The best evening styling for long hair, 31 a photo

Going to a party, a theater or a restaurant, every girl
wants to look irresistible. Plays a very important role in the image
hairstyle, especially on long hair.

photo evening hairstyle

In this article you will learn what will suit you depending on the type
faces, style of clothes and your preferences.

  • 1 Evening hairstyles for different types of faces
    • 1.1 Oval face
    • 1.2 Round face
    • 1.3 Square face
    • 1.4 Rectangular face
    • 1.5 Triangular face
    • 1.6 Pear-shaped face
    • 1.7 Diamond face
  • 2 Evening hairstyles
  • 3 Simple do-it-yourself styling
    • 3.1 Bundle
  • 4 Hairstyles for loose hair
    • 4.1 Curls
    • 4.2 Malvina
    • 4.3 Hair bow
    • 4.4 Waterfall
    • 4.5 Pouches
  • 5 Hairstyles with braids
    • 5.1 Fishtail
    • 5.2 Bundle of braids
    • 5.3 Hair from three braids
    • 5.4 Braided beam
  • 6 Retro styling for long hair
    • 6.1 Hairstyle to the side
    • 6.2 Pin-up bunch

Evening hairstyles for different types of faces

Oval face

This face shape is considered ideal, to her
almost any hairstyle will do. The main thing – do not do it too
high, so as not to visually stretch the face.

Round face

The hairstyle for a round face should visually lengthen it.
Therefore, high styling, pile at the top and side parting –
best choice for chubby girls. Long strands,
falling down the cheeks are also suitable in this case.

photo hairstyle for a round face

Square face

Laying for such a person should not only lengthen it, but also
soften the features. So, the high ones are perfect.
hairstyles, as well as individual strands falling on the shoulders. But too
high styling is not the best choice!

for square face

Also, the waves and soft curls will look great.

Rectangular face

The main task of the hairstyle for a rectangular face is to make it
features softer, feminine. Slightly matched up
Curls, waves are suitable for this purpose. Not bad
look hairstyles with released straps on the sides.

for a rectangular face

A smoothly combed hair or high styling, on the contrary, do
not worth it.

Triangular face

Its characteristic features are wide forehead and narrow chin. the main
The goal of the evening hairstyle is to adjust this. Owners
triangular face fit styling based on curls but
no smooth hairstyles! Volume at the top
faces should also be avoided, it is better to add it near the chin.

photo hairstyle for a triangular face

Pear-shaped face

A hairstyle for such a person should divert attention from a massive
lower jaw. So, combed back hair and smooth styling
here will not work. At the top there must be a volume. Straight
Parting should not be used, better fit oblique. Also great
Different accessories with large details will look.

Pear-shaped face

Diamond face

The cheekbones are the widest part of such a face. This means that it is impossible
underline them. Well suited for this type of face bangs all

for a diamond face

Evening hairstyles

Long hair allows you to make a large number of different
evening styling. There are options with different curls, weaves,
collected hairstyles and combinations of these elements. For example,
various low bunches look beautiful. Also look great
braids and their combinations with flowing hair.

Caution: Not every package is suitable for
long-haired girls! For example, a high hairstyle made
unprofessional, can simply fall apart under the weight of the hair.

Simple do-it-yourself styling

It often happens that you need a beautiful hairstyle, and time for
going to the hairdresser is not. In this case, help out styling,
which you can do with your own hands in a few minutes.

In order to make the evening styling itself need to arm
following tools:

  1. Hair dryer with nozzles;
  2. Iron or tongs (depending on what hairstyle
    want to get in the end);
  3. Hair curlers of a different format;
  4. Massage comb and comb with rare teeth;
  5. Studs, invisible and other clips;
  6. Jewelry to your liking.

styling toolsIf you have a big
celebration, such as a full-day wedding, it will be necessary
take advantage of:

  • Foam or mousse to add volume;
  • Thermal spray. So your hair will not be damaged under
    exposure to ironing, curling and a hot jet dryer;
  • Serum for dry tips. Extra hair care
    will only benefit;
  • Gel or wax. Use them to create a wet effect.
  • Varnish to finished styling lasted a whole day.

Council All hair cosmetics must be purchased.
one manufacturer and be the means of one line.


This installation is suitable for both the holiday and
everyday. From a simple bundle you can get wonderful
evening hairstyles for long hair with their own hands, if, for example,
wind it with a thin pigtail or decorate it with special

Hairstyle done like this:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. Tie a tail on your side.
  3. Roll it up in a bundle and secure with studs.
  4. You can decorate the bunch with a thin pigtail attached in a circle
    (then, first, separate the part of the hair for her).


Hairstyles for loose hair

Evening hairstyles for long flowing hair perfectly
fit any girl. They can be made on the basis of curls and
waves, when the hair is completely dissolved, and there are also options in
which they are partially assembled.


Always fashionable and beautiful hairstyles from the waves or
Curls can be obtained in different ways. Curler or curler – long
known methods. There is also a great option that doesn’t harm
hair – to braid tight braids for the night, and in the morning to fix the received
curls varnish.

