The best salon treatments for hair – the most useful and effective

In the world of beauty treatments, a special layer is hair care.
Every girl, no matter what problem she is
faced, can pick up something suitable for themselves, and our
The article will help to navigate this!

Treatments and treatments

The content of the article:

  • Treatments and treatments
  • Against split ends
  • For thickening thin hair
  • For sparse hair
  • For hair growth
  • For shine hair
  • Hair loss
  • Against dryness
  • For straightening and smoothness
  • Procedures to increase the volume
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Overview of the most popular procedures
  • Treatments for hair with keratin. Why keratin?
  • Salon treatments
  • The best procedures of popular brands
  • Conclusion

Procedures for treatment and recovery

  • Happiness for hair is multistage
    procedure involving the gradual application of reducing
    compositions Often used as a remedy to restore curls.
    after repeated stains and discolorations. For achievement
    sustainable effect requires a course of 5-6 procedures.
  • Biolamination – protects hair from
    damage and adverse environmental effects. Fills
    formed structural voids. Every hair is covered
    protective film based on natural materials.
  • Keratinizing – hair treatment composition,
    enriched with keratin. Thanks to its action, scales
    smoothed, and the rods are saturated with the necessary moisture. Makes it easier
    combing porous and brittle hair.
  • Cryomassage | – is the effect on the scalp
    using liquid nitrogen that awakens internal reserves
    organism. Hair saturated with moisture and come to life.
  • Escaping is a therapeutic procedure.
    which is often undeservedly confused with lamination. Despite
    that the techniques are identical – shielding deeply nourishes
    hair, making them healthy, and not only gives them a well-groomed appearance,
    as does lamination.

Against split ends

Procedures against split ends of hair

  • Polishing is the treatment of hair along its entire length.
    using a special nozzle, worn on a clipper.
    Only carelessly protruding forked tips are cut off.
  • Hot scissors haircut – the essence of the procedure
    clear from the title. Before shearing, the shears blades heat up and serve
    a kind of “soldering iron” for the tips of the hair. Temperature is chosen
    depending on the structure of the curls and the thickness.

Note! The thinner the hair, the lower
there must be a temperature.

  • Biozapaivanie –
    The procedure is a special hair treatment.
    protein composition that sticks bifurcated tips and
    restores the structure in length.
  • Hot wrapping is carried out
    with the help of nutritious oils. In hot form, they are better.
    penetrate the hair structure and scalp. The tips are soldered, and
    the very hair becomes shiny and silky.
  • Pyrophoresis – he is burning with fire. On
    hair is applied special keratin cocktail, after which
    the hair is neatly processed with an open flame. Sectioned
    tips disappear and do not form for a long time due to compaction
    hair structure.

For thickening thin hair

procedures for fine hair

  • Biolamination – has a positive effect on
    structure of the hair, making the rods more dense and smooth.
  • Glazing is a procedure that combines
    imagine a thickening of the hair shaft with staining, however
    there is a colorless option. Every hair creates
    protective keratin layer, which tightens the hair, making it more
  • Keratermia – straightening and sealing hair
    with the help of special keratin-containing agents and high

For sparse hair

Rare hair

  • Cold (Nitrogen) Mask – Affects
    scalp with low temperatures, alternately constricting and
    expanding blood vessels, thereby providing an influx of nutrients to
    sleeping hair follicles.
  • Ampoule exposure. On the scalp
    concentrated vitamin and mineral compositions are applied, on
    based on herbs and medicinal plants. They fill the deficit
    nutrients, promoting new hair growth.
  • Ozone therapy. On the hairy part of the coding head
    special ozone-oxygen mixture is applied. Shortens
    hair loss, and helps to regain lost

For hair growth

Procedures for hair growth

  • Mesotherapy – injections in the root zone (on
    depth 2-4 mm), the injection composition of which is selected
    individually, depending on the specific problem of the client.
    Promotes faster hair growth and awakens sleepers.
  • Darsonvalization – effects on the scalp
    low currents. Normalizes metabolic processes, contributing to rapid
    hair growth and density.
  • Laser therapy – deep warming of the skin
    head with a laser. Under the influence of heat there is an influx
    blood and improved metabolic processes.
  • Plasmolifting – Plasma Injection
    patient injected into the scalp. Improves
    metabolic processes, thereby promoting active growth
  • Carboxytherapy is very similar with
    mesotherapy, with only one difference – are introduced under the patient’s skin
    not nutritious vitamin shakes, but carbon dioxide. It activates
    regeneration processes in the skin, thereby contributing to the acceleration
    hair growth.

