The need for moisturizing hair masks

Neglect of headdresses in frost or heat, not always
proper hair care, reluctance to give up harmful
habits leads to the fact that most people have their hair
ceases to be obedient. The ends of the hair begin to split, and themselves
the ringlets become dry, brittle, electrifying (Read more about
electrifying hair). Regularly applied moisturizing mask for
hair will correct the current negative situation.

General rules for the use of moisturizing masks

The content of the article:

  • General rules for the use of moisturizing masks
  • Moisturizing greasy hair
  • Moisturize dry and mixed hair types

Moisturizing hair With the current huge range,
proposed by the manufacturers of masks for hair, it is easier to buy ready
product with the necessary properties. In this case, you need to understand that in
The composition of the professional mask must include preservatives, otherwise
it will be impossible for a long shelf life. Besides,
often the use of flavors and dyes also produces
negative effect.

Moisturizing mask based on folk remedies gives
confidence in its freshness and use of only natural

Independent manufacture of moisturizing masks suggests that
The following rules will be taken into account:

  • the composition of the mask depends on the type of hair;
  • the duration of the procedure, as components
    begin to operate actively 60 minutes after application;
  • only warm water is used for cooking (boiling water
    significantly reduces the effectiveness of the constituent substances);
  • applied on washed strands;
  • when applied, it is necessary to gently massage the curls, especially
  • applied to problem hair twice a week, and with the aim
    prevention – once every two weeks;
  • the portion for one application is made.

Moisturizing greasy hair

dairy products (kefir, yogurt) strengthens the structure;

nourishes with vitamins E, B, calcium, lactic acid sticks;

forms a protective film around the hair;

makes hair softer

blue clay prevents falling out;

cleans and dandruff scalp;

restores hair follicles;

saturates with microelements

cognac nourishes hair follicles with oxygen;

enhances the beneficial properties of the other components;

dries the scalp;

washes away the lime contained in hard water, which adds shine

tomatoes provides nutrition with vitamins A, C, PP;

has anti-inflammatory effect

Moisturize dry and mixed hair types

For moisturizing dry and normal hair is most often used.
following components:

gray clay fills with moisture;

eliminates split ends;

prevents breakage

yellow clay eliminates dandruff;

disinfects the scalp (especially effective for

carrot juice improves growth;

increases sebum production, eliminating dry skin

strengthens the roots

olive oil deeply nourishes;

compensates for the deficiency of vitamins A, E, D;

eliminates breakage;

returns elasticity and shine

honey strengthens hair follicles;

prevents falling out

aloe stimulates growth;

effectively fights loss and breakage;

gives shine;

nourishes with vitamins A, C, E

egg yolk activates growth (due to iron content);

prevents fallout;

Vitamin A restores split ends;

biotin nourishes the roots;

A small secret to using masks with egg yolk: this composition
do not rinse with hot water, because at high temperatures
the yolk coagulates. Cool water can handle this easily.
a problem.

Moisten hair with water For long curls often
The following moisturizing mask is used: 1/3 cup of kefir, 1 each
A tablespoon of honey and pepper tincture is left on the hair in
for half an hour, covering your head with polyethylene and wrapping it
a towel. This mask promotes hair growth, if after her
use head to rinse with a decoction of nettle.

There are many recipes moisturizing masks. They can be
single component. For example, kefir, honey, egg. Can
add various natural vitamin ingredients to
enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. The main thing to remember is that
moisturizing masks are required for any type of hair and at any time
of the year.

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