The best remedies for dry hair – TOP most effective cosmetics, sprays, ampoules, masks

Effectively deal with excessive dryness of hair with
using various tools aimed at
nutrition, hydration and recovery of curls and scalp.


Drugs for dry hair

The content of the article:

  • Drugs for dry hair
  • Vitamins
  • Overdrinking cosmetics
  • Indelible funds
  • Professional products for damaged, moisture-free
  • Cream for dry hair
  • Spray for dry hair
  • Professional Balsam
  • Means in ampoules for damaged and dry curls
  • Capsules of vitamins A, B, E
  • Indelible balm
  • Regenerator for dry hair
  • Lotion
  • Mask for very dry hair
  • Lakme Deep Care Treatment (Spain)
  • Seondo Balm Mask (Korea)
  • Means against dry ends of hair
  • Ways to moisten the tips
  • Thermal protection for overdried hair
  • Home remedies for dry curls
  • Oil for curly dry hair

As a rule, they give quick effect and are often used with very
strong overdrying of curls. Acting not only on the hair itself and
roots, but also directly to the sebaceous glands and level
excretion of subcutaneous fat, pharmaceutical preparations absorbed
the epidermis and penetrate deep into the skin, moisturizing it and
regulating lipid balance. Pharmaceutical preparations against dry hair


A well-known and very popular remedy with rejuvenating
regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing action. Representing
artificially produced vitamin b5 this
the product heals, supports and heals the hair from the roots
to the ends, feeding, moisturizing and strengthening the curls.
Softens dry sensitive skin, heals cracks,
scratches and other similar minor injuries. Practically not
has contraindications, except for the individual
intolerance. Form release: spray, cream, ointment.
Cost: about 200 rubles. Panthenol


Biotin tablets have a positive effect on fatty
exchange of the scalp and therefore often used to care for
head of hair. Ingestion can only be done after
consultation with a specialist. For external use in
as a mask, you need to grind 1 tablet
biotin and mix it with base oil (burdock, almond,
coconut) or with ripe avocado or banana, pre
ground in a blender. You can add biotin directly to
shampoo during shampooing, however in this case it is important
make sure the cleaner is safe – it should be
completely free of sulfates, parabens and any aggressive
chemical components. Biotin is produced in
tablets, ampoules and in liquid form. Price: about
700 rub. Biotin


Positive effect on the state of hair and scalp
provides vitamin complexes and individual vitamins while
disadvantage. The reason for overdrying may be a shortage
vitamins, amino acids and other beneficial substances in
body, therefore an important role in this case
playing replenishment of beneficial trace elements and immunity support.
It is important to note that an excess of vitamins can be at least
it is harmful than their deficiency, so before taking any vitamin
complexes is recommended to consult a doctor.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often called beauty vitamin
its beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails. For women
It is recommended to take it every month for 7-10
days to maintain beauty and health.
Available in capsules. Price:
about 300 rubles per pack. Vitamin E

Omega 3

Omega 3 is nothing but fish oil in
tablet or capsule form. It is convenient to take
taste is not felt, but the effect will not take long –
curls will become silky, shiny, and overdriedness itself
will disappear. Enhance immunity and increase resistance
organism, which is especially important in the winter. Application
this drug must be administered under supervision
specialist. Standard drug packaging costs
about 500 rubles. Omega What remedies do you prefer? Pharmacy Narodnye

Overdrinking cosmetics

Must contain a sufficient amount of
moisturizing and softening ingredients on a natural basis.
Damaged curls need nutrition without weighting, so
sulfate products are recommended to use at a minimum
and it is better to completely eliminate them.

Planeta Organica Savon de Marselle (made in Russia)

Mild cleanser aimed at recovery
damaged, dried and split ends. Composed of oil
olives, verbena extract and sea minerals. Does not contain
parabens and sulfates. You can wash your hair with this shampoo
daily, getting used to it is usually not
arises. Standard bottle can be found in mass market stores.
for 130 rubles. Planeta Organica Savon de Marselle

Marc Anthony (USA)

The line of shampoo, conditioner, oil and spray for damaged
and prone to dryness curls created using natural
components: coconut oil and shea butter, naturally
moisturizing and nourishing curls. Facilitates combing and protects
shag from the damaging effects of the environment.
The means of this line are completely safe and free of
aggressive chemical constituents. Purchase a product
This company can be in specialized stores professional
care for 1300 rubles. Marc Anthony

