The main signs of a well-groomed woman?

Being well-groomed woman – does not mean to be provided above
measures. Real self-care does not require large investments
but requires careful and sustained effort. We list the 5 main
signs of a well-groomed woman.


  • Clean body
  • Renewed skin
  • Hair color
  • Line clarity
  • Not a single extra hair

Clean body

A well-groomed woman primarily monitors the purity of her
body. This is the basis by which you will always look
impeccable. Clean hair and dead skinned face skin
will provide you with a beautiful and well-groomed look. For supporting
cleanliness of the body does not need to spend a lot of money, but only the usual
means: shampoo, shower gel, soap.

Take care to regularly remove dead cells from the face and
body using a scrub. Getting rid of pollution, you give way
young cells, and because of this, your skin will look fresh
and younger.

Learn to be clean, and you will always be well-groomed. Exactly this
The main rule of female beauty, which can not be neglected
youth or old age.

5 signs of a well-groomed woman

Renewed skin

An unclean woman is given dry elbows, coarse heels,
Grown cuticle on the nails, peeling on the face and stuff. All this
dead cells that require drastic removal. If you
want to look well-groomed and beautiful, take care to body
there were no areas with dry and polished skin. For this you need
scrub (factory or own cooking), good sponge
or a mitten of massage effect and pumice.

While taking a shower, massage your body with a washcloth.
scrub. This way you update the cell layer on the body and saturate
skin oxygen. And open and cleaned pores can completely
absorb all the nutrients from the cosmetic

Hair color

Your hair color should be impeccable. Take a closer look yourself
attentive to the women around you and you will notice that most
an untidy look is given to an inexpressive woman, dull or
unkempt hair color. Most of all female neglect issue
regrown hair roots and washed or faded paint color.

If you are brown-haired, the hair color should be bright and
expressive. If you prefer blond shades,
Make sure your strands do not have yellowness or dryness.
Brunettes need to regularly update the color, because rich shades
very quickly washed out and lose their luster.

If your hair is unkempt, dull and expressionless, your
the image will not save either a luxurious dress or high heels.

Line clarity

A well-groomed woman follows the clarity of the lines in her image. it
for hair, nails, eyebrows, arrows on the eyes and lipstick.

If you decide to make a stylish manicure, then remember that each
nail should be evenly sawed, and lacquer – ideally lie on
nail plate. Smeared or peeling varnish, untidy
manicure first make a repulsive impression.

Haircut should always be updated, with perfect clear
by the edges. As the hair grows, the tips become brittle and
Seen, the line hairstyle breaks and looks sloppy.

Perfect clarity should be in makeup, especially if you
want to draw arrows on the eyes or draw the lips bright red
lipstick If you are not yet skillful enough in makeup,
it’s better to abandon the graphic arrows and bright lipstick and get along
shadows and lip gloss.

Not a single extra hair

A well-groomed woman has no excess hair in all open areas.
body. Now there are a huge number of ways to remove
unwanted hair, so you can choose a way that
it is right for you in terms of convenience and price – starting from a conventional machine
for shaving and ending with expensive laser hair removal procedure.
When choosing your method of hair removal, make sure that there is no irritation and
ingrown hairs.

These are the main ones that make a woman magnetically


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