The means for eyelashes possessing cosmetic and therapeutic regenerative effect


What tools for eyelashes should be used to extend them
youth and beauty? Learn about carcass types and which brands are included.
Top 10 best. Review of the most effective serums, gels and oils for
restore and strengthen cilia. Effective homemade recipes
masks and compresses.

What tools for eyelashes is in your
cosmetic bag? 80% of women, according to a survey in a women’s magazine,
limited to mascara, and this, from the point of view of specialists,
unforgivable mistake. Eyelashes – what makes the look
expressive and compelling. Without proper care, they will start
thin out and fall out. And then no mascara will help you.
restore their former beauty.

Do you want such a fate for them? To
avoid trouble of this kind, preferably already from youth
use for them serums and gels, masks and oils that will
nourish and strengthen the hairs from the inside, providing them with a natural
length and natural volume even without the use of lengthening and
3D carcass.

What tools for eyelashes exist?

Makeup Products

Means for the eyelashes, belonging to the decorative group
Cosmetics, only one thing – it’s mascara. But it is presented in such
variety of types and brands that when choosing is very easy
get lost A small overview of the most sought-after products in this
niche and popular brands will not allow you to make a mistake when

Types of carcass

Depending on what the effect promises in the end
mascara, distinguish the following types of eyelash
from the category of decorative cosmetics.

  • Lengthening

This is the most popular extension tool.
eyelashes – mascara, which contains silk or
nylon fibers that create a lengthening effect. On her package
look for “extend” (extended),
“length” The brush is equipped with uniform
long hairs. The consistency is liquid. Modern lengthening
eyelash products are made in double case: white base
for lengthening from one end, a color pigment for coloring – with
another, it is applied on a white base.

  • Volumetric / 3D effect

3D effect mascara is a great tool for
volume of eyelashes creating fantastic pomp and
fabulous density. In the composition usually appear paraffin, microgranules
wax, silicone. On the package – mark “volume”
(which means volume). The consistency is thick. Barrel brush with
frequent bristles allows you to create just unreal fence from
thick and voluminous cilia.

  • Water resistant

Waterproof mascara – another demanded
a means for eyelashes, as it gives women the confidence that
that the paint will not flow in the rain or as a result of tears. In her
the composition contains persistent dyes, resins, volatile polymers,
wax. However, these components are quite aggressive, differ
powerful effect on the structure of hairs from the inside, when released into
eyes are very irritating to the mucous. They are hard to wash off, and when
prolonged use such a means to harm and cause
allergies. Sensitive eyes should be protected from such mascara. On
packaging, look for “moisture-proof”
(translated as moisture resistant).

  • Twist

Twist mascara for coquettes – perfect
remedy: it beautifully twists, gives a delightful bend without
thermo-laying and tweezers. This will be indicated by a mark on the package.
“curl” (which means curl). The brush is curved,
equipped with short villi.

  • Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic means for eyelashes
recommended for owners of sensitive eyes. As part of such
carcasses no preservatives and other aggressive ingredients. They are not
cause irritation of the mucous membranes and eyelids on the skin. Look on the packaging
such marks as “oftalmologically tested”
(passed ophthalmic control), “sensitive”
(for sensitive). Those who use lenses, such funds
shown for permanent use.

  • With the effect of false eyelashes

Mascara with the effect of false eyelashes – a new means of modern
beauty industry that conquers all who start it
to enjoy. It is multifunctional: it lengthens, twists, makes
eyelashes maximum volume. This remedy is called 3 in 1. On
the package should include the words “effetto giglia
finte “(translated as the effect of false eyelashes). Brush
this carcass is very bizarre: barrel-shaped, curved, with
twisted villi.

Types of mascara

And, of course, mascara can be a different shade,
which you need to correctly pick up your color type. Brunettes –
black (“black”), blondes – brown (“brown”), blue
(“blue”) or green (“green”).

Top Brands Rating

In order not to get lost in this variety of carcass, be sure to
examine the appropriate rating of funds for
eyelashes, which included only the best brands.

  1. Dior show Iconic – mascara for curling eyelashes. Dior
    (France). $ 35.4.
  2. Twist Up The Volume – means for the volume of eyelashes. Bourjois
    (France). $ 10
  3. Lash Sensational – a hypoallergenic staining agent
    eyelashes. Maybelline (France, United States). $ 9.9.
  4. Telescopic – mascara for lengthening eyelashes. L’Oréal (France).
    $ 9.7.
  5. Calorie Dramatic Volume – means for the volume of eyelashes. Max
    Factor (USA). $ 8.9.
  6. The One Volume Blast – mascara for a volume effect. Oriflame
    (Sweden). $ 6.7.
  7. Cabaret – mascara to create a stage volume. Vivienne sabo
    (Switzerland). $ 4.9.
  8. Volume Celebrity – means for the volume of eyelashes. Eveline
    (Poland). $ 4.
  9. Glamour Doll Curl&Volume Mascara — тушь для создания объёма
    and curling eyelashes. Catrice (Germany). $ 3.6.
  10. Art Volume – the euphoria of lush eyelashes, the creation of volume. Lux Visage
    (Belarus). $ 3.

From this rating you can choose for yourself the best.
means for eyelashes from the category of decorative cosmetics.
Ink is presented in a variety of assortment, among which
the main thing is to find the only product that will create
a unique image, giving the look a special expressiveness. but
it’s time to talk about the repairing tools for eyelashes,
having a healing effect.

Origin of name. In english mascara
for eyelashes sounds like “mascara” – this word goes back to Italian
“maschera”, which means “protective mask”.