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Indelible funds

For the hair, prone to lack of moisture, help out in moments
when you need to urgently and permanently give the curls a neat look, make
beautiful styling or hairstyle. In addition to external beauty and
spectacular, such products remarkably hold moisture on
all day long

Gliss Kur “liquid silk” (Germany)

The indelible moisturizing express conditioner softens the curls,
returning them shine, softness and silkiness. Another plus of this
product – convenience and ease of use: you need only uniformly
spray the conditioner over the entire length of the hair, then comb. Not
spoils the styling. Suitable as a refreshment on
workplace. Purchase this indelible conditioner
can be in many stores for 350 rubles.
Gliss Kur liquid silk

Syoss Moisture Intensive Care (Germany)

Moisturizing spray-balm, giving the shine shine, shine and
elasticity. Facilitates combing, which significantly reduces
probability of loss and brittleness of dried hair and
his injury. The hairs are smoothed and not clogged.
without overloading with chemistry. There is such a balm
about 370 rubles, and it is easy to find
in many stores. Syoss Moisture Intensive Care

Professional products for damaged, moisture-free

Differ in high efficiency, speed of action and
economical use, as often such funds are
Concentrated or vial equipped with a convenient accurate dispenser,
which is comfortable to measure portions. Composition professional
shampoos, balms, lotions, sprays and other care products
hair, as a rule, as close to natural.
Read more about dry hair care.

No one can be found in the composition of quality products.
chemically aggressive compound that would negatively
influenced the structure of the curls.

Matrix shampoo

The well-known American firm Matrix rightfully
It is considered one of the best in its segment.
Soft action cleansers penetrate deep into the skin
cover, restoring the sebaceous glands and regulating the production
subcutaneous fat, which with a dry hair type is very lacking. AT
part of no parabens. Price category shampoo Matrix
Hydrasourse: approximately 1000 rubles. Matrix


Firm specializing in the production of professional
hair care products creates high-quality products
nourishing and healthy curls. One of the newest know-how
Kerastase – shampoo bath for dry hair with
revitalizing effect that returns hair shine, life
strength and elasticity. Damaged, moisture-free curls
quickly return to normal, dryness disappears. Besides,
This shampoo-bath makes hair thick, increasing the bottom
volume and stimulating their growth. Cost: 2800
rubles. Kerastase

Cream for dry hair

In the fight against dryness, the use of creams takes special
place, however not everyone is familiar with creams against dry hair. Such
Means, however, very effectively eliminate the problem.
dryness by nourishment and mitigation. Increase efficiency
using creams for hair can be a regular

Lebel aroma cream (Japan)

For damaged, withered and weak hair. Strengthens and
saturates the structure, makes hair elastic, dense and soft.
It nourishes locks from root to tip, even for children,
completely hypoallergenic. In the composition of proteins
silk and honey substance. Apply to clean, slightly wet.
hair, avoiding skin contact. Application start better with
tips, moving gradually to the roots. After application
leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm soft water.
Suitable for frequent use. Price: 800 rubles.
Lebel aroma cream

Daviness Spa Essential Haircare (Italy)

Cream conditioner to eliminate dryness and saturation of hair with oil
jojoba and thistle extract. Present in the composition
panthenol heals and strengthens the hair.
The effect of using this cream is usually long-term.
Apply cream to washed hair for 5 minutes, then
washed off with water. How much is: 1800 rubles.
Daviness Spa Essential Haircare

Spray for dry hair

Sprays for hair care are very convenient to use, for
seconds refreshing hair, nourishing and moisturizing curls. Besides
of this, they provide protection from negative effects.
environment: smoke, smog. It is recommended to irrigate hair
moisturizing spray during the heating season when
shag especially dry and fluff.

Matrix Hydrasource Biolage (USA)

Spray, not only softening and relieving from dryness, but also
restoring lipid balance. As part of the existing
components – aloe juice, which treats damage, nourishes and
retains moisture. The result is felt after a couple of applications.
How much is: around 1000 rubles per bottle.
Matrix Hydrasource Biolage

Oil Nutritive (Germany)

Quick recovery of dried hair with
effective nourishing spray based on various oils, including
including macadamia oil. Perfectly moisturizes, nourishes useful
oils and unravels dry hair without weighting. Liquid complex
keratin “smoothes” the hair structure without fat and
sticky feeling. Price list: 300 rubles. Oil Nutritive

Professional Balsam

will become an assistant in the fight with very dry hair, in
short time to return a head of hair former beauty, health and softness.
Regular use of professional balms supports
the sebaceous glands work in a normal state, protecting the curls from
external environment and making them more robust and obedient.

