The bow will easily give a healthy look to the hairstyle, not leaving an unpleasant “flavor”!

Since ancient times, onions have been used by women to strengthen and
restoration of braids, giving them a healthy radiance. Onion mask for
Hair is an absolutely accessible care product, regardless of
places of residence and income. Bow for hair

Onions – a storehouse of nutrients

The content of the article:

  • Onions – a storehouse of nutrients
  • The nuances of the use of onion products
  • Effective onion masks for the recovery of hair
  • Popular recipes:
  • Salvation from an unpleasant smell
  • Video.How to make a mask for hair from a bow

It has long been known property of onions to fight infections and
strengthen the immune system. It contains citric, folic and malic
acids, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, carotene, vitamins E, C and
Group B.

The impact of the onion mask on the hair:

  • Root nutrition;
  • Activation of blood circulation and growth;
  • Bactericidal effect;
  • Preventing fallout;
  • It slows down the appearance of gray hair;
  • Dandruff treatment.

The peculiarity of the bow is its equal effectiveness for hair.
any type.

The nuances of the use of onion products

This plant contains a large number of substances that, in addition to
irritating effects on fabrics when they are too high
concentrations capable of burning cells.

The subtleties of using hair bows:

  1. You can not use the tool if there are wounds on the scalp,
    scabs, acne, ulcers, fresh stitches after operations;

  2. Not recommended for strengthening dry strands – maybe
    excessive moisture removal;

  3. The probability of allergic reactions is therefore necessary
    cooked means to check on the wrist – if any
    redness or severe itching of the mask must be abandoned;

In no case can not be applied in pure form onion puree or
juice on the skin – get a burn!

  • To avoid eye irritation, clean the bulb can
    put in the freezer for half an hour;
  • Such masks are not applied on curls – they are processed only
  • The tool is used on unwashed hair – existing on them
    greasy film protects the skin from irritating
  • Juice and mashed potatoes are quite liquid, so the strands before the procedure are not
  • Wrapping with cellophane and a terry towel is necessary for
    protect the mucous from the irritant effects of sulfur, as well as
    insulation works as a catalyst for processes;
  • The optimal holding period is 15-20 minutes – in
    If there is a strong burning sensation, it takes an instant wash
  • When treating the condition of the hair onions, you need
    carry out the procedure every 3 days, in the case of prophylaxis – once a
    a week The optimal course duration is 10 procedures for
    prevention, or 15 – for treatment.

Many girls fear the use of an onion mask due to
specific “flavor”. To avoid this trouble,
thoroughly strain the onion juice used for
cooking mask, as the smell is preserved mainly in
vegetable pulp.

Effective onion masks for the recovery of hair

The mask for hair from onions in some cases is prepared from juice,
for which a large bulb is divided into 4 parts, each of which
rotated in a meat grinder. The resulting puree is squeezed through
single layer gauze.

Possible supplements in onion remedies for
Component Beneficial features
Honey Food, healthy and radiant
Burr oil Structure recovery
Essential Mint Oil Strengthening, gentle peeling, activation of blood circulation
Yeast Giving volume and softness
Egg Strengthening, nutrition, hydration
Vodka Preventing fallout, drying
Carrot juice Strengthening, nutrition
Lemon juice Drying, strengthening, nutrition, clarification
Mayonnaise Nutrition, recovery, growth stimulation

Popular recipes:

Means for normal and dry curls

Butter Thoroughly mixed mixture of half a cup of onion juice,
burdock oil and honey, taken 2 tablespoons, a few
drops of peppermint oil, applied to the skin of the head.

Hair restoration mask

essential oil A well-stirred teaspoon of yeast in 50
milliliters of warm water is left to stand for 10 minutes. Then in
the resulting composition add half a cup of onion juice, a tablespoon
honey and essential mint oil (a few drops), all carefully
mix and use.

Means for oily hair

Egg and chicken On the curls is applied a mixture of eggs, 3
tablespoons of onion juice and a couple of drops of mint oil.

Oily hair drying mask

Vodka for hair The composition is prepared from 100 grams of juice
onions and two tablespoons of vodka. This mixture is thoroughly washed off.
with shampoo.

Dandruff Remedy

Bow for hair Only onion juice is taken (half a cup)
and rubbed into the roots with cotton for 5 minutes.

Restoring the structure of curls of any type

Lemon and butter One teaspoon of yeast (dry) dissolves
in warm water (2 tablespoons). In the resulting mass is added to
equal proportions freshly squeezed onion juices (1 piece), carrots and
lemon, infused over a teaspoon of almond and burdock oils.
This mask can be held for an hour to an hour.

Drop Protection

Onions and Honey In the juice of one medium bulb is added
tablespoon of olive oil and mayonnaise, a teaspoon of honey.
The mixture is recommended to stand for one hour, then rinse
herbal infusion or shampoo.

Salvation from an unpleasant smell

Onions smell is most actively absorbed by exhausted damaged
porous structure of curls, but in this case, you can take
measures from its occurrence:

  • Add banana pulp, lemon juice, egg yolk, a few
    drops (up to 7!) of rosemary essential oil;
  • With persistent odor, you can rinse your hair with a mixture of equal
    parts of water and apple cider vinegar;
  • Apply a pre-cooked flavoring composition of 2
    tablespoons of colorless henna and 2 teaspoons of mustard. Ingredients
    poured some natural coffee cooled, insisted 10
    minutes Apply to the hair after adding essential oil
    (any, in the amount of a few drops). Rinse off with herbal
    infusion (nettle, chamomile, and so on).

To achieve the desired result, manifestation is required.
some willpower and perseverance. Noticeable effect of onion
masks will appear only after a full course of procedures, but
He will not disappoint you.

Video.How to make a mask for hair from a bow

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