Curls can be laid on one side or beautifully fastened, a little
lifting up In this video, a professional barber shows how
create volumetric curls for evening hair for long


Classic long-haired Malvinka do it yourself

  1. Wash hair;
  2. To separate part of the hair at the crown and label them
  3. On the right we take a small pryadochka and shift it to
    the opposite side. We do the same with the left strand;
  4. Make a few interweaving and fasten stealth.

Malvina for long hair

If desired, you can curl your hair, make curls, twisted
tail or braid braids.

Hair bow

Loose hair can be decorated with “bow”, made of
own hair.

  1. Take two strands from the temples and tie them with a thin rubber band so that
    to get a loop.
  2. Divide the loop into two parts and fasten them with pins to
    they resembled a bow.
  3. “Tail”, remaining at the bottom of the loop, wrap around the middle
    “bow” and secure.
  4. The remaining hair can curl curls or make light
    the waves.

bow of mk hair


Great festive hairstyle for loose
hair with elements of weaving. It looks very impressive
and it’s pretty simple.

photo waterfall

Proceed step by step using the following algorithm:

  1. Separate three identical strands near the forehead. Designate them conditionally
    “upper”, “lower”, “medium”.
  2. Place the top strand on the middle one, then place the bottom between
    middle and upper.
  3. Release the strand below, and take a new one from below.
    the same thickness.
  4. Add some hair to the upper part, apply it on
  5. Place the bottom strand between the top and middle.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 to the desired length of weaving. Can decorate
    hairstyle with decorative hairpins and curl hair
    curling iron

lesson hairstyle waterfall

Pile styling

For certain types of faces look great styling with
bouffant on the top and loose hair.

laying with pile

Hairstyles with braids

Hair styling is of course very beautiful, but it’s
not suitable for any occasion. For example, on
A crowded or formal event such hairstyles are inappropriate. AT
such cases help out different elements

Fish tail

Simple, but beautiful weaving technique. One
or two such braids can be laid around the head with different
in ways.

photo hairstyle fishtail

Also very elegant looks “fish tail”, braided on one
the side. This type of weaving is often used for styling.
evening party

Do it like this:

  1. Divide hair into 2 equal parts.
  2. Take a thin strand on the left of the left side and wind up to
  3. Similarly make for the right side.
  4. Repeating steps 3-4, braid the braid of the desired length.
  5. If desired, lay the braid around your head, on the back of your head or on the side.
    Secure with decorative studs.

fishtail step by step

Braid sheaf

This is a great hairstyle for a summer holiday.

It is done like this:

  1. Braid several braids of equal thickness (4-6 pieces),
    stretch the links of each braid to the sides.
  2. Put pigtails in a beautiful bun on the side or on the back of the head.
  3. Secure with decorative pins. Beautiful styling

bundle of braids

Three braid hairstyle

Such weaving looks tender and feminine. It is suitable for both
holiday, and for a romantic date.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Separate the hair strand from one side of the head. Start weave
    french braid.
  2. No need to weave into her lower part of the hair, leave it
  3. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.
  4. Take the next strand and braid the same pigtail out of it.
    Strands left when weaving the first braid, use for
    this one.
  5. Braid the remaining hair from a third French pigtail.
  6. Stretch the links of braids for larger volume.
  7. From the resulting braids, create a bunch or flower, fasten

Hairdress from three braids

Braided beam

Simple evening hairstyle, suitable for
official event.

It should be done like this:

  1. Smoothly comb your hair and tie a low tail.
  2. Leave a part of the hair on the sides and pass the tail into a special
    “roller” and make a volumetric bundle.
  3. Braid four braids from left hair and wrap them
    around the beam in different directions. Secure with studs when
    wish to add decoration.

braided bundle

Retro styling for long hair

Sometimes habitual flowing hair or braids bother and want
something new, bright, impressive. In this case, as
hairstyles for long hair evening styling or hairstyles in style
Pin-ups come in handy. Here are some of them.

Side hair

Very stylish and elegant styling that can be worn where


Do it like this:

  1. Separate the hair side parting.
  2. Take a small strip of hair from ear to part, make
    bouffant, roll into a harness and fasten in the direction of the parting.
  3. On the other hand, fasten a bright decoration, for example,
  4. Near the jewelry, take a small strand, curl, wrap
    near it and securely fasten on the back of the head.
  5. Take small locks and fix them on the back of your head.
  6. Secure the styling varnish.

And this video shows another version of the evening laying
hairstyles for long hair in pin-up style:

Pin-up bunch

Very effective hairstyle on the basis of a bunch with a bang.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Separate the crescent-shaped strand near the forehead and secure it
  2. Tie a high tail of the remaining hair.
  3. Create rings from it: wrap a small lock on your finger,
    secure invisible. Arrange them in a circle.
  4. Place the bang in a large ring.
  5. Secure the styling varnish.
  6. Add a not very narrow monochrome dressing or
    material with a bright pattern.

pin-up hairstyles

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