The effectiveness of a coffee face mask

Coffee face mask is an effective remedy.
for skin rejuvenation. Every woman daily
cares for the skin of the face, but not a single one thought about
that in addition to various creams there are natural products, from
which can be prepared wonderful tools for application to
face. One of these masks is coffee.

What is the use of ordinary coffee for the skin?

Recently, very popular in cosmetology
began to use the so-called coffee rejuvenation.
The essence of this rejuvenation is to use different
scrubs, creams, peels, made from coffee grounds and,
naturally various masks. What is so useful mask
from coffee for the face?


Coffee mask prepared for the face in the morning will give
skin charge of energy all day, make it fresh and rested.
And this effect will be noticeable not only externally: you yourself
will feel how your skin rested and plucked

First, coffee grounds are capable of
carry out a full restoration of the dermis of the face.

For a fairly short period of passage of coffee sessions skin
given in full order. Gradually carried out
restoration of lipid metabolism, increases tone, the skin becomes
not so dry. This process is only due to the fact that
coffee beans is the so-called caffeine, which allows
restore the enzymes in the dermis and carries out regeneration.

Secondly, coffee greatly improves the blood circulation process and
brings him back to normal. It is because of this that the process takes place.
restocking all the collagen fibers and the dermis becomes
more elastic, taut and elastic. Due to the presence in the composition
coffee beans antioxidants means based on coffee grounds
produce a chic anti-aging effect.

Since coffee grounds look like small particles, it contributes
thorough cleansing of the dermis. All sorts of scrubs and other
means on the basis of coffee grounds are perfectly fighting with black dots
and dead cells. Also masks made from this
natural product, perfectly tighten the skin, remove edema.
After using such products, the skin becomes beautiful.
shade like after tanning.

Naturally, such tools have a number of advantages, but their
should be used with extreme caution when available
small open wounds, inflamed areas and
exacerbation of herpes. Therefore, in this case, you must first
treat the skin, then move on to

Which masks based on this product are most

Naturally, in order to give your skin a taut and
fresh appearance, you can cook for the face at home
self great masks.

coffee mask for face

Coffee sessions are capable in a very short time.
to bring the skin in full order: improve tone, adjust
lipid metabolism, remove dry and epidermal dehydration

Especially popular and impressive effect has a mask of
coffee and honey for the face. After using this skin
It becomes silky and incredibly smooth. For cooking
this miracle means you need to take the coffee grounds and honey in equal
quantities and mix well with each other. This mask can
do at least every day. There will be no harm from coffee and honey for the dermis.
Besides the fact that this mask of coffee and honey makes the skin silky,
it is also very refreshing face, struggling with age spots and
removes small inflammations. You should not forget that honey
In this case, it is better to take natural and not necessarily candied,
as when melted candied honey can be allocated in
small amount of toxic substances.

No less effective feeding mask is considered a means
made from olive oil and coffee. For this you need to take
coffee grounds in small quantities and mix with olive
oil, the amount of which should be 3 times less than
coffee. Keep the mixture on the face for about 10 minutes, although
the effect will last much longer. Besides
Olive in this recipe can be applied sea buckthorn oil, germ
wheat and apricot kernels.

Excellent lifting tool with a pulling effect
can be made from honey, coffee, eggs and sour cream. For his
preparations take all of the above products in the same
quantity and rub between each other. Apply cooked
means should be about half an hour only on well steamed
face. After the mask you can not use any additional creams
as the effect may not last long.

Therefore, if you want to properly tighten, rejuvenate your
skin and give it a fresher look, use
All kinds of masks, made on the basis of coffee!

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