The best remedy against falling out – onion mask for hair

Onions – a very simple and famous vegetable. Onion hair mask
against loss is perhaps one of the most effective assistants
means. Hardly anyone has heard of the useful and magical
properties of onions. He is an excellent antiseptic, beautiful in enhancing
immunity and is able to improve the appetite. Onion is simply an indispensable vegetable
in solving hair problems.


  • The benefits of onions
    • Onion impact
  • Methods of dealing with the smell
  • What are the masks?
  • Conclusion

The benefits of onions

Onions contain many much-needed and healthy hair.
substances. He perfectly heals the skin and fights with the appearance
dandruff Vitamin C, which is part of it, helps to slow down
appearance of gray hair and strengthens the hair follicles. Vitamin K,
contained in onions, promotes better absorption of calcium,
strengthening nails and hair. Biotin copes wonderfully with
split ends and eliminates brittleness, and acid
restore damaged cells.

Onion impact

Onion mask for hair loss – one of the best folk
means. To use it you do not need any special training,
no special ingredients. Onion has burning properties, it
irritates the scalp, causing sleeping bulbs to wake up. it
excellent tool for fast and rapid hair growth, and not
only against their fallout. Archery hair masks
absolutely everyone. Feel their effectiveness and quality hair
You can, regularly using such masks. Mask of onions with
daily use will help the growth of new hairs, which means
the hair will eventually acquire its former luxury. Onion mask
prevent the possibility of baldness, if you start to apply it immediately.
After the first application, you can immediately feel the sharp
reduced hair loss.

To create a warming effect, the onion mask should be closed.
plastic wrap and wrap a warm towel
improve its effect. You need to carefully monitor the time.
impact, if you feel a burning sensation, the mask should be washed off immediately,
to avoid damage to the skin. Average time
effects of onion juice – from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Take off the mask
you need, just wash with ordinary shampoo. One wellness course with
abundant hair loss involves at least 30 masks and will take
about one month. Further recommended to make a mask of the bow 2
times a week to maintain the effect.

Methods of dealing with the smell

Hair loss masks with a bow have one not so pleasant
the moment is a pungent and fairly persistent smell that they
leave. But you can fight him. It is necessary to put on the hair is not
the gruel of onions, but only its juice. This will help reduce
intensity of smell. It is best to skip the bulb through
grinder, and from the resulting slurry squeeze the juice through gauze.

Excellent rinsing will help (1-2 tablespoons of vinegar per liter
water). Perfect helper lemon juice, it will need half a glass
per liter of water. When washing off masks with onion content you need
use cool water because warm water contributes
increased odor.

Porous and damaged hair is much more susceptible.
absorb onion smell. When using masks, the composition
which includes onions, be sure to control the distribution
onion juice, it should not fall on the hair itself, it should
abundantly rub into the scalp.

Remember that with open wounds or mechanical damage on
scalp onion mask for hair against dandruff and hair loss

What are the masks?

Onion masks are best applied immediately after preparation. But
if the juice suddenly turns out to be more than it should be, you can save it
a cold place, such as in a refrigerator, under a closed lid, but
no more than 7 days. Masks will perfectly serve for hair recovery in
home conditions:

  1. Classic hair mask – its recipe is simple. He is
    rubbing onion juice in the head. You can add lemon juice there,
    burdock or castor oil.
  2. Onion-carrot mask – an excellent means of stimulating growth
    hair. Carrot and onion juices are mixed together;
    lemon juice is added. All ingredients are taken in equal
  3. Onion-yeast mask is a good way to strengthen hair.
    A teaspoon of dry yeast is mixed with 2 tablespoons
    slightly heated water, a teaspoon of castor oil is added
    and 2 tablespoons of onion juice.
  4. Onion infusion is an excellent remedy for those who are afraid.
    use pure onion juice but do not want to give up
    testing miraculous onion properties. One onion
    must be very finely chopped, put in an alcohol solution and
    let it brew for 2 days. The resulting solution is gently applied to the skin.
    head and be sure to wrap it up. This method is only suitable in bold.
    hair, because alcohol is quite dry skin.

If you add a few tablespoons of lemon juice in the usual
shampoo and supplement it with a few drops of essential oil
Ylang Ylang, this enriched shampoo can be alternated in
use with ordinary. This alternation will help your hair.
stay beautiful and healthy.


A luxurious head of hair you want to have any man as a man
so the woman. For men, this problem is particularly relevant, because they
much more prone to hair loss and even complete baldness.
Of course, with serious problems with hair is best to contact.
to trichologists.

But if the problem of hair loss is not so serious and only
recently appeared, it makes sense to try a wonderful method –
onion masks.

They will help bring the hair back to its normal state, and those
again shine with beauty and health. Do not be afraid of unpleasant
smell, because it is easy to eliminate with the help of available tools,
available in every home.

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