The embodiment of the dream of voluminous hairstyle

How to give hair volumeNo matter how fast and radically
Fashion has changed, and hair with volume always remains in trend. After all
It is beautiful, sexy and bright. Bulky hair is used as in
different hairstyles, and independently, loose. Many
girls are wondering how to give hair volume, and in fact
In fact, it is not so difficult. Today there is
several ways to create hair volume and we all now
will consider.


The simplest way to start giving volume to hair is
try different cosmetics specializing in
by this. In your arsenal, be sure to take shampoo, conditioner and
balm, and also a foam for laying. Any cosmetic line –
both traditional and professional – all these exist
funds with the effect of volume, look for a word on foreign bottles
volume. You can choose your product only by trial and
mistakes, because there is no cosmetics, perfect for everyone.
Consider a small but very important nuance – the air conditioner should not
put on the roots, because he is able to weight them.


With styling you can give volume both short and long.
hair. It is necessary to lay with the help of a hair dryer and a special round
combs. It is desirable that the comb had a rather large
diameter. Usually, wet, freshly washed hair is laid, or
You can lightly moisten them with water.

Take an average curl, wind hair on it at the roots and
dry with a hot dryer. After turning off the hair dryer curls with a comb immediately
do not clean, let them cool slightly. Process is crucial
combing hair during styling – from the neck to the forehead, as well as from
one temple to another, in the opposite of hair growth
the side.


Curlers as a means to increase the basal volume
used even our grandmothers. Only then did not have such
a huge selection of these styling devices. The best thing
choose wide curlers, with large diameter and velcro. Everything, that
all you need to do is wind the wet hair into a curler and dry it
hot hair dryer. Remove the hair curlers better after the hair is slightly
cool down Combing hair against hair growth, you get the desired


How to give hair volumeAlthough the bouffant today is no longer in vogue, its
can be used to give hair volume. Only do it
you need to carefully, if possible so that the comb was not noticeable.
To do this, you need to remove the strands from the face, and the hair from the neck
comb, gradually, in several passes. And combing
need from tips to roots. Then brush the strands on top
combed – so they will be closed from curious

Daily care

If you have thin hair, most likely any artificial
The created volume decreases very quickly. How to make the volume thin
hair? Here you can find folk remedies, only use
they need to be comprehensive and regular, then you get a great
result. So first try after every shampooing
rinsed with a decoction of nettle. It is very simple to cook it –
pour boiling water for half an hour.

Next, make a special mask of lime honey and sea
salt. Salt must be grinded to make sand. Reach
This will help you, for example, a coffee grinder. Honey needs a little warm
and mix with salt. Cool the mask before use. Apply it
need for half an hour, then rinse. This mask will help increase
not only the volume of hair, but also their thickness.

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