The best decoration of the bride – flowers!

options for wedding hairstyles with flowersThe wedding is considered extremely
important event in the life of a woman. Many girls since childhood
begin to plan this crucial day. They represent, in
what dress would like to go down the aisle, how will be laid
hair and even what color will be the tablecloths in the restaurant. All this
should be like a fairy tale in which everything comes true,
even the smallest, desires and dreams.

And indeed, there can be no trifles at the wedding. And so
more if it comes to the image of the bride. That is why we
let’s talk now about wedding hairstyles with flowers. They allow
make even greater emphasis on the image of the bride.

Practical advice

First of all, if you choose wedding hairstyles with live
flowers, it is necessary to take into account the season, when the solemn
event. That is the best wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers
suitable for spring and summer, because in these seasons for flowers
need less care and hassle. A hairstyle with a flower in the cold
a period (winter or autumn) can be a disaster, especially if you
planning a photo shoot or a walk outside.

But if you get married on New Year’s Eve, for example, it’s not
reason to despair. Question with fresh flowers as a decoration on
hair on the wedding may well be resolved. Just need right
pick the flower itself.

The second point to pay attention when you
choose wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers: flowers and hairstyles
bouquet must match. Therefore, it would be advisable to discuss
this moment with the florist as soon as you order a bouquet.
Some salons that deal with real flowers for the wedding,
Immediately attach hairpins and pins to make them more comfortable.
use when “making” hairstyles for the wedding.

Thirdly, if a hairstyle with a flower has become your choice, you will not
should use any other accessories. At least because
that the flower itself will be a wonderful decoration. But
a lot of details can shift the focus and make hairstyles with
colors too bulky and even ridiculous. Besides hairstyle with
flower will save you from the difficult choice of additional decorations on

Well, the last recommendation concerns the hairstyle with a flower
what type will look most advantageous. Wedding hairstyles,
As a rule, do with the following fresh flowers:

  • roses (this symbol of love holds beautifully and does not let
    during the whole celebration);
  • orchids (amazed by the richness of shades);
  • lilies (if you are not allergic to this flower, it is excellent
    suitable for placement in the singular, for example,
  • alstroemeria (very gentle and unusual);
  • freesia (pretty miniature, so perfect for
    wreath or any composition).

These options are the most traditional, but you always
You can fantasize in advance about wedding hairstyles with
flowers with your hairdresser and florist.
Consult with a specialist on how each of them behaves.
plants that you want to choose. The main thing is to come to your
wedding, you felt the most extraordinary.


wedding hairstyle with artificial flowersWedding hairstyles with
colors can be very diverse. It all depends on
what wedding images do you like, long or short?
hair, etc. Anyway, a hairstyle with a flower requires skill
and experience. Therefore, it is so important that your master can and has already tried
make hairstyles with flowers, otherwise all your wedding
plans can go awry.

If you have long hair, a hairstyle with a flower can be very
simple option – leave long curls loose. Long
strands will fall on your shoulders, which will make the image even more
romantic and touching. No less elegant will look
more complex hairstyles with colors, for example, if your long
curls you braid in a spit or collect in the “shell”, “bundle” or

This hairstyle with a flower and short and medium hair
will look very feminine and elegant. Besides wedding
hairstyles do not have to be done using live
colors. You can always find a great alternative, which
made of artificial materials, but looks extremely
harmoniously and effectively.

The most important thing you need to remember is that the woman
should like most of all myself. And the wedding day is not
is the exception, rather the opposite. After all, the image of the bride
extremely important for the girl, so think it over to the smallest detail.
If you have a hairstyle with a flower, an extravagant hat,
extended eyelashes or nails, or something special at all, then
it is you who should feel comfortable in all this.

And this does not mean that in your dress you should
feel like in home pants, and in shoes – like in
sneakers or slippers. You just have to strive for the sensation.
inner harmony from what you see in the mirror, considering
its appearance for the most solemn event in life.

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