The main types of modern varnishes

The very first varnishes to cover the nail plate appeared back in
early 20th century. Then even the most expensive and high-quality varnishes
for nails kept a maximum of 2-3 days, after which a manicure
had to update. Modern fashionistas have the opportunity
choose from hundreds of varnish options and their stability
reaches 3-4 weeks. Consider the main types of modern varnishes and
coatings for nails.


  • Traditional types of lacquers
  • Ultra-modern varnish coatings
  • Decorative varnishes for bold fashionistas

Traditional types of lacquers

Varnishes on the market today are durable,
appearance, effects and speed of drying:

  1. Liquid – a usual type of a varnish, is put with a usual brush,
    dries within 5-10 minutes, keeps on nails several
  2. Quick-drying – dries in 1-2 minutes, preventing
    risk of damage to the coating due to careless movement.
  3. Varnish base – colorless, applied directly to the nails
    before color coating. Decorative types of coating fall much
    smoother on such a basis. The nail plate is protected from darkening
    and exposure to colored varnish.
  4. Gel (shellac) – dries within two minutes under the influence
    ultraviolet rays in a special lamp. This option combines
    The advantages of traditional liquid varnish and gel for building.
    Keeps about three weeks, absolutely harmless to the nail
    plate contains vitamins and nutritious
  5. Solid – this variant of varnish is presented in the form of stickers,
    which are fixed on the nails under the influence of heat.
  6. Varnish-fixer – a transparent view that is applied over
    color coating to extend durability and wear time.

These are the main 6 types of modern varnishes, and with their help are created
millions of coverage options.

Types of nail polishes

Ultra-modern varnish coatings

The modern nail industry offers these types of varnish

  1. Matt – first appeared more than 20 years ago, but then
    this species was not appreciated, so for 20 long years it disappeared from the shelves.
    Now the matte nail cover is at the peak of popularity.
    The advantages of this varnish is that it does not require a fixer, and
    it dries quickly, while emphasizing all the irregularities – this is his
    the only problem. Great for short nails.
  2. Magnetic – as part of this varnish contains particles of metal
    creating patterns in contact with the nails. The pattern on the nail
    plate depends on the pattern on the magnet (rays, figures, waves,
    stripes, etc.).
  3. Craquelure – cracking varnish presented in two
    options: spider craquelure (fine mesh effect) and crack (effect
    deep cracks). Craquelure is applied in three stages: base coat
    – drying – a special coating.
  4. Thermolac is a novelty in nail art. Changes shade depending on
    temperature fluctuations (it gets dark in the cold, brightens in the warmth).
    It looks especially impressive when it is warm in the room, but outside
    frost. In addition, the nail plate itself has thermal zones
    – at the free edge is colder than at the base. With thermolac
    You can create a manicure on the ombre nails.
  5. Lacquer with sparkles – helps to create a beautiful and bright design
    nails when using sequins of different sizes and shapes.
  6. Hypoallergenic – a good solution for women who suffer from
    allergies. This type of lacquer dries quickly and easily.
  7. Metallic – lacquer coating imitating mirror
    surface. However, it causes serious harm to the nail
    plate, so too often it does not apply

Types of lacquer coatings

Decorative varnishes for bold fashionistas

These types of lacquer coatings can afford only bold and
bold women of fashion:

  1. Velor – contains natural velor
    villi. To apply such a coating is very difficult – you need to catch
    Apply velor lint to a still wet coat of varnish.
  2. Fluorescent is a bright neon-style lacquer that
    looks particularly impressive in the dark. Perfect for
    lovers of nightclubs.
  3. Holographic – the most beautiful festive varnish, which
    shimmers with dozens of shades of all colors of the rainbow.
  4. Sand – subspecies matte varnish, when applied
    nail plate becomes grainy. With this remove
    This coating is very difficult – gel removal method is used.
  5. Jelly – translucent type of varnish, which in its structure
    very similar to jelly, contains a mirror and color composition.
    Applied in several layers, creating a volume that imitates
    effect of wet nails.
  6. Caviar – contains multi-colored or one-color small granules,
    which, when applied, mimic the eggs.
  7. Shimmer is another varnish that changes its appearance when illuminated by
    content in the composition of special particles. Perfectly hides
    available on the nails, flaws and gives volume.

Fashion lacquers

Thus, modern types of nail polishes allow
create thousands and millions of diverse ideas for nail
design for the most demanding tastes.

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