Estel Aqua (Russia)

Professional balm suitable for daily use
contains a powerful moisturizing complex that prevents re-
the appearance of dryness, smoothing the hair scales, due to which
Curls look well-groomed, shiny and alive.
It has antistatic effect. Apply balm after washing on
a couple of minutes, then washed off with warm soft water.
Price list: 600 rubles. Estel Aqua

Wella Brilliance (Germany-France)

A unique balm suitable for dyed hair prone to
dryness as a prophylaxis and for dried out as
treatment and rehabilitation. Softens curls and strengthens
their. The best result is given in combination with
soft shampoos and moisturizing sprays. Also suitable for thin and
weakened hair. How much is: 400 rubles.
Wella Brilliance

Means in ampoules for damaged and dry curls

Apply with massaging movements, gently rubbing the product into
skin covering. Beneficially acting and nourishing the scalp, as well as
hair roots, ampoules will relieve dryness by adding shine to curls,
gloss and volume. Pre-warmed in the palms or under the jet
warm water will have a more effective and rapid effect.
on the problem area.

Aevit (Russia)

Vitamin complex for external hair. Gives
Excellent result in both dryness prevention and
directly curing overdrying, eliminating problems with
hair Method of use: gently pierce the vial of aevita
(for long hair it is recommended to use two ampoules) and rub
the contents in the hair roots and the skin of the head. Leave
for a few hours, you can leave for the night and wash it off in the morning
warm water with a mild shampoo. Application frequency: 1-2 times per
a week The result is thick, soft and healthy.
curls. Price: about 100 rubles per pack of capsules.

Capsules of vitamins A, B, E

Vitamins A, B, E are very useful for problems with
head of hair, so they are often added to oil masks or
use on their own, rubbing separately into the skin and hair roots
before bedtime. Dry curls become much softer, more obedient and
more flexible. One of the recipes with capsules of vitamins for dry hair:
a couple tablespoons of oil (olive, coconut, almond or
argan) mix with 4-5 drops of any vitamin
To achieve the full effect, it is recommended to warm the mixture slightly.
warm water. Important. Vitamins must be applied strictly externally.
Consultation is necessary for use inside.
specialist. Each pack of capsule vitamin is sold.
separately and costs around 300 rubles. Capsules of vitamins A, B, E

Indelible balm

An indispensable thing when traveling, at work
a place and even on a walk on a sunny summer day when hair is urgent
need moisturizing. The composition of such balms, as a rule,
sparing and close to natural, so they can
used as prevention and simple refreshment.

Dual Renascence Phase

Keratin serum balm nourishes, nourishes and moisturizes
curls, and oil components protect the hair structure from
effects when dried with a hairdryer. Application is very
comfortable, which is comfortable to carry out in any conditions:
using the dispenser on the bottle, you just need to spray the tool all over
hair length and comb. It is possible to spray both on dry and on
wet curls. Cost: 500 rubles. Dual Renascence Phase

Siberica with sea buckthorn (Russia)

The stated effect of lamination makes hair well-groomed,
shiny, like after the salon. Composition with sea buckthorn and amino acids
able to moisten the hair well and for a long time, giving a mirror
shine and shine. It is recommended to apply over the entire length, avoiding
contact with skin and roots. For very dry hair
can be done in two layers. Price: 200 rubles.
Siberica with sea buckthorn

The conditioner is obligatory to use at over-dried hair,
moreover, its use should be carried out on an ongoing basis,
nourishing and softening the hair after washing. Remedy should be
soft action, suitable for this hair type and not
contain silicones.

Kaaral (Italy)

This conditioner moisturizes and restores dry and
damaged hair with keratin that nourishes the curls and
makes them lively, shiny and smooth. Unlike salon
keratin hair restoration procedures, application
This air conditioner is completely safe and has no
contraindications besides individual intolerance
any components in the composition. Can be applied on regular
basis, daily. Method of use: apply
on clean damp hair for 3-5 minutes, after which the remedy
washed off. Cost: 500 rubles. Kaaral

Lisap Milano Hydra Care (Italy)

The conditioner with the strong moistening effect of fast action.
Ingredients – natural papyrus extract, which
and fills the curls with brilliance, moisture and vitality.
Additional components: enriched with minerals and vitamins
Japanese algae, as well as ceramides, adding hair
elasticity. Apply the product to wet washed curls,
evenly distributed over the entire length and through
a couple of minutes, rinsed with warm water. Price: about 500
rubles. Lisap Milano Hydra Care

Regenerator for dry hair

Not only saturates the hair with moisture and keeps it, but also
greatly facilitates the process of combing, and also protects against UV
rays and protects against the negative effects of using a hair dryer,
curling and other electrical appliances for laying, straightening and
hair drying.

