The main trends of Korean haircuts and hairstyles

Korean haircuts and hairstylesLately all
Korean hairstyles are becoming more popular. Korean girls
for today’s youth – the standard of style, fashion and beauty, therefore
almost every woman wants herself
Korean hairstyle. It is also very stylish and original.
look Korean haircuts for guys.

Immediately it is worth warning that the result you received will be
the more different from the original, the less your total
Appearance has an Asian type of appearance. If you are blue eyed
blond or red-haired with milky-white skin and freckles, your
haircut will be significantly different from Korean hairstyles, which
you see in the pictures. However, this does not mean that such a hairstyle
you will not do.

Features of female Korean hairstyles

The main feature of Korean hairstyles for girls, as well as for
guys in their non-standard and originality. They are
worthy addition to the overall appearance of the Korean youth,
which includes bright and catchy clothes, a variety of
original accessories and stuff.

Korean hairstyles differ from others primarily because
Koreans are naturally black (or very dark) straight hair. Besides
Moreover, they have a very impressive density. To repeat
Korean hairstyle with your hands, it is necessary that your hair
also were straight, in extreme cases, you can use the ironing.
However, please note that most owners of curly
hair the effect of straightening irons does not last long, it can
make the repetition of the Korean hairstyle problematic.

Any particular stylistic direction in
Korean hairstyles for girls not. It can be as bold
bold and bright short haircuts, and classic cute styling
on long hair. However, more often you can still see a Korean with
short hair, because with natural density to care for more
A short hairstyle is easier. Most Korean haircuts
performed with long bangs that are combed on the face or
on the side. This is due to the typical face shape for Koreans.
However, you can see a short bang opening the face.

Two main areas of female haircut among Korean women
these are:

  • long straight hair with long bangs that you can
    case curl (however natural straight and thick hair is bad
    keep a perm);
  • about shoulder length or slightly shorter (slightly lower
    chin), hair cut rounded.

In any case, Korean girls have very nice features.
faces, so it’s preferable for them to have haircuts that open up
their. You can find torn and hairstyles, but much less. The main
feature of modern hairstyles, popular among Korean women, is simplicity
execution. Any hairstyle or styling can be easily done.
do it yourself

Original hairstyle for every day from Korean masters

For those of the fair sex who prefer
to look original and stylish even in everyday life
korean hairdressers offer a variety of
simple and beautiful hairstyles. One of them is
is a kind of spikelet, but without weaving a braid. To perform
This hairstyle with your own hands you will need only 7-10 thin
hair ties (gum looks very interesting
contrasting colors) and a simple scallop. For the embodiment of this
image you need only a few minutes. To use him
can be both for everyday life and for parties and

Separate the strand in the center of the forehead and tie it with a rubber band. Further
separate the strands below and connect them to the first,
tie the resulting bundle also with a rubber band. Keep joining
to the bundle the following strands, with each of them need a little
fluff, it will give the hair volume and a little stylish
negligence. When you reach the bottom of the head and get
simple tail, put some more rubber bands on it (in
depending on the length of the hair), which will be located on
the same distance. Haircut is ready!

In addition to this hairstyle, you can perform more classic
Options: braid or bun. Each of these classic hairstyles
can be performed in the original way. For spit throw
hair on one side and divided into 2 equal parts, each of which
need to keep apart. Put a finger in the middle of one of the strands,
divide it in this way into 2 parts. Do the same with
second strand. Combine the halves of the strands together so that
they formed a semblance of a knot. Continue weaving this way. Not
tighten it tightly so that the spit has volume.

To perform a bun, make a simple high tail and fluff
him. Wrap loose hair around the base of the tail and secure.
hair band. Simple and stylish at the same time
Korean hairstyles there are quite a lot.

Men’s Korean haircuts

men's Korean haircutsAmong the modern guys who follow
for fashion and want to be stylish, Korean options are also popular
haircuts. Most often, Korean guys have medium hair length,
which looks stylish and at the same time makes it easier to care for
thick hair. Most of them wear bangs of medium length or
long. The most popular styling that give hair volume.
It is worth noting that a prerequisite for creating an image, as for
boys and girls, popular with Koreans, are
straight hair. If your hair is curled by nature, you will have to
constantly straighten them out. This can be done with a hair dryer or
ironing. And to create a fashionable image, it’s best to give
hair is a kind of artistic disorder using medium
or strong fixation.

And remember the basic rule that governs
modern Korean youth when creating hairstyles: they should
be as simple as possible and should not be required
a lot of time. This modern trend is contrary to tradition.
past when Korean men wore long hair and
they were tied at the back of their heads, and the women spent several hours
a day to create a complex hairstyle that must necessarily
was to include many details and look like
piece of art. Simplicity and lightness are in fashion now.

Korean hairstyles, like Chinese and other Asian, fit
not all. It will be difficult for you to care for such a haircut if you have
curly naughty hair. If your hair is blond or not
have sufficient thickness, the result may not
meet expectations. But if you go Korean
hairstyle, then you will look very stylish and original.

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