The best decorative tool for eyelashes

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The whole truth about contraindications, complications and side effects
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Eyelash Care

In addition to decorative cosmetics, you just need to find
effective eyelash remover that will not mask
problem, and solve it. Pharmacies sell all kinds of
reducing serums, gels and oils that are daily
application will make the cilia thick and long.

Serums and gels

Serum – a concentrated tool in which a lot
antioxidants, vitamins, plant extracts and other
nutrients. Gel – slightly less effective, different
no longer a healing effect, but a cooling and soothing one.
Ask them at pharmacies:

      1. Renewal Lash Serum – eyelash restoration,
        serum. L’Oreal Paris. France.

      1. Double eyelashes – healing gel. Mavala. Switzerland.
      2. Queenlash (Kvinlash) – a means for the growth of eyelashes. USA.
      3. Evolash – eyelash restoration. Austria.
      4. Magic Glance Intensive – a remedy for the loss of eyelashes.
      5. Creom – a means to strengthen and nourish eyelashes,
        serum. Russia.
      6. RevitaLash – a means to strengthen the eyelashes. Athena Cosmetics.
      7. Careprost (Kareprost) – a means for the growth of eyelashes. India.
      8. Alerana (Alerana) – biostimulant growth of eyelashes. Russia.
      9. Eye Lash Builder – a remedy for the loss of eyelashes. Christian
        Breton. France.

Serum and gels – pharmaceuticals for eyelashes, with
the use of which you need to strictly adhere attached to them
instructions. As a rule, they are used daily (1-2 times per day)
to achieve the desired effect.


There is no better remedy for thicker eyelashes than oils. They can
produced in a special form, exclusively for the care of
eyelashes – these are sold in pharmacies and specialized
stores. And you can buy the usual cosmetic oil and make
based on it masks and compresses.

      • Dnc – a remedy for the loss of eyelashes. Base –
        peanut butter.
      • Elma – a means to strengthen the eyelashes.
        It is a mixture of oils: burdock, castor, oil
        nettle extracts, milk thistle. Additionally, the composition is enriched
        vitamins A, E, PP and hyaluronic acid.
      • Gemene – a therapeutic tool for growth and
        strengthen eyelashes. It includes the following oils: castor oil, peach,
        almond As additional ingredients – extract
        Physalis, vitamin A.

It is best to purchase treatment and recovery products for
eyelashes in the pharmacy, since they are all certified, differ
high quality and minimal side effects. Well and if you
Want to go to the salon for special beauty for your
cilia, there for them will be used means quite different

Helpful advice. More vegetable
extracts listed as part of the eyelash product, the better it is
will contribute to their growth, strengthening and

Therapeutic and repairing agents for eyelashes

Professional tools for eyelashes

Salon procedures are good because the master selects himself,
which means is better for eyelashes. However need
understand that they are all quite aggressive and as a result may
cause irreparable harm to their health.

Tools for building

Usually in the salons use tools for eyelash extensions from
Verdi or Cosmo Hot (Korean firms):

      • glue;
      • glue booster;
      • base;
      • fixer;
      • primer;
      • antiseptic;
      • Remuver (eyelash remover);
      • neutralizer (in the form of spray).

These are professional eyelash extensions that
many use even at home.

Laminating products

The salons also use lamination agents.
eyelashes from companies Lashrelax (Korea), Strong (Russia),
Berrywell (Australia):

      1. keratin repair agent;
      2. glue;
      3. lotion;
      4. pigment;
      5. lamination agent;
      6. oxide;
      7. air conditioning.

All this professional cosmetics is also in free
sale and it can be safely used at home. Question
just how skillfully you can do it. Well and of course
You should definitely use folk remedies for eyelashes, which
distinguished by their naturalness and safety.

Keep in mind. Laminating products
eyelashes do not have a healing effect.

What is the best professional eyelash cleaner?

Homemade eyelash

If you do not trust painted, bright and promising
store packaging, feel free to use any home remedy for
eyelashes. According to numerous recipes you can cook your own
hands and serum, and mascara, and gel, and mask.

      • To strengthen the eyelashes

Mix the castor oil with pressed black tea. Impose on
eyelids for 15 minutes. You can mix castor oil with liquid just
brewed strong black tea and apply on the eyelashes themselves, too, for 15

      • For the growth of eyelashes

Mix 10 ml of shea and grape seed oil. To add
3 drops of oil tocopherol and retinol.

      • To restore eyelashes

Mix 30 ml of castor oil with 10 ml of brandy.

      • For thick eyelashes

Mix 15 ml of cornflower infusion with 20 ml of burdock oil, add
1 drop of oil vitamins A and E, a teaspoon of aloe juice.

      • From the loss of eyelashes

30 ml of warm castor oil mixed with 10 ml of pharmacy
means “Aevit” (vitamins retinol and tocopherol). Do
vitamin oil mask twice a week.

      • For eyelash volume

Home remedy for volume eyelashes with the effect of staining
Replace store mascara. Crush 4 tablets of activated charcoal
into powder. Add a teaspoon of cornstarch,
mix. Pour a teaspoon of almond oil, beat.
Add 5 ml of liquid for contact lenses. Insist hour.

Any means for eyelashes at home
favorably differs from shop in the natural structure.
However, in terms of effectiveness, they will still lose to them, since
on the creation of brand formulas worked by specialists in laboratories,
using for this technology of modern beauty industry. In any
If you can, you can try both
make a choice and please your eyelashes with careful and
quality care.

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