The magical transformation of hair with the help of bread masks

For each person, bread is, above all,
everyday food. However, besides all the most valuable
its nutritional properties, bread is also indispensable in cosmetology, in
particular for healing and strengthening hair.
Miraculous hair mask of regular bread
application will make curls beautiful, strong and healthy, they
stop falling out, dandruff disappears.

bread All the magical properties of the bread mask
caused by the presence of specific trace elements in it and
vitamins that are so necessary for growth and normal
vital functions of hair.

The benefits of trace elements and vitamins of the most important ingredient
masks – rye bread:

The content of the article:

  • The benefits of trace elements and vitamins of the most important ingredient
    masks – rye bread:
  • Rules for the preparation and use of masks:
  1. Starch eliminates greasiness,

  2. vitamin PP or niacin, which is very much in rye
    bread, nourishes, treats damaged curls,

  3. organic acids regulate sebum production,
    prevent dry hair,

  4. copper warns early gray hair,

  5. potassium is needed for brittle, split and damaged strands,

  6. Fluorine is needed for normal hair growth,

  7. Vitamin A eliminates dandruff,

  8. Vitamin B1 prevents hair loss and strengthens them

  9. Vitamin E (tocopherol) protects the curls from all negative
    factors of modern ecology and thus provides them with a vital

  10. Pantothenic acid gives shine and radiant color,

  11. B6 strengthens the structure of the curl, penetrating deeply into it and
    establishing exchange processes

  12. Riboflavin makes hair strong and strong

  13. folic acid eliminates dead cells.

Rules for the preparation and use of masks:

  1. It is necessary to apply only bread from rye flour. It is in it
    contains the optimal amount of beneficial substances that
    as much as possible to fill the entire lack of vitamins and trace elements in

  2. before preparing the mask, the bread should be soaked in
    filtered or mineral water. It is also better to soak the bread
    crumb in a decoction of various herbs. This will further increase the useful.
    act. Broth can be made of nettle, oak bark, tansy, cones
    hops, chamomile, ears, plantain. Very good soak bread in
    warm beer

  3. all ingredients should be thoroughly minced until smooth
    state blender or mixer. So the composition will be better to go
    on hair,

  4. to wash off the mask was easier, you should add a little
    castor, burdock or olive oil,

  5. recipes should be chosen only with the ingredients for which
    no allergies or test skin before use

  6. masks are applied before washing the hair,

  7. after the bread mixture has fallen on the head, it is necessary
    wrap with polyethylene and additionally warm with a towel. Thanks
    heat is better active ingredients and

  8. Keep the mask should be no more than 30 minutes.

Most popular recipes:

  • Grain – Yeast Mask

For her need a couple of pieces of bread, soaked in warm
water. They are mixed with two tablespoons of granulated sugar and
teaspoon dried yeast.

  • On kefir

Soak in half a liter of kefir diced large piece
rye bread so that turned out gruel. It should be applied to
curls. This mask perfectly moisturizes dry hair. You can add by
spoon (table) of castor or burdock oil, honey and a few
drops of lavender essential oil, ylang-ylang.

  • Regenerating mask

Soak 4 slices of black bread in a liter of kefir or milk,
leave until completely softened, wring out. Heat honey to water.
bath and mix it in the amount of one spoon with bread, a teaspoon
mustard powder and one egg yolk. Excellent restore
damaged strands after dyeing.

  • For hair prone to fat

Steamed black bread cubes for two hours. Then extract the crumb and
Mix with beaten egg yolks. Add a teaspoon
freshly squeezed lemon juice. Before applying a similar mask,
you need to mix it again. After half an hour, wash off

  • Oily

Feeds and moisturizes damaged and loose strands.
bread mask with the addition of a variety of vegetable oils. For
a similar recipe should soak breadcrumbs in warm
water, then squeeze it, mixed with egg yolk and vegetable
oil The best are burdock, castor or jojoba oil.
The mixture is applied over the entire length of the hair and washed off after forty minutes.

The table below describes the main components.
masks of bread, their beneficial effect on the structure of curls.
Component Benefit
black bread improve hair structure, eliminates excessive greasiness, itching
skin and dandruff. Good for fatty and mixed types.
vegetable (castor, burdock, almond) and essential oils
rosemary, jojoba, ylang-ylang
moisturize, strengthen, give shine, suitable for dry and
normal hair
sour milk and low-fat kefir cleans, tones and defats. Suitable for mixed and
oily hair type.
ginger root eliminates high fat and dandruff.
herbal decoction restore dried, brittle and dull curls.
mustard stimulates hair growth, adds shine and nourishes them.
honey smoothes the hair structure, gives strength for quick
yeast help strengthen weakened hair and give it excellent

Small tricks.

Important! Bread mask is absolutely
natural and therefore has the maximum positive effect.
In home cosmetology, it helps to cope with such
problems like sparse, brittle and dry, falling out, greasy hair.

However, there are nuances, knowing that, you can simplify the process
mask application and prevent unwanted effects.

  • The main difficulty with the use of bread masks is
    hair washing after its application. The crumbs remain in the hair and
    hard to comb out. It is therefore advisable to add to the mask
    vegetable oils, egg yolk or just apply rye infusion
    bread, not the crumb itself.
  • Mustard should be used carefully as it causes
    allergic or scalp burns. Mustard must be taken in all
    a teaspoon and a mask to keep no more than 20 minutes.
  • Herbal decoctions are a real salvation for
    lifeless, dull strands. To such a mask should be added
    a few drops of vitamin A and E solution, as well as some oil

The main thing when using bread masks is to exercise
perseverance and dedication. Then you can expect
excellent result.

It’s best to do them every day.
during the month, and then you can do a couple of times a week. Hair
will quickly respond to such concern for them, become stronger, more alive,
silky and healthier.

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