The best seed for migraine treatment

We all know that a healthy and balanced diet
is a guarantee of good health, so try to pay
special attention to your diet and be sure to include in your
healthy food ration. Want to find out about the seed that will help
forget about migraines forever? If so, read on our
an article.

Migraine and nutrition

One of the proven causes of migraine is
the reaction of our body to certain elements that
contained in various foods. Stress and even genetics
can determine whether the body will respond to certain
elements, and whether they will affect overall well-being.

Some foods may act as true toxins.
(antigens) in our bodies, forcing vasodilators
synthesized in the body and causing swelling of the arteries of the brain.
This is what causes the pain and the constant occurrence

seeds for migraine treatment

It is also worth knowing that even taking medications and observing
proper diet, migraines may continue to bother you
of time. Why?

Some factors in our daily life may act as
triggers. Stress, menstruation, skipping breakfast, poor sleep, and even
Exercise can lead to a migraine.

It would be great to keep a diary of reactions to various situations
so that in the future you can predict and prevent negative
the consequences of certain of your actions. Sometimes even strong aroma
spirits can cause quite painful migraines, therefore
Try to remember all these factors. Here is a list of products that
You should certainly avoid:

  • The so-called biogenic amines: these are elements such as
    histamine or tyramine, which in a large number of products
    food, such as cheese, chocolate, wine, beer and canned fish.
  • Nutritional supplements: Do you know what monosodium glutamate is? is he
    known as the fifth taste, but in fact, it is an element that
    artificially added to a lot of products to
    give them a stronger flavor, thus making the food still
    more palatable. What products contain this item?
    Pizza, hamburgers, sweets, sweets, and, above all, Chinese
    food. You also need to know that even tomatoes and parmesan cheese are naturally
    contain monosodium glutamate.
  • Other products to pay special attention to and
    significantly reduce their use: canned tuna,
    sardines, anchovies, sausages, liver, red meat, sour cream, cabbage,
    soy, eggplant, tomatoes, red wine, white wine, beer, beer
    yeast and too ripe fruit.

The benefits of sunflower seeds in the treatment of migraine

  • Sunflower seeds

These seeds are very useful for those who suffer from migraines.
Remember that you should eat sunflower seeds, which by no means
The case does not contain salt. Ideally, you should eat a little
a handful a day is about two tablespoons. Do you want to know
more about the benefits of these seeds?


  1. Vitamin E. Its rich antioxidant base helps
    the body to protect itself from toxins and other harmful elements and
    substances. Sunflower seeds cleanses the body, protects the immune
    system and makes cell fibers more elastic as a result
    what they help to prevent the narrowing of the cranial nerves.
  2. Fatty acid. They are a great source of energy,
    which will help fight migraines. This type of fatty acid
    is extremely important in the formation of certain hormones, in
    which our body needs to function fully, and
    also prevents the increase in cholesterol and
  3. Magnesium. You probably already know the benefits of magnesium for
    prevent migraine: it improves muscle function and neural tone,
    stimulating the transmission of nerve impulses and promoting relaxation
    muscle Magnesium also improves bone health and strengthens
    cardiovascular system helping your body prevent
    the occurrence of cranial nerve edema. This is just great!
  • Flax-seed

Flaxseed is great for those who are trying to lose weight,
lower cholesterol and control sugar levels
blood. And did you know that it also contributes to the treatment of migraine?
Try adding it to the salad and feel it on yourself.
positive effect on well-being. Try to eat around
two tablespoons per day.

  1. Flaxseed is rich in fatty acids: as we mentioned
    earlier, fatty acids like omega-3 or omega-6 are fine
    cope with pain and significantly relieve migraines.
    In particular, flaxseed contains polyunsaturated omega-3 (75%) and
    omega-6 (25%).
  2. Vitamin E: flaxseed is a complete source
    vitamin E, which is very beneficial for our health and
    It is an indispensable tool in the fight against migraine.
    Try to use about two tablespoons per day.
  3. Minerals that help treat migraines: magnesium, calcium,
    potassium, manganese, silicon—
  4. Rich in enzymes that promote process improvement
  • Chia seeds

Chia seeds are known as one of the best superfoods. how
it is usually eaten by many athletes as well as those who need
nutritional supplements or wants to lose weight.

The benefits of eating chia seeds are:

  1. Natural source of minerals: high levels of calcium, magnesium and
    zinc, which are indispensable in the fight against migraine. Seeds
    chia also provides us with essential nutrients
    necessary for the healthy functioning of the body.
  2. Natural Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Chia Seeds
    contain omega 3 which is especially important for
    prevent migraine. It also improves heart health and level
    cholesterol, so try adding to your diet
    miracle seeds and you forget about migraines forever.
  • Sesame seeds

Have you ever consumed sesame seeds? This gorgeous
the product is suitable for many main courses, desserts and homemade
of bread. You can also eat sesame seeds separately, around
two tablespoons per day.

But how does it help people who suffer from migraines?

  • High levels of magnesium: High magnesium content in seeds
    sesame can help prevent blood vessel spasms,
    leading to the onset of migraine. Many people consume seeds
    sesame regularly to prevent headaches
    dizziness and migraines.

You can choose other seeds every day as a way.
supplements to the daily diet. About two tablespoons in
day will do wonders for your health.

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