The hair band is an original accessory for create stylish hairstyles

hairstyle for hair with a bandageThis year, as in the past,
hairstyles with bandages remain as popular.
Due to the large number of options for their implementation, they
Great for hair of any length and allow you to create
a variety of images. Despite their simplicity, these
hair accessories, perfectly emphasize the dignity
appearance, highlighting the line of the forehead, making expressive eyes and oval
faces. With such a hairstyle you will always be irresistible and

Types of dressings

Headbands are ideal for both everyday wear and
to create festive hairstyles. The main thing is to choose them correctly.
Now the range of such hair accessories is presented very
widely, so you can choose a bandage for every taste.
Thin chains, knitted scarves, narrow ribbons, original
strands of beads, colored cords, leather flagella and lace headbands –
not all kinds of possible variations of their design.

No less impressive is the choice of shades and textures. You
you can choose a beautiful monophonic or multi-colored bandage
decorated with rhinestones, sequins, flowers and even feathers. Generally,
Opportunities to experiment in creating different styles.
and images of modern dressings give plenty. Completely different
the thing is to figure out how to wear a hair band. But, and here
You have a large selection of different options.

Greek style

hairstyle with a bandage in the Greek style photoIf you do not know how
to collect hair in a bandage, make a hair in the Greek style. This
view hairstyle is now very popular, because
allows girls to create light romantic images with
emphasizing natural appeal and femininity.

A distinctive feature of the Greek hairstyle is the use of
a forked dressing consisting of two bundles sewn together.
Before starting to create such a hairstyle, hair curled
small waves. Then dressing closer to the forehead (above the line
hair growth), while all hair is loose. With
If desired, they can also be collected into a tail or braided into a braid.

There is another type of Greek hairstyle, which
more suitable for medium hair and provides for their curling
in bandage. Of course, to create it you will need manual dexterity and
knowledge of how to twist the hair under the bandage correctly. At first
Wear a bandage as described in the previous method. Then
wrap loose ends of the hair under the bandage, surrounding
her around the perimeter of the original hemispheres of curls.
After completing the creation of hair, you can decorate the hair further
large flower or some bright accessory.

Retro style

hairstyle in retro style with a bandage photoRetro hairstyles don’t go out
out of fashion almost never. In addition, bandages are used in them
quite wide and varied.

Owners of curly fluffy hair and haircuts are perfect
fit retro hairstyles in the style of the 20s. Such a miracle is created
in just a couple of minutes. It’s enough to wear straight hair
bandage by pulling it straight on the forehead. Will look very impressive
openwork weaving, which must be present
some kind of flower, exotic feather, lush bow or bright

To create a hairstyle in the style of the 50s, thin
ribbons and rims. First, a magnificent bouffant is done on the head.
direction from forehead to back of the head. Next, straighten your hair and
fixing them with lacquer, place a bandage above the hairline.
Her loose ends are simply tied under loose hair or
they are wrapped with a bundle assembled at the back of the head.

Another option is to braid your hair
creating hair “babette”. To her usually chosen wide
satin ribbons or lace headbands that are wrapped around your head
hairline. To create it, all hair is collected in high
tail and divide it into two parts. The lower part is turned into
large volumetric roller and fixed stealth. Top part
split in half and wrap the resulting strands base
roller. The bandage is put on the head last, after
complete fastening of the entire structure of the hair.


hairstyle with a bandage in the style of hippie photoHippie style known yet
like boho chic, is to use dressings most
universal. It can be successfully used as wide
narrow bandages that allows you to change your image as you like. To that
hippie hairstyle is very simple. In the traditional
The dressing is enough to put on straight or slightly wavy
hair and place it in the middle of the forehead.

Wide bandages with silk flowers, curved headbands with bright
brooches, narrow straps and ribbons with decorative elements – everything
This is perfect for creating hippie style hair. If
do you have any original hand-made bandage
for hair, you can use it. Styling options for these
many accessories and boho-chic allows you to use any of
of them.

Modern variations

hairstyle with a bandage in a modern styleModern options
hairstyles with bandages are very simple both in design and in technique
execution. Given the huge number of types of these accessories,
hairstyle can be created for every taste: neat braid, lush
a ponytail, just loose wavy hair or something
more extravagant.

The main advantage of dressings is that they can be easily
add to any hairstyle, whether it is created for short or
long hair. Dismissing hair and tying above the hairline
thin narrow ribbon, you will make your image more romantic. If a
you are a fan of braid weaving, you can safely add narrow ones
bright flagella. A strict elegant look can also be added.
elegant rim with sparkling rhinestones or neat discreet

Choosing the right options and deciding how to put your hair in
bandage, do not be afraid to experiment. Such hairstyles
suitable for any style of clothing and makeup, so they are inappropriate
will not look. Create your unique look using these
amazing accessories and you will always be fashionable and

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