The longest hair in the world

Xie Qiuping - the longest hair photoLong beautiful
well-groomed hair always attracts our attention – probably
so today, growing hair is very popular as
girls and among boys. However, there aren’t that many in the world.
people who can boast of really long

Officially as the longest hair Guinness record notes
Gorgeous Chinese hair Xie Kwipingt (Xie
Qiuping). At the time of fixing the record, the length of her hair
was 5.627 meters. To achieve this
result, the woman never cut her hair with 13 years.

longest hair photoHowever, in fact the longest
hair in the world belong to another oriental woman – unknown
indian nun that boasts 7 strands
meters and 92 centimeters. True, this record is nowhere
registered and unofficial. I wonder how much you need
masks for hair growth, that would grow such a hair :)

man's longest hair photoAnother unregistered
“champion” -Vietnam Tran Van Hai, hair length
which at the time of his death was as much as 6
meters 80 centimeters. One misfortune – man never
declared this in the Guinness Book of Records, so the record was not
registered. Tran Van Hai didn’t cut his hair more than 50
years after he noticed that after each haircut
sure to get sick.

It must be said, the man with the longest hair is not particularly
cared about their appearance – his hair was more like
a thick rope that fit around the head. In this form
the hair is the least disturbed Vietnamese. By the way, it should be noted that
hair of this length is generally quite difficult to keep beautiful and
well maintained – even washing them becomes a serious problem. For
it takes several hours to wash them and a whole bottle

Another few hours takes drying hair, then combing them,
styling – even if the hair is stacked in a simple braid. So that
the longest hairs in the world are washed no more than once a week –
too troublesome this occupation. Most often the interval is
much more – once a few weeks, once a month …

Tatiana written sama long Russian hair photoAnd how are you doing with
long hair are we, in Russia? Woman with the most
long hair lives in the city of Volgograd, and her name is
Tatyana Pismennaya. The length of its braid is, according to
latest data, 2 meters 70 centimeters, however
this is not the limit yet – the girl has not cut her hair yet
going True, according to her, sometimes she wants to do it –
After all, care for such hair takes a lot of time and effort. but
her husband and children do not even allow this thought. It will be interesting
observe the development of this story – perhaps someday
Will long hair in Russia beat Xie Kwiping’s record?

By the way, the difficulties associated with their hair, complain
almost all record holders. Except that care for them
makes up a whole problem, over time it’s very tiring
close attention from journalists, photographers and simple
citizens. If you have the longest hair – photos or articles about them
appear in many editions, be sure.

You will be invited to advertise various products –
especially, of course, hair care products. So that
representation that the girl with the longest hair is just
enjoying life and popularity is not always true and if you
decided to fight for this title themselves – it is worth considering this side
a question. In addition, it should be remembered that the hair should be
healthy and strong in order to reach such a length, therefore
they need to be nourished and taken care of. Consider also that
how fast your hair grows – if that speed is too
small, grow a really long hair may not
turn out.

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