The best anti-dandruff shampoos with ketoconazole – list of funds

Dandruff on the hair occurs as a result of a violation
works sebaceous glands.

Increased sebum secretion causes
fungal microorganisms on the surface of the skin begin to actively
multiply and leave waste products.

As a result of this, head and hair begins to appear.
dandruff in the form of flakes, accompanied by unpleasant itching and
discomfort. Helps to cope with dandruff
matched treatment.

Why do you need shampoo with ketoconazole

The content of the article:

  • Why do you need shampoo with ketoconazole
  • Ketoconazole with Zinc
  • Ketoconazole Neutral
  • Shampoo “Anti Dandruff”
  • Keto – plus
  • Nizoral
  • Mycozoral
  • Sebosol
  • Glenmark Keto Plus
  • Akrikhin Mykozoral
  • Zinovit
  • Sulsen forte
  • Horse Force “Horsepower”
  • Effect of ketoconazole, photo before and after
  • Pros and cons of ketoconazole shampoo
  • General recommendations for the use of shampoos

When dandruff, in addition to the unpleasant sensations on the skin, appears and
aesthetic problem, because the white flakes are visible on the curls and fall
on clothes, which is visible when communicating with other people and can lead
to self-doubt.

Advertised shampoos from store shelves can produce
short-term result, masking the problem.

As soon as you stop washing your hair with this shampoo
dandruff will again be on the hair. It all happens
because this problem is a fungal infection of the skin and
it needs to be treated with medicinal
means. girl washes her hair with shampoo

One of the effective antimycotic substances is
ketoconazole, which is part of therapeutic shampoos.

This ingredient reduces sebum secretion, relieves itching and
increased sensitivity of the skin. But the main
the advantage of shampoo with ketoconazole over regular shampoos,
is the elimination of fungal colonies, that is, the treatment of dandruff, and
not her disguise.

On the pharmacy shelves you can find a wide range of shampoo,
containing ketoconazole, differing in price, composition and

The selection of products is based on the degree of neglect.
mycosis of the disease and the presence of associated symptoms.

Important! Before applying shampoo
It is recommended to visit a doctor to pick up
effective remedy individually and faster to recover.

Anti-dandruff shampoo “Ketoconazole” produce pharmaceutical
ELFA factory, Ukraine and LLC Mirolla, the country of Russia. Shampoo
ELFA is available in the following two versions:

Ketoconazole with Zinc

The composition contains the active ingredient ketoconazole 2
%, it destroys the cells of the fungus, prevents the development of whites

Antibacterial ingredient – zinc pyrithione cleanses the skin from
sebaceous glands, destroys the fungus Pityrosporum ovale, relieves

Also in the composition is thyme, which improves
beauty and strength of hair. Used for atopic dermatitis,
seborrhea, pityrias, mycosis and psoriasis, with prolapse

It is necessary to wash your hair with a means 2-3 times a week for
a stretch of 14 days. Has contraindications – period
pregnancy, breastfeeding, component intolerance,
brittle, dry hair.

If you are hypersensitive, redness occurs,
peeling, increasing the amount of dandruff. Price
varies from 250 rub.

Ketoconazole Neutral

Suitable for those who have very dry hair and dry skin
heads. Eliminates fat content, makes hair soft and shiny.
Suitable for sensitive scalp for
prevention and treatment of dandruff.

The composition includes a mild detergent base, a complex of vegetable
prebiotics as well as fruit acids.

Method of application: apply a small amount to
wet curls, lather, rinse well under the shower. Price
will be from 160 rubles. Ketoconazole Neutral

Shampoo “Anti Dandruff”

From the company LLC Mirolla, actively inhibits the development of fungal
colonies, helps after several uses to get rid of
problems in the initial stages.

The composition of the tool includes a soft base – laureth sulfate
sodium and coco glucoside. Active substance –
ketoconazole 2%.

Dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole

Indications for use: prevention of dandruff,
seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, violation of the microflora of the scalp,
development of fungi.

Do not use the tool during pregnancy,
intolerance to the components in the composition, during

How to use anti-dandruff shampoo

Apply a small amount to wet hair,
lather thoroughly, massage into scalp and leave for 2-3
minutes Next, you need to rinse your head well under running warm
water The course of treatment will be 1 month, apply with
frequency every three days.

Tip! Adverse events may occur if
There is an allergy to substances in the composition. Wherein
redness appears, itching and discomfort increase. |
If necessary, use the shampoo.

The price of shampoo from the company Mirolla average
about 160 rubles

Keto – plus

Producer means – Indian company Glenmark
Farmasyuzi LTD. The drug is antimicrobial
action, destroys fungal colonies, and
anti-inflammatory, relieves itching and discomfort, promotes
healing of pustules.

Keto – plus is an excellent choice for normalization.
functioning of the sebaceous glands, suitable for healing from
oily and dry seborrhea. Keto - plus

The shampoo has a pale pink color and is characteristic, pleasant.
rose scent. Suitable for use during pregnancy,
permitted use for small children. Average
the cost ranges from 390 to 550 rubles.


Producer – Belgian company Janssen.
The drug is used to wash hair with dermatological infections,
fungi of the genus Candida, as well as with great dryness of the dermis,
the formation of flakes, depriving on the scalp.

In patients after applying the neutralization of itching,
dandruff is reduced. Nizoral

The shampoo has a dark orange color, is economical, well
foaming There will be enough packaging for 1.5 – 2 months with an average
expense. The main active ingredient in the composition is ketoconazole.
The cost is from 683 rubles.


Produced by the Russian manufacturer Akrihin,
is an affordable analogue of Nizoral, but its cost is more
acceptable. Used for seborrheic dermatitis easy and difficult
forms, as well as with pityriasis.

It is a viscous liquid from yellow-orange to
orange color. Patient well tolerated, rarely occurs
while treating irritation. With prolonged use, hair can
become greasy or dry. Costs about 360
rub. Mycoral


Manufacturer means – Dionysus, the country of Russia.
It has a fungicidal effect. Suitable for treatment and prevention
fungal skin diseases on the scalp. Sebozol

Tip! Many dermatologists recommend
use of Sebasa in conjunction with the ointment of the same name.

Shampoo effectively eliminates dandruff and fights against its causes.
appearance, destroying microorganisms in the pores of the skin. Remedy well
Foams, easy to apply on the surface of the head, economical and
affordable for consumers. To prevent dandruff, you can
buy Sebozol in special disposable bags, convenient
for a single shampoo.

You can buy shampoo at a pharmacy for as low as 366

Glenmark Keto Plus

This product is manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
India. It is known for its antimycotic properties,
which has a crucial role in the fight against fungal
microorganisms. Contains zinc pereton and
ketoconazole. Well struggling with lichen, seborrheic
dermatitis, serious skin diseases.

It is a common tool that you can buy in
pharmacy, store, online store. Available in large
vial, which is enough for a long time. It has
active composition, therefore undesirable for hypersensitive skin.
Glenmark Keto Plus

The price of Glenmark Keto shampoo plus range from 599

Akrikhin Mykozoral

Manufacturer – Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant OJSC
“AKRIKHIN”, Russia. Effective antifungal agent
fights dandruff and fungal skin lesions on the head. For a long time
inhibits the growth of pathogens, eliminates desquamation,
itchy white flakes. The composition includes ketoconazole, and
also hydrochloric acid, metabisulfite and laureth sulfate
sodium, enhancing the action of the main substance. Soothes the skin
after the first application. The price of the drug from 294


Company “Green Dubrava” CJSC for “PHARMTEK” Ltd.,
Russia is an innovative formula shampoo
containing zinc pyrithione and climbazole. Provides comprehensive
approach in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, successfully eliminates
fungal infections, struggling with itching, exfoliation
skin. This company also produces shower gel with
similar composition, suitable for the body. Tsinovit

Shampoo has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.
moisturizes and helps the epithelium to heal as quickly as possible. Price
drug will be from 233 rubles.

