The miraculous power of castor oil

castor oil for hairModern cosmetics
able to provide hair with a comprehensive care
which they will be healthy and beautiful. But, sometimes their
prolonged use does not bring the desired results
therefore, folk remedies continue to be in great demand.
Now very often women use castor oil for hair, with
through which strengthen their hair and improve it

A bit of history

Castor oil is produced from castor seeds growing on
east africa. The first mention of its use in cosmetic
and medical purposes appeared during the time of ancient Egypt. There on
based on castor oil, various creams, ointments and primitive
makeup products. On the territory of Europe and Russia castor
oil got only in the 18-19 century and began to be widely used for
making soap, perfume and cosmetics. Then it found its
the use of castor oil for hair, their treatment and

Today, the main producers of castor oil remain
China, India and Brazil, and you can buy it in almost every
pharmacy. This oil is a pale yellow liquid with
specific smell and high viscosity. The basis of his incredible
properties is a fatty acid rich compound in which
linoleic, ricinoleic, oleic, palmitic and
stearic acid. But despite its effectiveness, this
the tool remains available to everyone. Today on castor oil
for hair the price is only 25-30 rubles, which, compared to
costing expensive modern cosmetics seems to be

The benefits of castor hair

Castor oil has a great effect on hair, bringing them
incredible benefits. Due to its unique composition, it
means perfectly feeds hair, shrouding each hair
invisible transparent thin film. This kind of shell
saturates the hair core with beneficial substances and keeps it on
surface moisture. Moreover, it sticks together on their surface.
scales, “soldering” damaged areas and smoothing irregularities.
As a result, the damaged structure of the hair is restored, and
outwardly, this is expressed by the gloss and silky hair.

But, castor oil has no beneficial effect.
only on the hair shaft, but also on the scalp. Soaking in
epithelium, it accelerates metabolic processes in tissues, destroys
bacteria, relieves inflammation, increases skin elasticity and
increases blood circulation. Hair follicles receive water
beneficial substances, thereby strengthening and activating
my job. It is the enhancement of the metabolic processes and functions of the follicles.
allows you to use castor oil for hair growth and
increase their volume.

Indications for use

Castor oil is an ideal hair care product. But,
before you start using this tool, it is worth
familiarize yourself with all its capabilities and the problems that
it can decide. Receives castor oil for hair reviews only
the best, therefore, to doubt its effectiveness is not
have to.

First of all, this tool is worth trying owners
dry and damaged hair, for which it will become real
salvation. Castorca perfectly restores the structure and strengthens
roots, thanks to which the hair becomes strong and elastic.
Significantly improve the look of the hair can, using castor oil
for the tips of the hair. Such local application will relieve split ends.
and brittle tips that greatly spoil the appearance of hair.

Castor oil also works great with various
diseases of the scalp. Its antibacterial, moisturizing,
cleansing and healing properties will help get rid of dandruff,
itching, dry skin, irritation and redness. Just a few times
its application is sufficient to significantly improve
skin condition and strengthen hair at the same time.

Of course, this oil is the most popular
among girls who decided to make their hair thicker and
long. Castor oil masks accelerate their growth and
activates “sleeping” bulbs, so that a bunch of fine hair
turns into a shock of luxurious curls. In this case, the hair get
except for the length, additional thickness and volume.

Hair treatment with castor oil

Castor oil can be used for both treatment and
prophylaxis. Due to its affordability and simplicity
use your hair to do useful procedures will be very

All you need is just to buy at your local pharmacy.
a bottle of castor oil. Amount of funds required
need to choose based on the intensity of the procedures and volume
hair. For hair of medium length one bottle is enough for two
procedures (for a week), and the recommended course duration is
at least 2-3 months. Having approximate data, you can easily
calculate how much castor oil you need to buy. But, if you
have never used it before, purchase no more than 1-2 bottles.
In some people, castor oil can cause allergies, therefore
need to start small.

Use pure castorca

So, when everything you need is at hand, you can proceed to
the procedures themselves. For treating hair, castor oil is most often
used in pure form. Before applying it on the hair you need
15 minutes to warm up in a water bath, which will allow its components
better absorbed into the surface of the hair. The heated mixture must first
rub into the roots, and then spread on the hair. On top of
smeared hair wears a shower cap (or polyethylene
bag), which additionally wraps a thick towel.

The exposure time of such a mask is selected individually. Someone
leaves the castor on the hair at night, others keep a few
hours The only recommendation for time is at least 1-2 hours.
It is also worth noting that castor oil is very hard.
is washed off the hair, so rinse and wash your hair with shampoo
will need several times.

Mask with kefir

kefir for hairNo less effective
hair treatment will be castor oil if mixed with
natural products. And one of the best “allies” of castorca.
Kefir is considered. Their blend is perfect for oily hair, so
how it normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, strengthens the bulbs and
makes hair thick and very shiny.

To prepare kefir mask you need two ingredients:
a teaspoon of castor oil and half a cup of kefir. First kefir
heated in a water bath, after which they add castor oil
and mixed. Next, the mixture is applied to the hair and wrap a hat and
a towel. Keep the mask for half an hour. Then hair can
rinse and wash off the oil with shampoo.

Hair loss mask

Salvation will be castor oil from hair loss. If a
The problem of hair loss is very pronounced, castor oil can be mixed with
onion juice. These two components are mixed in equal amounts
rubbed into the roots first, and then spread over all the hair.
Then you need to wrap your head with a hat and a warm scarf.

The oil has a softening effect on the onion juice due to
what it does not burn the skin and does not cause discomfort. However all
its useful properties are preserved. Together with castor oil he
perfectly fights dandruff and significantly strengthens the hair roots.
The minimum time for holding such a mask is about 40 minutes.

For greater effect, you can add juice to this mask.
aloe or tincture of calendula. These two components are superbly filmed.
itching, inflammation and activating hair growth.

Blending oils

castor oil is mixed with other types of vegetable oils,
for example, nettle, almond, grape or burdock. Of course
however, it extends the capabilities of such an oil mask, but for the best
hair perception of their usefulness, these tools are better
use separately.

First, you do not need to spend time on the preparation of the composition.
Secondly, each oil is better manifested itself separately. If a
there is a desire to treat hair with several types of oils,
just try alternating the procedures. For example, once
use castor oil, the second – some other.

Masks from products

Now choose a popular recipe for a good homemade mask.
cooking is not difficult. There are lots of ways
pick up the ingredients for your hair type and the problem.
Castor oil in such recipes will be perfect
supplement to make such a procedure even more useful and
more efficiently.

Castor dressing is great for all hair types and is mixed with
various products. It can be added to sour cream, herbal teas
and egg yolks. If you already have a favorite homemade mask recipe
for hair, you can start to add a little bit
Castor oil. The result in the form of magnificent hair will not force itself.
wait a long time!


When applied externally, castor oil has no
medical contraindications, however, for pregnant women
using it is still not recommended. Some people
castorca causes allergies, which manifests as itching,
redness and inflammation of the skin. In this case, treated with oil
plots must be rinsed well with water, discard further
use this remedy and consult a doctor.

It has castor oil and one cosmetic flaw, on
which should pay attention to fair-haired girls (especially
painted blondes) – with regular use of this tool
causes a noticeable darkening of the color.

Otherwise, castor oil is simply the benchmark of generosity.
of nature. And this gift for its beauty is simply not possible
take advantage!

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