For shine hair

Treatments for hair shine

  • Lamination – perhaps the most famous, and
    because and the most popular procedure for giving hair
    mirror shine. Pretty hair is created on each hair shaft.
    dense film that makes hair shine in the light.

Important! Contrary to popular belief
Lamination does not treat hair! It only makes them visually.
more attractive.

  • Elution is a gentle stain.
    hair, as a result of which, every hair is covered
    pigmented film. Thanks to the procedure, curls acquire
    beautiful color play and shine.
  • Glazing | often make models in front
    catwalk shows or photo session. Hair becomes glossy
    brilliance and visually seem more voluminous. However, the effect does not hold
    more than two weeks.

Hair loss

  • Myostimulation is a procedure as well
    darsonvalization, is the impact on the scalp pulsed
    current. Strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss.
  • Iontophoresis – an introduction under the skin
    preparations using galvanic current. Interferes with loss
    and weakening hair follicles.
  • Mesotherapy – shows good results in
    combat increased or seasonal hair loss. Composition
    is chosen stronger than in the case of the rare by nature
  • Plasmolifting – with hair loss plasma
    be introduced zonal – into the bald areas and thinning partings.
  • Ozone Therapy – Effect on Problem
    patches of oxygen that penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis,
    strengthens hair follicles and hair shafts.

Against dryness

  • Keratin treatment (keratin masks) –
    replenish lost moisture during dehydration of the hair shaft, and
    also restores the hair structure, making it more saturated
    and smooth.
  • Biolamination – protective film
    created on the hair during biolamination, prevents
    the evaporation of moisture from the hair rods and accordingly – not
    allows them to dry out.
  • Nano-emulsions are a relatively new procedure,
    the essence of which is hair treatment with vitamin-mineral cocktails,
    selected depending on the problem – including dryness.

For straightening and smoothness

  • Chemical straightening – classic
    procedure to make hair smooth for a long time. On curls applied
    special rectifying chemical composition which is somewhat
    modifies the structure of the hair shaft. Presently
    chemical straightening is somewhat outdated. Moreover, it is pretty
    badly spoils the health of the hair.
  • Keratin straightening – hair treatment
    keratin composition, which, filling the structural voids, makes
    hair straight and smooth.
  • Brazilian straightening is different from
    keratin more natural composition. On assurances
    manufacturers, in addition to straightening, there is their deep nourishment and
  • Japanese straightening is the most effective
    the safest and most expensive smoothing procedure for this
    moment. Japanese straightening causes a change in structure.
    hair at the molecular level. They are saturated with moisture, compacted
    and become smooth and straight.

Note! Japanese straightening –
time-consuming procedure that can take up to 8

Procedures to increase the volume

large volume of hair

  • Boost Up – gives hair
    noticeable basal volume, with the help of harmless cosmetic
    means applied to the hair roots. Despite the fact that the procedure
    belongs to the category of perms, hair after Bust up remain straight
    – purchased only the volume of the root.
  • Biowave – curling hair with
    special composition, more than 60% consisting of natural
    components. With the help of biowave you can get as small
    curls, and large Hollywood curls.
  • Perm – this procedure
    still used by our grandmothers to create madman on his head
    volume However, the procedure is somewhat outdated as it is
    only cosmetic – hair after it spoils greatly and
    are dried.

Safe during pregnancy

  • Cutting, polishing, processing with hot scissors.
    Among women, the myth is very common that hair during
    pregnancy can not be cut, however, this is absolutely no
    scientific justification. Perhaps this fallacy originates
    from folk signs. You can do a haircut during pregnancy
    any of these methods.
  • Henna / ammonia-free dyeing,
    tint balms. The main condition for staining in
    gestation time – the absence of aggressive chemicals

As for the other procedures, manufacturers often
check that the tool is suitable for use during
pregnancy and does not affect the fetus. Take that word no
worth it. Be sure to consult with your doctor before
procedure and get his opinion on the chemical composition of the drug.
Most of them are actually safe for health, but because
chemical reserve of cosmetic fragrances they can cause nausea
and exacerbation of toxicosis.

Overview of the most popular procedures

Most of these procedures have already been considered earlier; moreover
– some of them are used to solve several
problems. Their versatility is exactly the quality
thanks to which they are on the list of the most popular and
sought after.


Mesotherapy is an injectable therapeutic method.
restoration and nutrition of hair and scalp. The procedure decides
problems such as loss, slow growth, dry scalp
and many others. If injections are unacceptable to you, then there is
laser technique.

