The most popular wedding hairstyles with loose hair

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  • Basic hairstyles for loose hair
  • Fast styling for loose hair
  • Conclusion

Today our review is devoted to a burning topic. Wedding
hairstyles with flowing hair are always very popular
maintaining the naturalness and charm of the bride
pristine beauty.

Basic hairstyles for loose hair

If a girl has long hair, loose curls can
only further emphasize all their beauty. Often
long-haired ladies face the problem of truncation or burnout
hair ends, because even a month before the wedding should be held
wellness course using masks and oils without forgetting
shave split ends.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair (or short, barely
concerning shoulders) take as a basis the techniques that help the hairstyle
look more lush and volumetric. A great option here would be
styling-pile, a kind of cute charm fortress,
reinforced with rims or pins. Large curls
in Hollywood or a haircut that resembles cold waves,
held by the gel and decorated with a comb, bandage or veil,
also very fit.

An elegant bridal veil decoration is even more complemented.
graceful hairstyles. If the girl has a thick long uncool
a head of hair, nothing much more is needed to make her image
romantic and attractive, except to fasten the veil with pins
or invisible. And short hair can be decorated not only with a veil?
yo and overhead strands or hoop, allowing more reliably
fasten the veil.

Tiaras have always been popular because they are like small ones.
charming crowns. They can be individually decorated with pearls,
gems and other things to further enhance the beauty
accessory. In order for the diadem to sit securely, it is desirable
organize “malvinka” – hairstyle created with combing
parts of the back strands and raising them at the roots (they are fixed with
using varnish).

Wedding hairstyles for long hair will become even more beautiful if
use a special shine. Most well it looks exactly
on straight curls, because if they curl, it is useful to be first
wash your hair, apply mousse on wet strands, and after drying
straighten them with a hair straightener by arranging the perfect straight
parting. If the bride – the owner of curly hair – such a form
can be emphasized using forceps or curlers, after which
use lacquer for fixing. Perfectly decorate such a haircut
a wreath of large flowers and a gentle make-up.

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Fast styling for loose hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are not without options,
which sometimes have to be organized very quickly, for example,
late for the triumph in view of the pre-holiday bustle. Desirable yet
before the holiday to be familiar with a professional stylist, then
The result will be even more impressive.

First on the list of hairstyles to loose curls is stylish
high babette made of straight shock. But if the bride
there is an opportunity to braid a braid – it will also be beautiful
opportunity to show themselves. Even better if curls are beautiful
hover: spit will be more voluminous. There are various options for such
braid: put on its side, spikelet, french version, fishtail.

A wedding cannot be celebrated if the bride’s appearance is unable to make it.
the first girl in the whole celebration. A great option to make
I still have a lot of fans (of course, bearing in mind the matrimonial
fidelity!) is the Greek styling. First you need
organize a bandage, it will twist under it
loose strands. Haircut itself needs to be done high. Is there some more
One option, when part of the strands remain loose.

Speaking of loose hair, one can not forget another
method of laying – half-curls. For this hair should
only a little bit like “malvinki”, making
corresponding bouffant, after which the side strands are fixed at the back
with the help of hairpins. If this option is not suitable, for example, if
the bride’s hair does not differ in excessive length, will come to the rescue
the technique of creating an elegant “bow” of hair.


There is no need to visit the luxurious expensive salon to
look good at your own wedding, because many are charming
hairstyles are pretty simple.

Sometimes it is enough for a knowledgeable styling girlfriend. but
It must be remembered that the abuse of extraneous chemicals (varnishes,
mousses or gels) can adversely affect the result, and
then the hairstyle will take a rather sloppy look. It remains to wish
beautiful ladies unforgettable holiday and a long family

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