The role of minoxidil in the fight against loss hair

Hair loss is a physiological process that occurs
every day in the human body. However, if the speed of this
natural procedure exceeds the norm, we need to talk about treatment
serious illness – baldness.

The structure of the hair According to statistics, it is considered normal
monthly hair growth of 1–2 cm for 2–5 years. Then after
the rest period, it falls out, and from the same follicles through some kind
time span grows new. Scalp on the head
a person is simultaneously in two stages: growth process – 85%
and the state of rest – 15%. If this ratio is broken, and new
hair in place of the fallen out does not grow, baldness occurs. His
subject to both men and women. (more about hair loss
in men and women)

Baldness Treatment Methods

The content of the article:

  • Baldness Treatment Methods
  • Use of minoxidil
  • Minoxidil – a detailed review of the drug

There are two main methods of treating this disease:

  1. surgical;

  2. medication.

Sufficiently expensive surgery
involves the transplant of the patient’s own hair
appeared bald head. Such treatment is provided in specialized
clinics. It is interesting that various medicines from
hair loss in the world medical practice, there are almost 300
thousand is much more than from other diseases.

According to the leading trichologists Minoxidil for hair – one of
most effective drugs, which for many years used to
treatment of alopecia. Moreover, preparations based on Minoxidil
shown as maintenance therapy for hair transplants, as well as
for conducting courses of mesotherapy.

Minoxidil for hair This crystalline substance was
originally invented by Americans as a medicine for treating
high blood pressure. Unexpected side effect –
hair growth allowed in 1988 to patent this drug as
remedy for baldness. The mechanism of its action is reduced to stimulation.
synthesis of beta-catenin in the hair follicles cells, improving
blood circulation. This leads to a reduction in the resting phase and lengthening
hair growth period. Weak follicles begin to recover,
and the hair gets lost thickness.

Use of minoxidil

Minoxidil is available as a lotion and foam with various
substance concentration – 2, 5, 15%. The effectiveness of both forms
the same, but the foam dries faster, leaves no marks on the hair,
and cheaper lotions absorb longer and increase slightly
activity of the sebaceous glands.

Minoxidil Action The degree of regeneration of hair straight
proportional to minoxidil concentration. Apply the drug on
scalp twice a day, 1 ml for several months.
Many manufacturers increase the effect of the main substance.
related supplements and trace elements. Some drugs
presented in the table:

Title Additional components
Dualgen 5% solution of azelaic acid
Essengen Glycerol
Lipogen for women Biotin
Trikomin Amodimethicone, Copper Polypeptide

However, it is rash to expect positive results from
use of the drug if baldness is associated with the following

  • diseases of internal organs (for example, the thyroid gland,
    severe flu, diabetes mellitus);
  • various scalp infections;
  • use of drugs – antidepressants,
    diuretics, etc .;
  • state of shock or stress;
  • radiation and chemotherapy;
  • overuse of low protein diets.

In addition, there are reasons for women only. For example,
giving birth or using birth control pills. After elimination
These temporary factors restore hair. (Read more about
hair loss after childbirth)

Minoxidil – a detailed review of the drug

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