The best recipes for hair masks with colorless henna

Despite the huge amount of cosmetics
for care, hair mask with henna colorless enjoys great
popular with women.

Henna is a natural product. It is obtained from a dried plant.
Lawson. Dyeing henna is produced from its leaves, and
colorless. In cosmetology, the latter is used quite widely.
Since it does not have a coloring effect, it can be used.
almost everything.

hna dlya volos

The unique natural remedy has the following useful
hair properties:

  • makes them more silky and soft;
  • gives them a beautiful and healthy look;
  • makes them strong and shiny;
  • prevents their loss;
  • nourishes the scalp and improves blood circulation;
  • protects every hair, forming a special around it
  • eliminates dandruff and prevents its occurrence.

Colorless henna masks for hair are recommended to be done by courses.
or regularly. As a result, healthy hair will become even more beautiful, and
damaged and dull will recover and become shiny and

Indications and contraindications for use

When do you need to use colorless henna? If a
hair looks dim, splits, quickly get dirty after washing,
stopped in growth, in such cases various procedures with
natural product will be a real salvation. Natural
the tool fights dandruff well because it normalizes the work
sebaceous glands, eliminates inflammation and itching. If all the ways to fight
with this ailment has already been tried, but there is no point, then it is worth trying
make a mask of colorless henna. The results can surpass all

Although it is colorless, it has
Chrysophanol, which can appear on light
hair. That is why the tool should not be used.
blondes Influencing the hair, henna can make it yellow or
green tint. You should also not do a hair mask with henna.
colorless 2-3 days before chemical staining, otherwise
get a completely different color.

In all other cases, you can safely make yourself cosmetic
treatments with this product because it is natural
means that does not have allergens and harmful substances.

Best recipes

There are many different recipes for beauty.

To select the appropriate, should be guided by the problem
which must be eliminated, and the availability of ingredients.

The most popular and effective are several types

  1. Classic. This mask is universal and suitable for all types.
    hair. Only 100 g of colorless is required for its preparation.
    henna and a large glass of hot water (300 g). Dissolving the powder in water
    and having cooled a little, it is necessary to apply a mass to the hair roots and
    the entire length. Then you should cover your head with plastic and wrap
    a towel. The mixture is thoroughly washed with warm water after 20.
  2. Mask of henna for greasy hair. 25 g of henna must be diluted sour
    milk or whey (100-150 g). Then add to the selection
    Tomato, black bread or sour berries. Any of these products
    well relieves oily hair. Ground mass should be
    equal to 2 tbsp. l It must be applied to the roots and along the entire length.
    Covering the head with polyethylene and wrapping a thick towel, mixture
    should be kept on the head for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm
  3. Mask of henna for dry hair. In this case, to dilute
    25 g of henna used 150 g of milk. Depending on the length of hair
    proportions are increasing. The mixture is added to the yolk,
    honey, banana, cottage cheese, persimmon, apricot, melon. All ingredients
    added at the rate of 2 tbsp. l for the same amount of henna. The whole
    weight should be kept on dry hair for about 30 minutes.

Masks are recommended to be applied on hair 2 times a week, and for
prevention – 2 times a month. Buy henna should only be in
specialty stores or pharmacies.

Simple recipes are available to everyone, and the effect after them
comparable with expensive salon procedures.

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