The role of Dimexidum in the resuscitation of hair

Everyone knows the axiom – the norm is the daily loss to
hundreds of hairs. If this number increases several times,
it is necessary to find out the reasons for such changes and urgently take up
restore your own hair health.

Mask with demeksidom For those who decide to opt for
using a hair mask with dimexide, you need to find answers to
questions: what is this drug, what are its primary differences from

Features Dimexidum

The content of the article:

  • Features Dimexidum
  • Examples of effective masks with demexidum
  • Mask for hair growth with demeksidom, bonus video

Dimethyl sulfoxide is an active substance Dimexidum, has
wide range of use in medicine. This drug has
anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial, antipyretic
actions. Research chemists have proven that his
abilities to dissolve substances of different structure (salts,
vitamins, hormones, antibiotics, etc.) and significantly accelerate
passage through the skin of many compounds is unique.

Demexid Formula At the same time properties of penetrating substances
(eg glucose, heparin, medicinal plants) remain
unchanged. Such pharmacological features caused it
external use in the treatment of many pathologies of the skin
(for example, furunculosis, burns, thrombophlebitis, etc.), diseases
musculoskeletal system – arthritis, sprains,
radiculitis, etc. Not the last place in the use of this drug
takes cosmetology.

In the manufacture of homemade masks need to adhere to basic
rules for the use of Dimexidum:

  1. familiarize yourself with the contraindications and side effects
    specified in the instructions for use;

  2. never use in pure form (diluted with water in 4–6

  3. just keep proportions – one part of diluted Dimexidum
    into three parts of the remaining components of the mask;

  4. be sure to check for an allergic reaction (put a drop
    bending arm composition);

  5. mix all mask components thoroughly until smooth
    consistency, make sure that dimethyl sulfoxide does not peel off or not

  6. apply only to washed hair.

Dimexid-based masks for hair care,
beneficial effect on active hair growth, improving their external
view and density strands. Useful properties of some basic
natural ingredients that can also be used in these
purposes are given in the table:

Component Useful property for hair
Burr oil the complex of vitamins A, B, C, E regenerates the bulbs; essential
oils relieve inflammation, work as an antiseptic; fatty acid
do not allow the hair follicle to die, nourishing it; flavonoids
strengthen, give elasticity
lemon prevents fallout; dries the skin; fights dandruff;
brightens; gives shine; nourishes; improves structure
Castor oil strengthens; nourishes the scalp and rods; ricinolic acid
promotes growth and improvement of the structure; relieves from
overdrying, split ends
egg yolks protein restores structure; fatty acids prevent
dryness and loss; Vitamin D promotes growth
medicinal herbs (burdock, nettle, calendula,
contain vitamins E, B, K, minerals, iron, calcium, magnesium,
which stop the fallout; feed; eliminate oily skin
heads, dandruff

Examples of effective masks with demexidum

The most simple and fast-acting vitamin mask is considered
helps in the winter to prevent the growth of hair.
It is applicable to all types of hair, is used no more than once in
a week, but not more than 10 procedures in a row. Then needed
three month break. Thoroughly mix the ingredients:

  • Dimexide – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • burdock oil – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • a set of vitamins taken for 1 hour. l – A, E, D (in oil), B 6,
    AT 12.
  • Apply to hair and wash off in an hour. For improvement
    effect of the head is covered with a film. For very dry hair
    add egg yolk.

For oily hair, you can use the following composition: lemon juice,
vitamins A, E, taken in oil solutions, dimexide. Proportions:
3: 2: 2: 1. This mask is rubbed into the hair roots and washed off in an hour
with shampoo. Frequency of use –4 times per month.

Interestingly, regular egg yolk can be used as
diluent in cases where the mask turned out too
thick to apply. The quality of the procedure is only

Mask for hair growth with demeksidom, bonus video

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