The most effective methods of mimic correction wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles are precursors to static wrinkles.
and the earliest signs of skin aging. They arise in
the result of the activity of the facial muscles that express our
emotional status. The whole range of our feelings is reflected on the face,
and for this, facial muscles have to involuntarily contract
about 15,000 times during the day. As a result, on the face are formed
creases and grooves that disappear without a trace at a young age
at rest. However, over the years, regular muscle contraction
leaves unsightly marks on the face in the form of deep folds and
furrows This is the age of deep wrinkles that can
eliminate only surgically because the mimic
wrinkles and deep age – this is a completely different type


  • What are mimic wrinkles?
  • Causes of mimic wrinkles
  • Factors contributing to the formation of facial wrinkles
  • Mimic wrinkles under eyes
  • How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes
  • How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes at home
  • How to prevent wrinkles around the eyes
  • Mimic wrinkles around the mouth
  • How to remove facial wrinkles from the mouth
  • How to deal with facial wrinkles
  • Preparations for instant correction of mimic wrinkles
  • Wrinkle prevention

What are mimic wrinkles?

Mimic wrinkles are inherently dynamic
wrinkles (resulting from muscle contraction and disappearing in
resting state). They make a temporary change in skin relief,
which results from the contraction of the facial muscles taking
active participation in facial expressions.


Unlike age static wrinkles, mimic not
are a sign of aging skin. First facial wrinkles
appear at a very young age, about 15-20 years old when
there are significant changes in the structure of the skin as a result
hormonal changes. Wrinkles are especially evident in individuals with
pronounced facial expressions that are too actively expressing their emotions.
They say about such people that their emotions are literally written on them.
face. Most often, mimic wrinkles appear in the forehead,
outside corners of eyes and mouth:

  1. Goose feet (wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes). Often
    such wrinkles appear in myopic people who do not wear glasses.
    Since the skin around the eyes is characterized by increased dryness, it
    needs constant hydration. Lack of appropriate
    care can cause early formation of crow’s feet.
  2. Wrinkles of sorrow or puppet wrinkles are
    lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin. These wrinkles give the face
    forever mourning and sad expression.
  3. Nasolabial folds are very unattractive lines,
    add a few extra years to a person. Naturally, such
    wrinkles significantly spoil the appearance.
  4. Mimic wrinkles around the mouth appear in cheerful and
    cheerful people and especially those who like to make funny faces and
  5. Mimic wrinkles on the forehead indicate that a person
    often frowns and expresses surprise by raising eyebrows

Mimic wrinkles exist in all people, but this does not mean
that you can not laugh or express emotions, you just need
control the degree of their expression.

Causes of mimic wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles is caused by the anatomical structure of the face.
The skin on the face is 7 times thinner than, for example, the skin on the foot. She is
almost devoid of subcutaneous fat and with each
muscle movement literally crumpled like paper. Unlike other
muscles, the facial muscles are attached to the bones only once and therefore
lack of fascias. When the movement of the facial muscles, which are woven into their
fibers in the skin, they are reduced, which pulls
skin As a result of muscle contraction, prolonged
increase their tone, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Mimic wrinkles are formed in the transverse direction of the muscle
fibers. Therefore, with the habit of squinting eyes, muscles located with
two sides of the nose, leading to the appearance of transverse wrinkles on
nose, and with a smile and laughter appear “crow’s feet.”

At a young age, the skin is firm and elastic;
resist muscle contraction. However, synthesis decreases with age
collagen and elastin, and the collagen produced changes its
ordered structure. This leads to impaired connections.
dermal and epidermal layers and the development of elastosis
(wear idystrophy of elastic fibers). Also with
age violates the tone of the facial muscles. As a result in
Some groups of mimic wrinkles reduce tone, and in others –
spastic contractions prevail.

Factors contributing to the formation of facial wrinkles

Elimination of mimic wrinkles is connected not only with the causes and
mechanisms of their occurrence, but also with the elimination of factors
causing their appearance.

