflammatory effects
any form of seborrhea, so this tool will suit any
skin and hair type, including the tendency to dryness.

  • method of application: is applied in a thin layer and remains until
    full absorption, once a day.
  • treatment duration is 2 weeks;
  • indications: dandruff and seborrhea of ​​any severity, including
    caused by dryness;
  • contraindications: individual
    intolerance, pregnancy and lactation, skin irritation of any
  • cost: about 400 rubles;
  • production – France.


Provides antimicrobial and antifungal
action, great for not only dandruff treatment,
but also for prevention.

  • method of application: the ointment is applied with a thin layer on the problem
    plots until fully absorbed once a day;
  • indications: treatment and prevention
  • contraindications: allergic reactions and
    individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • cost: about 350 rubles;
  • production: Russia.

Ketoconazole Dandruff 2%

After treatment, this remedy helps to avoid
relapse, keeping the scalp and hair in excellent condition.
Antifungal agent.

  • method of application: apply 1-2 times a day
    a thin layer on the hearth and adjacent areas to complete
  • treatment duration: from two to four
  • indications: dandruff and seborrhea – treatment and
  • contraindications: allergic reactions,
    pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as with irritation or
    damage to the skin of any kind;
  • cost: about 300 rubles;
  • production: India.


It has antifungal and disinfecting effect.
for any manifestations of dandruff. Mycoral

  • method of application: a thin layer is applied to
    the affected areas, then completely absorbed.
  • indications: dandruff, seborrhea in any
  • contraindications: violation of integrity
    skin, skin sensitivity to components
  • cost: about 350 rubles;
  • production: Russia.


Effective with non-fungal dandruff. Antimicrobial
antiallergic drug. Excellent skin exfoliation
relieves itching and inflammation. Diprosalik

  • method of application: the ointment is applied in a thin layer
    twice a day, until absorbed;
  • Indications: non-fungal dandruff and seborrhea
    any severity;
  • contraindications: individual
  • cost: about 600 rubles;
  • production: Germany.

Hormonal ointment

Hormonal agents in the form of ointments are considered among the most
effective in the fight against dandruff of a different nature, but with such
drugs should be especially careful and be sure to
Consult a specialist before starting treatment.
Such ointments are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as

The following hormonal agents are widespread:

  1. Advantan (made in Germany,
    cost about 600 rubles). Anti inflammatory
    and antiallergic action. Soothes skin, removes
    itching and eliminates dandruff. Apply a small layer
    duration of use of such drug
    must necessarily negotiate with your doctor. Advantan
  2. Delors (production
    UK, cost about 700
    rubles). Controls the production of sebum,
    disinfecting the skin and destroying harmful microorganisms. Means
    has an anti-inflammatory effect
    soothes the skin. Apply a thin layer of dots, 1-2 times.
    on the day before improvement, but not more than a month.

The main list of ointments

Before using most types of ointment for dandruff
pre-clean the affected areas by washing your head with a soft
neutral shampoos without aggressive ingredients.


Antifungal medication, most effective
in the treatment of yeast.

  • action principle: has antiseptic
    action, penetrating deep into the skin and exfoliating
  • Country of origin: Belgium.
  • indications: seborrhea, dandruff caused
  • contraindications: individual
  • method of application: externally, in a thin layer, once a
    day, until fully absorbed;
  • cost: about 500 rubles.

Sulfuric ointment

An effective remedy in the fight against dandruff, however
the use of this ointment may adversely affect the condition
hair, so usually sulfur ointment is used in case of unsuccessful
treatment with other drugs. Effective with dry skin
heads. Sulfuric ointment

  • principle of action: struggling with dandruff and seborrhea,
    eliminating the skin from fungal diseases, cleansing and disinfecting
  • Country of origin: Russia;
  • indications: dandruff, seborrhea, affected
    skin fungus;
  • contraindications: pregnancy, lactation,
    children’s age and allergic reactions;
  • method of application: ointment rubbed into the scalp
    and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Spend
    This procedure is needed once a day for a week, then
    head should be thoroughly washed with shampoo, which includes
    contains tar.
  • cost: about 20 rubles.

