The best recipes to strengthen the nails at home

Professionally caring for nails can not only
expensive salon. Using simple recipes, baths and other
folk remedies, you can easily make strengthening nails at home
conditions. Weak nail plate, as a rule, breaks, bad
grows and exfoliates simultaneously.

Firming treatments strengthen the nails, soften the cuticle and skin on
fingers When caring for nails at home, it is important to be
patient and not lazy to follow all the recommendations. And means for
strengthen the nail plate is almost everyone in the house or in
shop around the corner.

Strengthening nails at home


  • Home Nail Care Tips
  • How to strengthen nails folk remedies?
  • Is it possible to strengthen the nails with biogel at home?

Home Nail Care Tips

Before you begin strengthening the nails, you need to figure out what
they are composed. The nail plate is a few layers
keratin, which are separated by thin layers of water and fat.
It is their balance that affects the beauty and health of the nails. If the nail
the plate is dried up and there is little fat in it, then it will break and
thin out And with constant contact with water, nails absorb it,
swelling and exfoliating.

Chemical and mechanical damage – root causes
poor nail condition!

So that the nails are healthy, strong and fast
grew, you must comply with the following recommendations:

  1. Do not wash your hands with too hot water, and always need them.
    to wipe thoroughly, because an abundance of moisture has a negative effect on
    the structure of the nail plate.
  2. In the winter and in the offseason, you should always wear gloves from
    natural materials, because from cold and wind nails grow dull,
    and when wearing synthetics – dehydrated.
  3. To wash the dishes and do the cleaning you need only with rubber gloves,
    and if they are not at hand, you must first
    Brush your hands with a bold protective cream.
  4. Proper nutrition – the key to strong nails! AT
    The diet should be dominated by fresh fruits, nuts, dairy products,
    vegetables, seafood, lean meat, butter, eggs.
  5. It is good to drink plenty of water and also take vitamins A, D and E,
    which act as antioxidants, preventing destruction
    nail plate.
  6. Hand baths using various recipes and folk
    means you need to do regularly, but get involved in home care
    not worth it, 2-3 baths a week is quite enough.
  7. Doing a manicure at home, you need to use
    glass file with a high degree of abrasiveness – from 220 grit, with
    you should not gash the sides of the nail, otherwise the plate
    injured and exfoliate.
  8. Constantly need to use moisturizer with vitamins,
    lanolin or use natural base oil (olive,
    sunflower, etc.).
  9. Do not get involved in shellac and build-up, because
    long wearing of artificial materials and their regular
    correction thin nails.
  10. Strengthen and build up in the salon can only healthy nails,
    which can hold acrylic or gel, otherwise the effect of these substances
    will only harm.
  11. Contrary to the well-established myths about the dangers of varnish products, good
    Formaldehyde-free, toluene and dibutyl phthalate varnishes
    minimize the negative impact of the environment.

Strengthening nails at home is easy: not
need to forget about regular care and nutrition, as well as about
timely protection.

Protection of nails during cleaning

How to strengthen nails folk remedies?

There are many effective ways to strengthen the nails in
home conditions yourself. Causes of fragility and fragility
nails may be different, but in fairness, it is worth saying
that if the nail plate is naturally weak and thin, then make
Its strong and sturdy is almost impossible. But if the nails were
good by nature, but for some reason they began to break down, exfoliate,
stopped growing, you need to take action.

Consider the most popular and effective recipes, baths and
folk remedies aimed at strengthening and improving the state
nail plate:

  1. Mineral sealing for exfoliating nails. First you need
    soak 1 tsp. sea ​​salt and gently massage the nail
    Plates with a piece of soft suede or flannel. Then leftovers
    salts are shaken off. After this, it is necessary to melt a little bee
    wax in a bowl, add grape seed oil (2-3 drops) and
    evening primrose oil (3-4 drops). Then using the same
    rub the fabric into each nail carefully. To repeat
    once every 10 days.
  2. Bath with honey, coconut oil and cocoa. Honey is the most popular
    folk remedy for the treatment of all problems, and nails are no exception.
    To strengthen them, you must take 1 tbsp. and mix the butter
    coconut, and honey, then generously lubricate the hands, rubbing the mixture
    in the nails. It is necessary to wash off structure in 10 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times a
    a week
  3. Wrapping for fragility. Need to buy silk stickers
    for nails. The nail plate must be polished to a shine, moisten
    silk sticker in pink water and gently wrap the nails
    alternately. At the same time, silk should stick and become transparent. AT
    finish each nail once again polished.
  4. Nutritious trays with milk. Two cups of milk are heated
    up to 40-45 degrees and mixed with the same amount of water such
    same temperature. Then olive oil is added (2 tablespoons) and
    pinch of ground cinnamon. Everything is thoroughly mixed. Hands
    placed in solution for 10-15 minutes. Can be repeated 1 time in 5
  5. Moisturizing mask for hands and nails. One egg yolk
    mixed with 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp honey, then
    jojoba oil (10 drops) is added, then hands and nails are generously
    lubricated by the composition. After 10 minutes, the mixture is washed off and
    grape oil is applied to the skin of the hands, especially around the nails.
  6. An excellent tool for strengthening nails – natural juices.
    It is best to use juices from unsweetened berries and vegetables such as
    radish, radish and red beet. In fresh juice you need to immerse
    fingertips for 10-15 minutes. At the same time natural dye
    may be absorbed into the nails, therefore it is not recommended to take
    baths of fresh juice on the eve of important events.
  7. Calendula ointment, cooked at home. Need to
    Heat 5 g of beeswax in a water bath, add 1 pounded
    yolk and pour 40 ml of calendula oil. Heat the mixture on
    water bath until creamy state, constantly stirring
    composition. Apply the ointment on the fingers, put on cotton
    gloves leave overnight. You can perform this procedure 2 times a day.
    a week

It is not necessary to apply all of the above.
recipes, you need to choose the most suitable folk
nails at home and regularly
care for your nails.

Strengthening nails at home

Is it possible to strengthen the nails with biogel at home?

If your own nails are too fragile, exfoliate strongly and
slowly grow, then often resort to the procedure of building
nail plate. This is a really quick way to get
chic manicure that does not require special care. However, this method
There are significant drawbacks. Acrylic and gel varnishes make it difficult to obtain
oxygen and other nutrients to the nails. Also during
buildup occurs the strongest mechanical damage to the nail

There is an alternative to building in the cabin – this is strengthening
Biogel nails at home. Biogel is special
firming varnish, causing minimal damage to the nail plate.
To perform this procedure at home, it is enough to purchase
UV lamp as well as special professional
compositions (firming varnish and solution for its removal) for this
procedures in any nail shop.

Biogel is applied to the nail plate, protecting it from fragility and
exfoliation, while not limiting the access of air to the nails.
Visually biogel resembles the usual clear varnish, therefore
it can be used as a self-covering or,
as a basis for painting with colored varnish. This tool is washed off
quickly and easily with a special solution. Use
firming varnish is possible on a regular basis.

Thus, it is possible to make a strengthening at home when
using various folk remedies or using special
professional compositions. Which option to choose – it’s up to you to decide

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