The main factors contributing to the formation of mimic

  • active facial expressions as a result of active expression
  • spasmodic blood vessels, as a result of stress;
  • increased adrenaline secretion in the blood as a result
  • excess ultraviolet irradiation which leads to
    photoaging due to the destruction of intercellular structures and damage
    DNA cells;
  • synthesis of “defective” collagen and elastin;
  • reduction of skin elasticity and its natural moisturizing
    due to the deterioration of the idystrophy of elastic and
    collagen fibers;
  • ecological state of the environment, which is directly
    affects the condition of human skin;
  • exchange imbalance in the body: hormonal failure
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • skin diseases of the face (acne, rosacea, rosacea);
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • massive and dramatic weight loss due to disease or
    use of various diets;
  • violation of the regime of rest and work, active nightlife with frequent
    alcohol and nicotine use;
  • inept facial skin care, the use of inappropriate and
    substandard cosmetic preparations.

Mimic wrinkles under eyes

The skin under the eyes is very thin and transparent, has weak
muscles and two sebaceous glands. Blood vessels are located
very close to the surface, so when blood stagnates, its
red blood cells enter the intervascular space and appear translucent
through a thin layer of skin. This area begins to darken, forming
dark circles under the eyes.

There are several factors that cause the appearance
wrinkles under eyes:

  1. Age-related skin changes. In youth, the skin has
    sufficient elasticity and elasticity, it is resistant to deformation
    and therefore returns to its original position after contraction. WITH
    the age of collagen and elastin synthesis is halved – tripled, the skin
    become vulnerable to deformation and begins to sag under
    own weight. As a result, wrinkles are formed.
  2. Ultraviolet radiation. Because the skin around the eyes is very
    thin, and ultraviolet, as you know, destroys collagen and elastin,
    then the constant exposure to sunlight contributes to the early
    wrinkles around the eyes. Also under the influence of
    ultraviolet free radicals are formed that destroy healthy
  3. Active facial expressions. Permanent reduction of facial muscles, in
    result of the active manifestation of emotions, leads to the formation
    deep facial wrinkles around the eyes.
  4. Wrong skin care. With poor skin care around
    eye (dry skin contributes to the early appearance of wrinkles) dynamic
    wrinkles very quickly turn into deep static ones.

How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes

The question of how to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes is
relevant for so many women. There are several
effective injection methods to get rid of wrinkles
around eyes:

  1. Botox injections. Today it is the most popular and
    demanded method of correction of mimic wrinkles. This way
    so easy to perform that correction of facial wrinkles
    performed during the lunch break, after which patients
    continue their work activities. Botox injections help
    effectively relax the skin, eliminate dynamic wrinkles, and
    prevent their education.
  2. The use of fillers – volusers (drugs,
    restorative skin volumes). These dermal fillers are
    effective ways to correct facial wrinkles around the eyes. They
    not only eliminates static wrinkles around the eyes, but also
    return the lost volumes to soft tissues. With the help of fillers
    You can eliminate wrinkles under the eyes in one session. The effect lasts in
    within a year, after which the injection must be repeated.
  3. Laser skin resurfacing. Laser correction of wrinkles around the eyes
    very effective in the presence of shallow dynamic wrinkles. TO
    the same in parallel with the elimination of wrinkles stimulation occurs
    collagen and elastin production that meet ha elasticity and
    skin elasticity.
  4. Dermabrasion. This abrasive method involves the removal of
    superficial layers of the skin and is used in the case of thin and
    shallow wrinkles. However, skin resurfacing has a temporary result and
    after some time, the procedure must be repeated again.
  5. Blepharoplasty. This is a radical wrinkle removal method that
    implies surgical intervention. Also with the help of
    This method removes excess skin on the upper eyelid (overhanging
    folds), hernia (bags) under the eyes. It should be noted that
    blepharoplasty is the most effective way to get rid of wrinkles, but in
    also the most traumatic time.