Zinc ointment

It is used for oily scalp and oily seborrhea as
quite drains the skin. Desirable
supplement the treatment with this ointment any moisturizing
oil, such as olive or even the usual children’s
cream Zinc ointment

  • operating principle: has antiseptic and
    anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Country of origin: Russia;
  • indications: dandruff and oily seborrhea;
  • contraindications: individual
    intolerance, but usually this drug is allowed for use
    even pregnant women and young children;
  • method of application: the ointment is applied in a thin layer
    for an hour, then rinsed with warm water;
  • cost: about 30 rubles.


Means, perfectly coping with bacteria and fungi
different kind. This ointment not only cures existing problems,
but also works well in terms of preventing the appearance
dandruff and many other skin diseases. Clotrimazole

  • operating principle: destroys harmful microorganisms, cleansing
    skin and creating a favorable bacterial background;
  • Country of origin: Poland;
  • indications: seborrheic diseases,
  • contraindications: pregnancy, allergy to
    any components of the drug;
  • method of application: application in a thin layer, pointwise, to
    absorption. Duration – about 2 weeks;
  • cost: about 50 rubles.


Used for both treatment and prevention of problems with
scalp and dandruff.

  • principle of action: reduces the production of subcutaneous
    fat, improving skin and condition of hair. Applied to
    mainly for oily hair type.
  • Country of origin: Ukraine;
  • indications: dandruff and seborrhea;
  • contraindications: allergic reactions,
    overly sensitive or irritated skin;
  • method of use: pre head
    should be washed with neutral shampoo without any aggressive
    components, then the ointment is applied a thin layer on the problem
    plots for a quarter of an hour, then washed off with warm water;
  • cost: about 200 rubles.


A non-hormonal agent commonly used to combat
dandruff with oily or oily scalp.

  • operating principle: has antiseptic and
    calming effect, drying the skin and destroying
    bacterial or fungal cause of the disease;
  • Country of origin: Russia;
  • indications: seborrhea and dandruff caused
    excessive fat content of the head;
  • contraindications: pregnancy, inflammation or
    irritation on the skin of any nature, and
    individual intolerance to the drug;
  • method of application: externally, twice a day, to problem areas,
    leaving dry and absorbed. The duration of treatment is not
    less than 2 weeks;
  • cost: about 300 rubles.


It has antifungal properties, fights dandruff when
dry scalp. Urelia

  • principle of action: moisturizes the skin,
    regulating the production of subcutaneous fat, eliminating excessive dryness and
    thereby eliminating the cause of dandruff. Also shoots
    itching, eliminates peeling and irritation;
  • Country of origin: France;
  • indications: problems with the scalp, dry
    seborrhea, dandruff;
  • contraindications: drug intolerance,
    pregnancy and childhood;
  • method of application: gently apply a small layer on
    problem areas until fully absorbed;
  • cost: about 1200 rubles.

Skin cap

Zinc-based agent that is ideal
oily skin and hair. Does not contain hormones.

  • principle of action: dries the skin, cleans off bacteria and
    reduces oily skin.
  • Country of origin: Spain;
  • indications: dermatological diseases, in
    including dandruff and oily seborrhea;
  • contraindications: this tool can be applied
    pregnant, lactating and children. The only contraindication –
    individual intolerance.
  • method of application: apply to a pre-cleaned area
    a little ointment, gently rub it and leave until completely dry.
    Does not require rinsing.
  • cost: about 1000 rubles for a small tube and 2000
    rubles for the average.

Salicylic ointment Salicylic ointment

Most often used to treat oily
seborrhea and dandruff caused by excessive production
subcutaneous fat.

  • principle of action: dries and disinfects the skin,
    eliminates itching and dandruff itself by regulating the skin fatness
  • Country of origin: Russia;
  • indications: dandruff, oily seborrhea,
  • contraindications: allergic reactions,
    pregnancy and lactation, baby age, kidney
  • method of application: five percent salicylic ointment is applied
    pointwise, a small layer, gently rubbing into the skin.
    Leave for half an hour, then you need to head
  • cost: about 25 rubles.

