The procedure for modern people: men epilation

Male hair removal today is a normal procedure
which is associated with the desire of the owners of the stronger sex look
prettier and sexier. For representatives of certain
professions, for example, male models, hair removal in general is
mandatory procedure.

Types of hair removal

Today, men’s hair removal is gaining popularity not only
among those men who can boast of abundant hair
cover, but also among those whose hair is considered to be an ordinary
men Zones such as armpits must be
rid of hair. This is not only aesthetic
motivated, but also is the norm of basic hygiene. However all
hair removal of intimate zones, on
back in the abdomen. So men tend to look
perfect and keep up with women.

To do or not to do hair removal for a man?

For representatives of the stronger sex hairiness
traditionally considered a sign of masculinity. But quite often
this would seem to be a plus for a man turning into a huge

Epilation is possible in the salon or at home.
The first option is the most convenient, however, more
costly. To say goodbye to hair, a man will have to
try even more than a woman. It is associated with natural
features: male hair is more dense and tough. And this
means that hair removal will have to be resorted to more often than a woman.
And the procedure itself, as a rule, will last longer. So that
men who have decided on this should be patient.

Hair removal in the salon master is a relative guarantee
security of the fact that the procedure will take place without consequences. After all, when
epilating uses different substances and no one can say
beforehand what effect they will have on the skin.

Currently, salon hair removal has several
ways to remove boring hair. Most popular still
Waxing remains, that is, the destruction of vegetation with
wax The procedure is to apply wax strips on
problem areas of the man’s body. This is probably the most effective.
hair removal method for men, as it helps to keep the skin
smooth for up to 2 weeks. After each waxing procedure hair
on the body noticeably depleted.

Along with waxing, shugaring is used – sugar removal of hair.
This is the same as waxing, painful procedure, the result from
which is noticeable within three weeks. After this shugaring
need to repeat.

Laser hair removal for men is rapidly gaining momentum by
introduction to the modern beauty industry. Laser removal
It is especially recommended to those representatives of the stronger sex who have
dark hair. The laser will affect melanin, as a result
what the hair on the body will become lighter.

Photoepilation – a modern way to eliminate annoying hair.
It is worth remembering that photoepilation can not be carried away, because the frequency
The procedure is once every four weeks. This way to remove
vegetation is based on the effect of flashes of light on hair
the bulbs, as a result, the hair falls out. This method is
The most expensive method of hair removal.

Getting rid of vegetation at home

For those who for some reason do not want or can not
visit the salon, the removal of unwanted vegetation in
home conditions. For this you need to have a special cream for
depilation. The cream can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialized
the store. The modern beauty industry offers a wide selection
this item. This cream is suitable for use by men and
by women. The removal procedure in this way is the most
painless. Among the minuses is the short duration of the effect. Because
the chemicals that make up the cream do not completely kill
bulb, hair is restored and begins to grow again. One more
An unpleasant moment, which will bring a cream, can be
allergic reaction, so it is important to choose the cream correctly.
Before applying it on a large surface of the body, the cream must be
test on a small area of ​​the body.

Hair removal in the axillary region

Remove underarm hair with
hygiene point

If earlier removal of vegetation from the genitals among
representatives of the stronger sex was not considered the norm, it did only
athletes and dancers, now many men resort to this
procedure. According to the story, male epilation of intimate zones is known.
from ancient times. Removal procedure came from the East. There
the genitalia without hair showed that
man cares about his health. Epilation is especially useful in
hot season.

This is true because smooth genitalia are
most aesthetic according to women. The man who made the hair removal
intimate areas or haircut, do not be ashamed to appear in the bath or on
nudist beach. For sex life, it is also
significant advantage.

For the intimate area, laser hair removal is most often chosen.
as a painless way. Unlike wax the laser does not injure
delicate skin intimate places.

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