How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes at home

It should immediately be clarified that all home control measures
wrinkles are preventative. They are only capable
prevent deep wrinkles and delay their time

For these purposes, it is recommended to use:

  • topical retinoids (structural analogues of vitamin A) which
    represented by preparations based on retinoic acid and retinol:
    (Tretinoin, “Retin-A”, “Retin-A micro”, “A-Ret Gel”),
    Isotretinoin (13 cis retinoic acid);
  • serum with vitamin C;
  • preparations with hyaluronic acid;
  • massage;
  • masks for the skin around the eyes.

How to prevent wrinkles around the eyes

It is well known that prevention is better than cure. With
observance of some restrictions can be delayed for many years
wrinkles around eyes:

  • avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • in bright sunny weather wear sunglasses;
  • use sunscreen, rubbing them into the skin around
  • get rid of smoking because in the process of smoking
    enzyme matrix metalloproteinase is produced, capable of
    destroy all types of proteins in the extracellular matrix (collagen,
    elastin, keratin);
  • heavy drinking;
  • use of drugs with retinoids that can
    significantly resist wrinkle formation;
  • moisturize the skin around the eyes;
  • use antioxidant rich foods that neutralize
    free radicals (vitamins with selenium and fatty acids
  • enough sleep and rest that is necessary for
    rejuvenation and restoration.

Mimic wrinkles around the mouth

Wrinkles around the lips – this is the result of active facial expressions. Anatomically
it so happened that the mouth zone has the largest load.
After all, the circular muscles of the mouth work constantly. Every time when
a person smiles, laughs, talks, chews food, cries or
screams, circular muscles contract, and in the corners of the mouth arise
wrinkles. Only in youth after exertion, facial wrinkles
immediately disappear, leaving the skin smooth. However over time
they are becoming more noticeable.

Causes of wrinkles around the mouth all those

  • decrease in production of collagen and elastin;
  • loss of skin firmness and elasticity;
  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin;
  • cell damage and free radical formation;
  • wrong position of the head in a dream;
  • smoking provokes the emergence of nourishing wrinkles (thin
    vertical skin breaks around the lips);
  • exposure to cigarette smoke on the skin (provokes degradation
    elastin and collagen in the skin;);
  • massive weight loss;
  • prolonged exposure to cold;
  • tooth extraction and long prosthetics can cause
    the formation of wrinkles due to retraction of the skin.

How to remove facial wrinkles from the mouth

To get rid of wrinkles around the mouth in the following ways:

  • facial gymnastics (facebooking);
  • face massage;
  • cream with retinoids;
  • masks to prevent the development of wrinkles around the mouth.

Gymnastics for the face is the most effective and cheap
wrinkles around the mouth. This procedure can be
do it yourself.

For example, you can do the following exercises:

  • get more air into your lungs, puff up your cheeks and dramatically
    exhale through your mouth, covering your nose with your hand:
  • get air in your mouth and roll it from one side to
    another, then through the left, then through the right corner of the lips;
  • put lips together and blow on an imaginary candle;
  • inflate a balloon several times a day;
  • open your mouth wide and round your lips as if you need to say
    the letter “o”.

Facial massage tightens and refreshes the skin. It is also possible
do it yourself. For this clean skin with clean hands
apply a cream and massage wrinkles, as if smoothing them. Everything
movements are performed in the direction from the corners of the lips to the wings
the nose.

There is another type of massage that is performed by dental
brushing. It must first be clean and soft, so as not to
injure the skin. Brush movements are performed in the same way as
classical massage, from the corners of the lips to the wings of the nose.

Creams that contain structural retinoids (with
Vitamin A) is very effective and eliminates wrinkles well. They
help the skin stay elastic longer. Quite
effective against mimic wrinkles nutritional supplements and creams with
antioxidants. Therefore, you should purchase both creams with
antioxidants (the most popular of them is Coenzyme Q10), and
nutritional supplements with selenium, vitamins and minerals.

It should thoroughly moisturize the skin. On a surface
wrinkles and microcracks are easily formed on dehydrated skin,
which eventually turn into static wrinkles due to
lack of moisture.