Sulsen forte

Produced by Mirolla (Russia). Created by
based on the anti-dandruff ingredient sulsen, which is good
copes with dandruff. Soft composition combines vegetable
extracts and conditioning additives. Shampoo also
cares for hair, making it shiny and healthy,
restoring their structure.

The use of shampoo leads to normal processes of natural
exfoliation of the skin, normalizes secretion. Permitted
for frequent washing of the head. To improve the effectiveness of treatment,
The use of Sulsen paste with shampoo is recommended.
You can buy shampoo at the pharmacy, at a price of 224 rubles.
Sulsen Forte

Horse Force “Horsepower”

Famous domestic brand from DINA + LLC,
Russia, (by request of TD LLC “Beauty and Health”). Allows
after a few uses, forget about the unpleasant white flakes.

Reference! Shampoo was originally created for
horses, but over time, successfully adapted for humans.

The composition of the cosmetic product contains:

  • provitamin B5, creating a protective film on
  • ketoconazole 2%, actively destroying
    fungal lesions;
  • lanolin feeding the epidermis;
  • glyceryl sterate, contributes to the density and brilliance
  • diethanolamide, eliminating dry skin.

Horse Force

To achieve the effect, the head should be washed once a week. Buy
“Horse power” can be at a price of 488 rubles.

Effect of ketoconazole, photo before and after

After several applications of shampoo with ketoconazole disappears
fungus in the form of white flakes, the microflora of the sebaceous
glands, the process of synthesis of specific phospholipids is disturbed,
after which the fungi do not develop. Effect of ketoconazole Effect of ketoconazole Effect of ketoconazole Effect of ketoconazole

The positive effect of the application is observed in the removal
inflammation, persistent irritating backside, extermination of infection.
Hair becomes stronger, less fall out, eliminated
dry, longer hair looks fresh and clean.

Pros and cons of ketoconazole shampoo

It is much safer to use to get rid of dandruff
shampoos outwardly, than to treat the problem from the inside, with pills and
drugs that adversely affect the state of the stomach and
the liver.

Therefore, pharmaceutical shampoos are popular with
dandruff, allowing you to safely and effectively get rid of
fungus on the dermis of the head.

Ketoconazole has the following advantages:

  • the treatment procedure is simple, similar to
    wash your head, you can do it quickly and easily;
  • these shampoos act locally, being absorbed
    only in the scalp;
  • shampoo economical because it has excellent
    foaming, consumed slowly;
  • ketoconazole well destroys the fungus,
    relieves dandruff in 1-2 months;
  • affordability and affordable price (from
    domestic producer);
  • no cancellation effect;
  • suitable for different hair and skin types

beautiful hair

There are a few such drawbacks to this remedy, and

  • in some cases leads to allergies,
  • scalp may be used to the remedy;
  • some may not like specific
  • incorporates harmful additives that adversely affect
    state of shag

allergic to shampoo

To avoid the negative effects of dandruff treatment,
follow the recommendations of experts, select
means the type of hair and skin, avoid counterfeiting products.

General recommendations for the use of shampoos

When choosing a tool, try to give preference
shampoos with a multi-vector action.

It must provide protection against dandruff, destroy fungal
colonies on the scalp, normalize the amount of sebum,
secreted by the sebaceous glands, as well as improve the condition of the curls –
make them soft and shiny, prevent falling out.
consultation with a doctor

Before buying, you should carefully examine the composition
drug in order to avoid the presence of components that cause
allergic reactions of the body. This will protect you from appearing.
redness, peeling and aggravation of the disease.

Before starting treatment with ketoconazole do not forget
consult a doctor.

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