The best brand and homemade masks for greasy hair – in one review


Looking for a good mask for oily hair, which
some help to put them in order? Indeed it
fairly effective means. Check out the ranking of the best
branded products and the most effective homemade recipes. we
tell you how to apply them correctly.

Greasy, unpleasant to shiver shine; incredible speed
pollution; weeping, sticking dandruff; lifeless
icicles that do not fit in one hairstyle are far from
the whole list of the problems that regularly occur
face owners of greasy hair type.

They need to be washed daily to look more or less
well maintained They constantly need to contact trichologists for
carrying out medical and cosmetic procedures. They make you sit on
carbohydrate-free diets. And, of course, to care for them requires
special means.

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In particular, there are special masks for fatty
hair with drying properties that
for some time they make you forget most of it
the above troubles.

First you need to understand how the mask works
against greasy hair to properly apply it. First, she
must remove the external signs of this type of strands. Most
similar means (both shop production, and house
preparations) successfully cope with many troubles:

The appointment of masks for oily hair

First you need to understand how the mask works
against greasy hair to properly apply it. First, she
must remove the external signs of this type of strands. Most
similar means (both shop production, and house
preparations) successfully cope with many troubles:

  • remove greasy shine;
  • control the sebaceous glands, reducing the amount of
    the secret secreted by them;
  • dried;
  • Do not give curls quickly become dirty;
  • relieve weeping flakes of dandruff;
  • make lifeless icicles in a chic cascade of well-groomed
  • facilitate the installation process;
  • eliminate the need for daily washing of the head.

Along the way, with the help of masks for fat type hair, you can
solve other problems if they are intended:

  1. for growth;
  2. for density;
  3. to strengthen;
  4. from falling out;
  5. dandruff;
  6. against thinning.

Someone more like a mask for oily hair in
home conditions, as it differs more natural
composition (eggs, kefir, mustard, oil, etc.). Others will prefer
purchase ready-made version of store production with
parabens, sulphates, but at the same time incredibly effective and
almost instantly acting. Here, as they say, the case
taste. But it should be borne in mind that they all require special
application rules.

Stubborn statistics. Blondes are very rare
hair come in fat type. Most often suffer from this scourge
brunettes and brown hair.

Secrets of using coconut oil to care

Rules of application

Shop and home masks for greasy hair
will be effective only if you are right
use. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions.
applications for the first and rules of preparation – for the second.

  1. Study the ratings of the best masks (one of them
    presented below). Choose 2-3 suitable options.
  2. Check out the reviews. Leave 2
    liked the product.
  3. When buying do not neglect the advice of a specialist to
    make the right choice.
  4. Read the instructions for use.
  5. As a rule, masks for oily hair are applied exclusively on
    the scalp where the sebaceous glands are located.
  6. Be careful with masks that contain oils (any:
    vegetable, cosmetic), as they are too thick and oily
    consistency, which can aggravate the strands. If their
    the application is necessary, make sure that the composition of such masks
    consisted of red pepper, alcoholic tinctures, mustard, vodka, etc.
  7. After applying a plastic cap is put on over the mask.
    for a shower and the head is wrapped with a warm towel.
  8. The duration of the action will depend on the components:
    from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  9. Rinse off with plenty of warm water. Good
    acidify it with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.
  10. Frequency of application – 2 times a week.
  11. The course is not less than a month.
  12. If the mask did not help, try changing the composition or brand.
    If this turned out to be completely useless, the best way out is
    seek help from a trichologist or a beauty salon (center
    aesthetic medicine).

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to do right

It remains to find out what kind of mask for oily hair
better to choose. Want quick action, not constrained in the means
not afraid of addiction to chemically active ingredients, trust
modern beauty industry – then branded store products
production for you. Prefer natural ingredients, looking for
more budget options, afraid for the state of their painful
strands, practicing grandmother’s recipes – in this case, help out
folk remedies.

Helpful advice. Try one very
An effective but strong-willed remedy for oily hair.
Stop eating too fatty, fried, oily foods. You
Surprise that after 2 weeks of altered nutrition, the condition of the strands
significantly improved.

How to apply masks for oily hair

Brand masks for oily hair

The best masks for greasy hair collected
especially for you in a small rating that will allow
navigate the brands and prices.

  1. Scalp Treatment – mask for oily scalp. Moroccanoil.
    Israel. $ 140.
  2. Mask for oily scalp with lemon balm oil. Orising.
    Spain. $ 100
  3. Astringent Mask – a mask for oily hair. Holy Land. Israel.
    $ 36.6.
  4. Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner – cleansing mask for oily skin
    heads with the beautiful name “Cold Orange”. Lebel. Japan.
    $ 32.
  5. K.Therapy Purifying Matt mask oily hair – therapeutic mask for
    greasy hair with a matting effect. Lakme. Spain. $ 31.
  6. Reduce Clay – clay based mask for oily scalp.
    Selective. Italy. $ 22.9.
  7. Absorbent mud paste for oily scalp. Kapous
    Professional. Russia. $ 6.6.
  8. Mud relax anti-stress mask with mallow extract. Constant
    Delight. Italy. $ 4.8.
  9. Bread mask for greasy hair. DNC. Russia. $ 1.4.
  10. Mask for hair on the basis of mud of Saki lake. Deep
    cleansing for oily hair. Med Formula. Russia. $ 1.