Very effective in combating facial wrinkles masks from
natural products with biologically active components.
You can prepare the following masks:

Sour cream mask

Half a teaspoon of fresh carrot juice mixed with the same
the amount of sour cream. Also add half a teaspoon of pulp
grapefruit and mix everything. Apply to lips and wait 15
minutes Remove the mask with a napkin and wash with warm water.

Egg mask

Beat egg white into strong foam, add a few drops
lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Apply mask to face in mouth area.
and let it dry. While the mask dries out you can’t talk,
laugh and smile. Then the mask is washed off with warm water.

Olive mask

Mix half a teaspoon of olive oil with raw yolk and
a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on the lips, hold for 20 minutes,
then rinse with warm water.

How to deal with facial wrinkles

Modern cosmetology has a large arsenal of methods and
means to effectively combat facial wrinkles.
The most effective are considered injectable drugs that allow
significantly reduce muscle fibril activity. In addition, they
improve the structure of the skin, further nourish and moisturize it,
return the lost volumes, make the skin supple and elastic. AT
Anti-wrinkles fight have good effect fillers on
based on Botox, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite.

Thread lifting thread Aptos, able to form a reliable
internal frame, effectively tightening the skin.

With only emerging mimic wrinkles are very effective.
cosmetic preparations based on synthetic peptides that
applied to the skin. Also able to resist formation
mimic wrinkles cosmetic creams with muscle relaxants (
hexapeptide argirelin). The composition of the data of cosmetics
2-3% of this substance is included, which effectively affects
dynamic wrinkles. With regular use of the cream, wrinkles
become less noticeable in a month. Also in the composition
modern cosmetic creams make botulism toxin, which
prevents the reduction of facial muscles. As a result, new wrinkles are not
appear, and the former are smoothed.

With your own (autologous) fat you can fill
folds and wrinkles on the face. This procedure is called
lipofilling. Fat transplantation uses its own
(autologous) human fat.

Well eliminate facial wrinkles sessions of hardware
cosmetology (dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical

Well, the most radical method to significantly return
youth – plastic surgery.

Preparations for instant correction of mimic wrinkles

Cosmetics are very popular nowadays.
which in minutes eliminate mimic wrinkles. To them
include creams, which include synthetic peptides, o
which we wrote above. There are a variety of peptide-based
gels, serums, emulsions, which are very effective. Peptides
are organic substances from amino acid residues
possessing great biological activity.

In addition, peptides easily penetrate the skin and have
effect on the processes occurring in the skin cells. They stimulate
the production of substances by the body that contribute to fast
tissue regeneration and cellular self-regulation. Such
drugs have an instant effect on wrinkles,
unlike conventional means of action. With constant
when used, peptide creams are able to accumulate in the body
and have a prolonged effect. After first use
the effect lasts no more than 10 hours, and regular use of the drug
prolongs it to a month. The big advantage of such drugs
is the fact that they can be used by women in any

Wrinkle prevention

Preventing wrinkles involves an integrated approach.
Take active steps against the formation of mimic
Wrinkles should be already 25 years old, even if the wrinkles themselves do not yet exist. But in the same
time should not give up, even a forty year old woman. Even in
This age can be prevented by the emergence of new facial expressions.
wrinkles and prevent their transformation into age static

For this you need:

  • give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol, some
  • sleep right: the pillow should not be too high
    the chin should not touch the chest;
  • avoid direct sunlight, the appearance of the first static
    wrinkles provokes ultraviolet;
  • in summer, in early spring, apply sunscreen to your skin
    protection factor of at least 30, because every beautician knows that
    The best wrinkle cream is sunscreen;
  • conduct face exercises;
  • regularly visit a beautician who will appoint a complex
    preventive measures, preventing the appearance of wrinkles;
  • take antioxidant nutritional supplements that
    neutralize free radicals formed in the skin as a result
    UV exposure;
  • to use face masks with lifting for skin care –
  • to eat right, not to recover quickly and not to lose weight,
    because the sharp fluctuations in body weight contribute to the formation
  • avoid stress and serious psycho – emotional
  • regularly carry out a professional facial massage with a specialist
    which strengthens the muscles of the face and neck, tones them, smoothes
    mimic wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

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