Other means

You can fight dandruff not only with the help of ointments and creams, but
and using other means. However, the best effect they
receive from combined use with ointments. It requires
consultation with a doctor, as the selection of suitable means
working together is not easy.


  1. Vichy Dercos. Restores skin balance
    head cover, relieves fungus and nourishes the skin with vitamins. AT
    The lineup has shampoos for all hair types. Vichy Dercos
  2. Mirolla Sulsen. Concentrated shampoo
    eliminating dandruff by adjusting the oily skin of the scalp.
    It washes hair well and does not tangle it. Mirolla Sulsen


  1. Clear vita Abe. Moisturizes the scalp,
    eliminates dandruff and vitaminizes. Clear vita Abe
  2. Neutrale. Soothing balm mask not
    only eliminates dandruff, but also fights with its subsequent appearance.


  1. Fitoval. Based on sulfur which
    effectively fights dandruff problem. Fitoval
  2. Ducray (Ducray). It relieves itching very well
    irritation. Used for any type of dandruff. Ducrey


Be sure to be discharged by a doctor.

  1. Nystatin. Used for both treatment and
    for prevention. The tablet is crushed, mixed with water and
    rubbed into the sore area. Nystatin
  2. Ketoconazole. Fights fungus well
    dandruff, however, may be addictive. Ketoconazole

Folk methods

Folk methods and homemade anti-dandruff masks are good
use at the very beginning of the disease, or in combination
with the right medicine.

Tar soap

This remedy should only be used occasionally,
to prevent skin irritation. Soaring well
tar soap, washing your hands thoroughly so as to form
more foam, apply the foam to the hair and skin,
gently rubbing. After a couple of minutes, rinse hair large
amount of water. Tar soap

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a good antiseptic and natural,
natural antibiotic that helps fight dandruff and
problems of the scalp. Most often this oil is added to various
hair masks, thus maintaining in good condition not
only skin, but also hair. Tea tree oil

An example of a basic mask with tea tree oil: mix a couple
tablespoons of olive oil (pre-slightly heated)
with 5 drops of tea tree oil and two drops of a loved one
aromatic essential oil (lavender, bergamot, etc.),
let stand 10 minutes. Apply to the hair roots and
scalp for half an hour, wrapped with a towel. Then wash it off with a soft

Dandruff Salt Treatment

Since ancient times, dandruff was treated with salt, because it
perfectly exfoliates and cleanses the skin, destroys germs and
bacteria, and also normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat. Besides
In addition, it is a completely natural product. In the fight against
dandruff is better to use fine sea salt as well
make sure there are no even the smallest scratches and any
skin lesions. Salt can be used neat or
add to masks. Treatment of dandruff salt

When using salt without adding other ingredients
you must first moisten the skin with water and then very
gently and gently rub a handful of salt crystals.
After 5 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo without
Paraben, you can use baby shampoo. Such
salt peeling will relieve dandruff, but with frequent use it
may dry the skin unnecessarily, especially if it is prone to dryness. BUT
What will you choose? Ointment

Dandruff prevention

In order to avoid such trouble as dandruff follows,
Of course, follow the health and lifestyle in general.

  1. Avoid stress if possible.
  2. Eat the right and healthy food, watching
    so that the body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  3. Move more and be fresh
    the air.
  4. Monitor hygiene – this applies to
    timely shampooing and use of personal items
    care for yourself – combs, pins and pins
    borrow, you can only use your own.
  5. If in the past there were already problems with dandruff, it is worth
    conduct preventive procedures from time to time,
    using properly selected ointments, shampoos,

A girl is meditating

Despite the fact that dermatological diseases, including
dandruff, quite unpleasant both in sensations and in its
appearance, you can get rid of them very easily and quickly.
With the right tools, the course of treatment will not
very long but very effective from day one
application. Exhausting symptoms disappear on the second or third day
treatment, and preventive measures will help save you from repeating this

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