These are the most effective masks for oily hair,
who have passed numerous laboratory tests and
testing. In addition, the network can find a lot of positive
reviews about them. So study, choose and treat for health.
your strands so that they look amazing.

If there are no restrictions in finance, of course, it is better to purchase
pharmacy tools from famous brands. In particular, good
products come from Israel, which is not so much makeup
how many medicinal drugs.

It is interesting. First prevalence
the factor provoking fatness and greasiness of hair is
heredity, genetic predisposition. And only the second
favored lifestyle.

The best brand masks for greasy hair

Homemade recipes

A great alternative to branded products can be
homemade recipes for oily hair masks
products that you can always find in your kitchen or in
In extreme cases – in the first aid kit. They are natural, they have no
chemistry, allergies and other side effects – a rarity. But
for the treatment of such problematic hair there is nothing better.

Depending on the composition

  • Mustard mask

Considered the best mask for oily hair with
mustard, which can be done a couple of times a week
following recipe. Mix thoroughly in an enamel pot.
30 grams of mustard powder, warm water, olive oil, sugar
sand and raw egg yolk. Moisten pre-hair tips
any cosmetic or vegetable oil.

Apply the prepared composition to the hair roots. To lower the head
down, properly massaging it, combing the strands, evenly
distributing the drying agent. Wear a shower cap,
make a turban out of a towel. Hold for 15 to 30 minutes. With strong
burning the mask immediately wash off with plenty of warm water.

  • Egg

Excellent help to cope with the greasy shine recipe home
masks for greasy hair with egg and kefir. The first
the product nourishes, the second – strengthens. A glass of nonfat kefir
shake with raw chicken egg. Rub into the roots, then – distribute
using a hairbrush along the entire length of the strands. Keep under insulation from
half an hour to 1.5 hours.

  • With clay

Therapeutic clay mask for oily hair
will suit those who, besides their greasiness, tests also others
difficulties: loss, dandruff, thinning, vitamin deficiency, etc. Better
Kill will cope with its task – cosmetic clay blue
colors. Mix 50 grams of blue powder with 20 ml of lemon juice, raw
egg white, 2 tablespoons of honey. If necessary,
dilute with distilled water. Action time – no more than 20

  • Burdock oil

Many people write that the burdock mask for
oily hair is good for nourishing the roots and curing hair loss. But at
It should not be forgotten that it contains very oily oil.
consistency, which can aggravate the condition of the strands of this type.
Therefore, be sure to keep to the recipe, besides him, were
drying, aggressive substances: mustard, cinnamon, onion, garlic
or liquids containing alcohol. Heat on water (steam)
bath 30 ml burdock oil, mix with raw egg white and 10 grams
ground chilean pepper. Hold until strongly burning or
15 minutes (maximum).

Depending on the functionality

  • For growth

Very good mask for the growth of oily hair from
tincture of red pepper, which in the amount of 2 tablespoons
need to mix with mashed potatoes of 1 ripe avocado.

  • For density

To keep the strands from hanging lifeless icicles, try
recipe homemade masks for thick oily hair.
Mix 50 grams of powdered coffee grounds with the same amount of broth
from a camomile pharmaceutical. Add 7 drops of tea essential oil
tree and ylang ylang.

  • To strengthen

Eliminates greasy luster and simultaneously feeds the roots, preventing them
hair loss, a mask to strengthen oily hair. 3
pod of red hot pepper pour a glass of vodka. Leave on
10 days in a dark place. Before use, mix with castor and
burdock oils (teaspoon). The composition rub into the scalp,
leave for 2 hours under a towel.

  • From falling out

You can make quite burning and stuffy, but very
effective mask for greasy hair from falling out of
onions and garlic. They need to grind to a state of puree, mix on
2 tablespoons, diluted with olive or burdock oil to the desired
consistency. Rub into the roots. Rinse off after 15-20 minutes. To on
curls did not remain an unpleasant garlic-onion smell, after
procedures can be rinsed with water with apple solution dissolved in it

  • Dandruff

Beet masks for oily dandruff hair
amaze with the simplicity of their preparation and maximum
by efficiency. Chop fresh, juicy beetroot to puree
and, do not squeeze the juice, rub into the scalp and roots for 20-30

  • For fine hair

The following recipe is a homemade mask for fatty and
thin hair will add to your hairstyle
volume and density. Mix 50 ml jojoba oil with 2 raw whipped whites.
foam proteins. Add 5 drops of geranium ether.

Do not despair if nature has given you a bold type
hair. First, make sure that these are the genes against which
there is no medicine. After all, very often a provoking factor
becoming your own lifestyle (of course, wrong), but
you can handle it yourself. Improve the same condition of sebaceous,
always dirty strands will help the mask described above. And does not matter,
what you make a choice – shop or home. The main thing –
correctly use them to achieve maximum benefit.

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