Price: from 2000 rubles.


Lamination is the coating of special hair rods.
film that turns the faded and lifeless hair into
brilliant and mirror cloth, as in advertising shampoo. However, this
The effect is purely cosmetic. Hair after lamination is not
become healthier and stronger.

Price: from 1500 rubles


The procedure involves exposure to the scalp electric
high frequency current at low power. Plus the technique is that
there is no need to use any more
auxiliary cosmetics. After darsonvalization
hair stops falling out, grow faster, problem is solved
dandruff and oily scalp.

Note! You can save a lot
if you get the device darsonval for home use.
The main thing is to follow the instructions.

Price: from 300 rubles.

Plasma lifting

Another injectable method of treating and restoring hair and
scalp. Platelet-rich plasma is injected under the skin. Blood
taken from the patient himself and using a special centrifuge
divided into components. For the same reason, it does not cause
allergies and negative reactions of the body. (Read more about the procedure)

Price: from 8000 rubles


Hair polishing is a narrow haircut with the help of
special machine with a nozzle. She shears exclusively
broken and broken hairs, while leaving healthy
intact. The procedure is great for girls who are actively
grow hair, but at the same time are concerned about their appearance and health.

Price: from 1200 rubles.


The procedure is aimed at internal and external (or only
external) restoration of the hair structure. Glossing happens two

  • Molecular – nourishes hair from root to
    tips, restoring their structure from the inside.
  • Cuticular – works only on
    the surface layer of the hair – cuticle, smoothing the scales.

Hair becomes smooth, docile and compliant to styling.
The effect lasts about 3 weeks. The main disadvantage of the procedure is
incompatibility with staining.

Price: from 2500 rubles.


Shielding to effectively deal with multiple
disadvantages – dryness, cross-section, lifelessness and

The procedure is a lot like lamination, however, unlike
from it, has a therapeutic effect.

Reference! To enhance the smoothness and shine of hairdressers
It is recommended to combine or alternate shielding with

Price: from 1700 rubles.


Illumination is simultaneous staining and restoration
each hair from root to tip. Effect of staining and
therapy is noticeable immediately and persists for a period of 2 months and

Price: from 1000 rubles.


The procedure is so called because every hair is covered
a kind of “glaze” of nutrients and firming substances.
Glazing can be done at home – enough
buy a special set of tools. The procedure is often confused with
lamination and biolamination, however, unlike them
glazing does not make hair heavier.

Price: from 1000 rubles.


Carving is a form of perm, only
more harmless and gentle. As a result of the procedure on the head
recreates light, romantic curls, and not curls, as when
classic version.

Price: from 2000 rubles.


Despite the name, the procedure has nothing to do with injections.
beauty, besides the visual effect of rejuvenation. On hair applied
special masks and serums that make the hair more
smooth, nourished and elastic.

Price: from 1500 rubles.

Amino Acids

This is a relatively new method of smoothing hair,
thanks to which even the toughest curly hair
smoothed over 95%. The effect of the procedure is held to
half a year.

Price: from 1500 rubles.

Hair remodeling

Reconstruction is an emergency measure to get your hair back.
vitality, smoothness and shine after repeated staining,
perm or straightening. Reconstruction funds
hair is enriched with vitamins, ceramides and minerals that
replenish the lost supply of nutrients. Curls after
treatments take on new life, look healthy, smooth and

Price: from 2000 rubles.


Cauterization is the smoothing of hair scales with
special cosmetic composition. The hair shaft is saturated
nutrients, and scales, returning to their place –
reliably hold them inside.

Price: from 1000 rubles

Milan chic

Milan is a city of fashion, luxury and gloss. It is this effect and
gives the procedure “Milanese chic” on your hair – luxurious
brilliance, smoothness and volume. This effect is achieved by
the combined effects of keratin and plant oils argan and
macadamia Cortex hair is strengthened and achieved optimal
keratin level.

Price: from 2200 rubles


Collagening on the technique of implementation is no different from
lamination, however, affects the hair therapeutically rather than
cosmetically. The procedure removes dryness and brittleness.
strands, disappear split ends and creases.

Price: from 1500 rubles.

Boost up

Real salvation, for a girl with straight, thin and devoid
volume hair, or curls of fat at the roots. Boost up is
raising the root zone and creating a stunning volume without
curling length. The effect of the procedure lasts up to six months!

Note! Boost
UP is a rather time-consuming procedure that can
take up to 4 hours!

