The effect of wet hair – is it fashionable today?

wet hair photo effectHairstyle – the effect of wet hair received
its popularity back in the eighties. The girls loved doing wet
curls, and the young men “licked” their bangs up, and they circled
together in a disco under the same spectacular ball with a lot
iridescent faces. It seems that all this is gone forever,
preserved only on film, also lost among others
the characters of the era gone by day …

But today, 30 years after its appearance, hairstyles with
shiny, separated strands are returning to our lives and
go on stage again! Everyone can learn how to make an effect.
wet hair is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable summer hairstyles.
You can do it on any hair, so do not despair if
you have a short head of hair and non-curly strands.

How to achieve the effect of wet hair

To do this, you need a gel with the effect of wet hair or a special
a tool called “textureizer” (it should be applied in
mostly on wet hair and not using a hair dryer) or modeling
toffee The effect of “moisture” will help to achieve and gloss in
a spray that can be ordinary or special. Not
the degree of hair fixation is also canceled – soft or strong.
To create a wet effect on long hair, they are enough
cover with a light gel to separate the strands. Straight hair need not
only “moisten”, but also give them the right position, for which
You will need a tool with a more rigid fixation. Before starting
formations on any hair “wet” hair, it is worth remembering and about
The latest trends in hair fashion. Wet hair effect
photos in magazines show far wrong as if
the owner came out of the shower a minute ago. Hair is best
partly wet

Wet Hair Effect for Curly Hair

The effect of wet hair for curly hair photosHow to make an effect
wet hair, if they are wavy or curly? In this case he
begs by itself. This hairstyle takes you to
exotic islands, on the shores of which stroll the beautiful
women with a flower in her hair dipped in salty ocean spray. AT
In this case, it is worth excluding the rule about the partial
effect. If you are a happy owner of the stacks
wavy hair, should be made “wet” at once all this wealth,
especially during the hot summer. Apply gel, comb

For short hair

the effect of wet hair for short hair photosHow to create an effect
wet hair with a short haircut? For styling suitable funds
tighter and more hairstyles can be produced. Apply
shaping the toffee on the hair, and during the day you can easily
change styling. A couple of squeezing movements around the head,
a little bit of “slick” strand, add flashy accessories – and
Here is ready “wet” summer hairstyle. To create an option more
everyday, cover the styling means separate zones – bangs
move to the side and smooth the temples with palm and gel.
Creative haircut is easily animated by a pair of wipes “wet”
tool in the hands, smoothing the back of the head, ruffling the top of the head and making
asymmetrical bangs are thick and glossy. If natural hair is foreign
waves, and the length of “creative” with the soul is no longer allows, you should
be careful with the “wet effect” to avoid hairstyles with
sad dangling messy hair.

For long hair

Romantic ladies with long hair can
use styling “malvina” with flowing hair,
picked up at the forehead area and secured with an elastic band or barrette.
Comb back the hair or divide the parting with the part, collect
hair from the forehead and fasten behind with a “crab” or a little stealth,
then cover them with a “wet” gel or spray for a glossy

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