Fluid Crystal Shine (Italy)

Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, healing their structure
and making it soft, smooth and shiny. Suitable for use on
split ends that allows you to use the tool
metered, as the entire length of the curls, and putting it only on
ends of curls in need of hydration. Contains minerals and fat
Omega-3 acids, which need dried hair.
It is applied in drops both wet and dry.
hair is not washed off. Cost: 370 rubles.
Fluid Crystal Shine

Green Mama with buckwheat and raspberries (Russia)

Long-lasting regenerator lotion will help soften curls,
nourishing them with vitamins and natural extracts
buckwheat, aloe, mint, succession, lime and raspberry. After
the use of this tool hair covered invisible breathable
film that will retain moisture and protect the hair from
dryness. In addition, the glycerin in the composition will make the hair obedient and
soft without weighting and greasy. Panthenol,
which is also an active component of this
regenerating lotion, effectively heals and promotes
the healing of damaged structures of both curls and skin
heads. Apply to clean damp hair, after which
formed hairstyle. Flushing is not required.
Suitable for daily use. Price: 350
rubles. Green Mama with buckwheat and raspberries


Carefully looks after dry hair, softening them and strengthening.
It is recommended to use suitable soft lotions 2-3
times a week, and with a very strong overdrying
application can be increased up to 5 times. Lotions are usually
affect not only the curls and their structure, but also
the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Shot Care Trico (Italy)

A means to combat dryness and hair loss.
Optimally selected and combined composition of this
lotion softens and nourishes the hair with vitamins, as well as
normalizes blood circulation, thereby increasing
hair growth and improves their overall condition. In the composition of birch
extract, as well as oils and natural extracts of ginseng. the main thing
the active ingredient is caffeine. Use: gently rub
lotion in clean washed scalp and hair roots massaging
movements, then wait for full absorption and drying
facilities. Do not flush. You can buy this lotion in
professional stores for 1500 rubles.
Shot Care Trico

Rene Furterer Karite Hydra (France)

Nutritional beneficial lotion based on shea and wheat oils
extract regenerates, nourishes and nourishes the curls.
Regulates the sebaceous glands and strengthens
a head of hair. Hair becomes soft, supple and silk
shine from fat content and weighting. Applied to clean hair – as
dry and wet from tip to root, full length, after
what is necessary in a natural way, without using a hair dryer,
dry curls. Flush the tool is not required.
Price: 2300 rubles Rene Furterer Karite Hydra

Mask for very dry hair

Will help in the shortest possible time to get rid of
dryness, lifelessness and brittle hair, giving them
healthy looking, resilient and radiant. Use such masks
Desirable as an express agent in case of strong draining.
hair in the sun or hair dryer, no more than 2-3 times a week.

Lakme Deep Care Treatment (Spain)

Unique mask with a cumulative effect of hydration and nutrition
even very dry and damaged, weak and brittle hair. At the heart of –
wheat extract and amino acids. Paraben free
silicones and harmful fragrances. The main action is deep
nutrition and saturation of curls with life-giving moisture and wholesome
substances that will help to establish an optimal lipid balance
scalp. Apply to wet hair washed with soft shampoo
and after 5 minutes it is washed off with water. Suitable for painted and strong
damaged curls. Concentrated composition
assumes an economical expense of means. Price
category: about 950 rubles. Lakme Deep Care Treatment

Seondo Balm Mask (Korea)

The regenerating balm mask perfectly moisturizes even
very dry hair, protecting it from brittleness, tingling and
fallout. Perfectly nourishes and heals the curls, facilitating
combing. The composition is close to natural:
coconut and other oils moisten their hair well, prone to
dryness and devoid of moisture. Price: 100 rubles.
Seondo mask-balm

Means for curly dry hair. Care for curly hair,
prone to dryness is not an easy task, because
in addition to nourishing and saturating, moisturizing and making the curls soft,
need to get rid of excess volume, electrification and
fragility. Dry curly hair is harder to create and lay.
hairstyle, therefore, to eliminate such a problem, it is necessary
use some moisturizer regularly
curly dry hair.

