The best hair masks with vitamins

Hair mask with vitamins is extremely useful. To make
A nourishing mask with vitamins is possible not only in a beauty salon, but
and at home, it’s easy, simple and does not require special
knowledge. Many of the ingredients for these masks are in the kitchen at
every hostess. Masks do not contain their own cooking
preservatives, harmful substances and hazardous chemicals, which are filled
popular store cosmetics, and at cost they
ten times cheaper than branded counterparts.


  • Recipes with vitamins for intensive growth
  • Recipes for healing
  • Vitamin recipes for nutrition
  • Vitamin Recipes for Dyed Strands

Recipes with vitamins for intensive growth

Recipe mask with vitamin B6 and egg yolk. Egg yolk –
This is one of the best natural hair growth activators. Mix
one ampoule B6 with egg yolk. Apply the mixture on the strands, gently
rubbing into the scalp, then wrapping it all up with a special cap.
It is necessary to wash off such a simple mask after half an hour. If necessary
use shampoo. You can add one banana to the yolk
and a spoonful of honey. In this case, leave the mixture for 20-30 minutes, then
wash it off


Recipes for healing

Mask with vitamin B12. Not every woman will risk it.
to cook. But be bold, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. You
You will need a small onion, honey and one ampoule of vitamin B12.
Grate the onion, then combine with honey and vitamin.
Leave the mixture on the hair for half an hour, then rinse them thoroughly.
with shampoo.

Vitamin mask with yogurt: take yogurt, heat
to a temperature of 30-35 degrees, mix with a vial of vitamin E and
apply on hair. Apply such a simple tool should be no less
three times a week. Put a warming cap on your head. By
After 30 minutes, reapply yogurt with hair
vitamin (also warm), actively rubbing it into the scalp. Do
This massage takes at least 5 minutes. After the procedure, the hair should
rinse without shampoo. As a result of the fermented milk product
each hair is covered with a protective film, protecting it from
drying out and moisturizing.

Vitamin recipes for nutrition

For overdried strands suitable mask for hair with vitamins
Group B. Wash your head. Mix garlic, grated on a fine grater,
1 spoon of liquid honey, 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice. Add
in a mixture of vitamins B6 and B12. Apply the mixture you need to
damaged strand tips. Be sure to warm your head.
It is enough to hold such a mixture on the hair for half an hour, then rinse, and
after two or three weeks of application, the hair will look
much better.

Before the next hair wash you can make the following mask.
Combine kefir, 1 teaspoon of oil (sunflower, olive and
etc.) and 1 teaspoon of honey and vitamin E. Add a vial of vitamin
need, pre-mix it with butter. This mixture nourishes the hair,
activates growth, and also helps to cope with the laying of strands.
It is also applied to the tips of the curls. Hold for 30 minutes and
wash your hair as you normally would.

As you can see, to make vitamin masks for hair at home
conditions are not difficult and the strength of each of us.
Some masks are made on clean strands, some – on unwashed
hair. Almost all hair masks with vitamins in ampoules
After use, they require shampooing. Masks having in
the composition of onions or garlic, it is better to do when you do not need
Nowhere to go, as the hair for some time will keep the smell of these
ingredients. The smell can last for up to several days, however
the effect of the use of such funds is extremely high. After
applying any mask, the head should be insulated with a special cap
or a hat. To do this, you can take a regular cellophane package, and
Top wind up a towel, securing crab clips.

Vitamin Recipes for Dyed Strands

Very often, girls are unhappy with natural hair color and
resort to staining. Naturally, the paint badly spoils the hair,
so many try to paint as little as possible to avoid
excessive aggressive effect. But what about when the roots are not yet
grown out, but the hair color has already faded? Then vitamin masks for
hair will help to prolong the shine of dyed hair and at the same time strengthen
them from the inside.

If you paint curls black, then you are fine
hair masks with vitamin E and castor oil will do. Black
the paint has a strong pigment, it is very difficult to wash it off,
therefore, castor oil is suitable for use. Often this oil
used to remove the shade or color from the hair to return
hair, their former color, because castorca activates the pigment.
Mix one ampoule of vitamin with castor oil. Apply the mixture
over the entire length of the strands and hold for about 35 minutes, then wash off
with shampoo. Oil and vitamin activate coloring pigments, they
will become fresh, the color will again become brilliant and deep.

Hair masks with vitamin E will be helpful and
brown hair. If you prefer to dye your hair in
warm chocolate and coffee tones, then you should think that
of products capable of highlighting the coloring pigment of these shades.
Of course, this is cocoa. Cook cocoa, but not classic
recipe. Just put two tablespoons of powder in a Turk,
cover them with a quarter glass of water and boil when the broth is slightly
cool, add to it a quarter cup of sour cream, one vitamin
vial and mix. Spread this mixture throughout your hair and
hold for about half an hour. If the color of the strands is dark chestnut or
chocolate, then buy one bar of 86% black chocolate, put
put it in Turku, add some milk and melt it. The mixture is applied to
half an hour, washed off without shampoo.

These masks will allow your curls to extend color fastness, and
tint can be only the roots, but not the entire length.

Sometimes a few days after dyeing white color begins
turn yellow, and many women have to do re-lightening.
It incredibly spoils the hair. Prepare a whitening mask for
hair made from sea salt, decoction of chamomile and tea tree oil and
vitamin b6. Prepare a decoction of chamomile in advance (1st tablespoon dry
flowers fill with a quarter cup of boiling water). In the broth add a spoon
sea ​​salt and 20 ml of tea tree oil and one ampoule of vitamin.
The mixture should be kept on the hair for 2 hours. All the yellow pigment will come off, and
Curls will look healthier.

Hair masks with Dimexide will be useful for colored hair
any type. They restore damaged strands and accelerate growth.
shag Dimexide mix with any vegetable oil (better
use castor oil or sea buckthorn). What are the vitamins
should be added to the mix? You can alternately add to the mask
vitamins E and B6 and evaluate the result. For effect
just hold the mixture for 30 minutes.

Use these simple and useful recipes as often as possible, and your
strands will be filled with strength and beauty.

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