Price: from 1500 rubles.


A multifunctional procedure that solves several problems at once.
– stiffness, dryness, tangling, porosity. On curls applied
special keratin composition, which under the influence of temperature
penetrates the hair and restores them from the inside.

Price: from 1500 rubles.


Starting from the prefix “nano” it becomes clear that
hair nanoplasty, this is a structural restoration of curls on
molecular level. The composition of funds for nanoplastics include
nutritional components, supplemented with chemical, safe for
health activators.

Thanks to nanoplastic, you can fix the perennial flaws of care,
staining and discoloration.

Price: from 2000 rubles.

Happiness for hair

Initially, the procedure “Happiness for the hair” appeared in Japan, and
then, thanks to numerous positive reviews, scattered
all over the world. And this is understandable, because thanks to only one
the session can be softened, nourished, moisturized, strengthen hair and skin
heads! Sustainable effect can be achieved in 5-6 sessions. Such
multi-action is explained by the rich composition of the product, in
which includes lipids, minerals, proteins, and active ingredients
vegetable origin.

Price: from 1500 rubles.

Treatments for hair with keratin. Why keratin?

Most modern hair treatments, one way or another,
associated with keratin, however, put it into practice
recently. So what is it and why is it used?

Keratin is a special protein compound that in humans
The body is responsible for the formation of the hair shaft, skin and nails.
Compounds enriched with keratin have a positive effect on
condition of the hair shaft, filling the void.

Salon treatments

  • Coloring is a way of temporarily or
    long-term change their natural color to a new one. It happens
    due to the replacement of the natural color pigment on
  • Extension is the ability to give hair
    extra length and thickness with the help of extension strands.
    The material can be both artificial and natural.
  • Toning – surface staining
    hair shaft where pigment is attached to scales
    hair and not under them.
  • Coloring – strand coloring technique
    hair in different colors. It can be both monophonic and
  • Highlighting – bleaching or staining
    individual strands with special auxiliary
    tools – hats, hairbrushes, foils, etc.
  • Biowave – changing the natural structure
    hair curls using a special biochemical
  • Perm-curling hair with
    chemical preparations. The effect lasts for six months or more,
    However, the hair structure is badly deteriorated.

The best procedures of popular brands

Overview of popular brand procedures:

Estelle Hair Treatments – Screening Kit
damaged q3 therapy

Screening from Estelle is a reliable and affordable means for
restore even the most damaged and dried hair. It
Excellent as a therapy after clarification, chemical
Curling and straightening. The composition of the tools include such useful
substances like:

  • Natural vegetable oils – for
    moisturizing, protection and deep nutrition.
  • Ceramides – restoring cortex
  • Soy proteins – smoothing and closing
  • Amino acids – give hair elasticity and

Note! Estelle Remedies
restore the curls without weighting, thanks to which the hair
Looks healthier and well-groomed.

The q3 therapy kit includes:

  • Spray conditioner two-phase.
  • Recovery oil.
  • Spray gloss to complete.

Hair treatment “Olapleks”

The procedure “Olapless” appeared on the market of beauty procedures not so
long ago, but already managed to win love among the representatives
beautiful sex around the globe. Thanks to one session
hair color pigment is protected from fading and burnout, and
the hair is deeply saturated with moisture, smoothed and

Note! Significant plus procedures “Olapleks”
is that it can be used in conjunction with

Complex for the procedure “Olapleks” implies the use of 3

  • Concentrate to add to the dye.
  • Color mask for care
    colored hair.
  • Mask for nourishing and moisturizing hair, outside
    depending on their coloring.

“The effect of salon procedures” from Belita for hair

Belita is a Belarusian brand that first gained a big
demand in Belarus, and then in all CIS countries. In the line of tools
You can find skin care products, decorative cosmetics, and
also hair care products. About the last we and
let’s talk

The series “Molecular glossing included in the overall line
products “The effect of salon procedures” includes the means
action which is directed to therapeutic and cosmetic
improvement of hair condition at home. Unfortunately, the brand
does not produce sets of hair products, so each product
to be purchased separately. On sale you can find the following

  • Shampoo for global hair renovation – 400ml;
  • Spray Primer for global hair renovation -100ml;
  • Filler indelible in sachet 10 ml.


Sometimes the abundance of offers confuses more
what is their disadvantage. The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving,
There are new multi-functional tools that replace
are a few classic ones. Do not be afraid to try and
experiment! We hope the article helped you.
decide on the choice of procedure!

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