Redken Curvaceous High Form (USA)

Redken shampoo cream from sulfates and aggressive
The cleansing ingredients gently cleanses the hair and scalp. AT
The composition is absent alcohol and weighting substances. Suitable for both
curly, and for curly curls. Gently cleanses and tones
hair, making them docile and softer.
Cost: 1700 rubles. Redken Curvaceous High Form

Vichy Dercos Dermo-Shooting Sulfate Free (France)

Sulfate-free soft delicate cleansing agent
for any type of curls. Hypoallergenic, so this shampoo can be
use even with sensitive scalp. Contains
antibacterial ingredients not drying hair. AT
There are no extra ingredients in addition to cleansing, therefore
after its application it is advisable to use moisturizing
balm or conditioner for dry hair. Price:
about 1500 rubles. Vichy Dercos Dermo-Shooting Sulfate Free (France)

Means against dry ends of hair

Recommended for use with problems with dryness.
curls, with bitten or damaged tips, and
after using the hair dryer. Tip care must be taken.
regularly, and increase during the heating season, as well as during
long stay in the sun. Properly selected tools
eliminate the increased porosity, dryness and breakage at the ends, for
the account of which the hair is transformed and will look much
spectacular, healthier and well-groomed.

Kapous Crystal Drops (Russia)

Highly effective in the form of drops, which does not require
flushing. It is applied easily and comfortably in any setting, like on
dry and wet curls. Extracts of flax seeds “stick together” and
nourish damaged hairs, smoothing and healing them
structure. Application feature: despite the fact
that this tool is intended for tips, it is advisable to apply
it to the middle of the length of the curls, especially with asymmetric and
model haircuts, when the ends are not at the same level.
Dry after use
in a way. Price: 400 rubles. Kapous Crystal Drops (Russia)

Avalon Organics with Tea Tree Oil (USA)

Conditioner for dry and distressed hair ends,
eliminates brittleness and has antibacterial properties.
Perfectly restores the structure of damaged ends, returning them
beauty, smoothness and elasticity. When using this tool
on the whole head, prevents the appearance of dandruff without overdrying.
Natural extracts of mint and tea tree nourish and
disinfect curls and scalp. Environmentally friendly and
safe product. Apply to clean hair, after which
washed off. Price: 1400 rubles. Avalon Organics with Tea Tree Oil (USA)

Ways to moisten the tips

There are many ways to moisten dried ends, however
for best results it’s best not to be limited
in any one way, but choose the two most effective and
effective product and apply them alternately. With the help of such
method can be avoided addiction to the tool.

Farmavita Argan Sublime Mask (Italy)

A miraculous elixir-mask against dryness at the tips of the hair.
Argan oil perfectly nourishes the curls at the ends, making them alive,
shiny and soft. After applying this tool significantly
decreases porosity, breakage and striking. Apply this
need a nutritious product at the slightly damp tips of curls,
leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm
soft water. The result should be noticeable after a couple
applications. Price: about 1500 rubles. Farmavita Argan Sublime Mask

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (USA)

A tool that perfectly restores damaged ends and
protecting them from subsequent drying. Valid enough
quickly, penetrating deep into the hair structure, nourishing and “gluing it together”
flakes natural useful substances in large
quantity in the composition of this product. Makes curls and their ends
silky, soft and radiant. Applied on 3-5
minutes on clean, moistened tips, then rinse.
Cost: 1900 rubles. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Thermal protection for overdried hair

It is intended to minimize the harmful effects of the environment.
environment, as well as reducing the likelihood of injury and draining
hair when using a hair dryer, ironing or curling. Such funds
Well soften and moisturize the curls, facilitating the process of combing and
styling. Thermal protection products are mainly produced in
mind mousses, sprays and creams that are convenient to use
and apply as needed.

Loreal Intense Repair Absolut (France)

Dry, weak and lifeless hair will transform using
this heat-protective cream with a pronounced moisturizing
an action that helps keep moisture inside the hair for a long time.
Thick texture allows you to use
This product is economical. Applied over the entire length of the net.
hair, trying to avoid getting on the scalp, then
dried in a natural way, after which you can proceed to
creating hairstyles and styling. Cost: 750
rubles. L'oreal Intense Repair Absolut

Logona with aloe vera (Germany)

This product is a regenerating and
Aloe Vera Moisturizing Spray Safe composition
and hypoallergenic allows you to apply this tool even when
hypersensitivity of the scalp. AT
Composition – Vitamin Bitaine, useful for curls, and
glycerin for moisturizing, essential oils and plant extracts, in
including aloe vera and bamboo extract. Spray is convenient to apply on
hair after washing and immediately before drying or styling.
Curls are strong, shiny and soft. The product has
antistatic effect. Spray sprayed along the entire length of the hair
before combing and drying on wet hair.
Cost: about 980 rubles. Logona with aloe vera

Home remedies for dry curls

With a problem with dry hair should pay attention
and on home remedies that effectively cope with
elimination of such troubles and saturate the hair with natural
useful trace elements, vitamins and moisture. One more
Indisputable plus the use of home remedies is their
accessibility. | Read more about care and treatment of dry
hair at home


This product is often found in various formulations for
dry hair as an effective, safe and emollient
component. Adding glycerin to your own homemade masks
preparations will help to deeply moisturize dry curls, make them
much softer and give them a well-groomed look. Useful action
This product has on the ends of the hair, eliminating them from
congestion. Glycerol

In order to cook at home nutritious
a reducing mask with glycerin, you must mix one
a teaspoon of glycerin with two tablespoons of melted
natural honey and two tablespoons of chilled aloe juice.
Apply the mixture to the entire length of hair for 15 minutes, after which
wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Frequency of home use
preparations with glycerin – 1-2 times a week.
Cost: about 50 rubles per bottle

Kefir moisturizing

Beneficial effects on dry hair have natural
fermented milk products, including kefir and yogurt. More often
kefir is used to prepare a softening mask, putting on his
the entire length of damaged or dried hair. No effect
make you wait a long time, returning the hair softness,
silkiness and elasticity after the first application. Kefir moisturizing

Preparing such a tool is very easy. Need to mix half
cup of natural kefir without additives with one teaspoon
slightly heated oil (burdock, castor or olive),
then stirring one yolk. Thoroughly mix the mixture, put it on
the entire length of the curls, put on a cellophane hat for the soul and cover
head towel. An hour later, the mask should be washed off with a mild shampoo.
Frequency of use – 1-2 times a week.
Price category: about 60 rubles.

Oil for curly dry hair

Dry curly hair is recommended to regularly nourish and moisturize.
not only professional conditioners and balms, but also
oils. With the tendency to dryness of the oil can be applied almost
any, combining them with your favorite essential oils, honey, kefir
or using a separate, stand alone product against
overdriedness. If not only the hairs are prone to dryness
tips, but also the roots and scalp, it is recommended periodically
do oil massage of the skin with finger pads, rubbing
useful oil mixture. All oils are required before use.
warm slightly with a water bath or warm water, where
the container with oil is located for a couple of minutes. Wash your hair after
procedures with such funds preferably 2 times.


One of the most popular oils is coconut. It
perfectly nourishes the hair without adding fat,
greasiness and oil weighting, which is capable
clog pores and disrupt the structure of the curls. The composition of this
product includes vitamins and fatty
acids, softening and improving the condition of the hair. Besides
of this, coconut oil has powerful anti-bacterial and
antifungal property that makes it indispensable in
combat dry seborrhea and dry hair caused by
disease. Coconut

Method of application: coconut oil is applied on
half an hour before shampooing the entire length of the hair, after which
wrapped his head with a towel to keep warm. Wash off
safe shampoo 2 times. Frequency
use: 1 time per week. Price:
about 300 rubles


Argan oil is considered one of the most valuable in its
properties, so for dry hair, such a product is simply
priceless. Deeply nourishing and saturating with healthy microelements,
Argan oil transforms curly locks, saving them in a short
term from problems with dryness, brittleness and stiffness. Regular
the use of this tool will give hair shine and
radiance. Argan

Usage: argan oil can be applied
on the hair in its pure form, rubbing it into the skin and evenly distributing
along the length of the curls, and you can mix it with burdock and almond
oils in a ratio of 1: 1 and also apply to the hair. Through
an hour wash off with mild shampoo and warm water.
Cost: 700 rubles.

Multifunctional oil Elixir Ultime

Ready oil for dry curly damaged hair. Composed of –
camellia oil and tea extracts that saturate
long hair active nutrients and protect from the external environment
and its negative impact. The remedy makes the curls silky and
obedient, eliminating dryness and promoting hair growth.
It is used very sparingly, drop by drop. Does not require
flushing. You can purchase this product in
specialized professional salons
price of about 3,000 rubles per bottle.
Elixir Ultime

Important. Before using any means in
the first time, you need to make sure that you are not allergic,
having tested it before starting the application, causing some
the amount of product on the inner fold of the elbow. Especially important
make such a check before applying masks, shampoos and products

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