The secret of radiance and softness of curls in one the fridge: homemade hair masks

It is believed that high-quality hair care is possible only with
significant financial costs. Salon treatments are not cheap, and
to strengthen your curls and give them elasticity and shine,
It is necessary to lay out a significant amount. However, it is not necessary to be
so wasteful: effective hair masks from
natural homemade ingredients with regular
application will provide the same wonderful result as fashionable
today keratinization and ampoule treatment.

This is interesting: today they are becoming more and more popular.
masks with gelatin. Put on clean wet hair gelatinous
the mass allows you to achieve an amazing effect, almost
indistinguishable from lamination.

The main advantage of hair masks is that they do not require large
costs, and they can be done at any convenient time. However, when
the selection of ingredients must take into account the peculiarities of their
shag: properly selected and mixed in the right proportions
components will have the most beneficial effect on the hair. Besides,
any home remedies, be it a mixture of burdock known to all
oils and egg yolk or hair mask with salt, capable
cause irritation, so you need to apply them for the first time with
caution and do not exceed the time of the procedure.

Properties of components for masks

The content of the article:

  • Properties of components for masks
  • For greasy hair
  • The main components of masks for dry hair
  • For brittle and split ends
  • Against fallout
  • For colored hair
  • For dull and weak hair
  • For naughty hair
  • Against dandruff and seborrhea

There are many natural ingredients known for their
remarkable effect, but their effect on hair is somewhat
is different. The table below shows the most popular and effective.
components of hair masks and indications in which cases they should

For greasy hair

LemonLemon BowЛук Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточек
Sea saltSea saltLocons with a tendency to
the fat content of cognac

  • Before applying the mask, wash your hair with regular shampoo and not
    use air conditioning;
  • To rub means only in roots of hair, and to grease tips
    nutritious oil;
  • Keep the mask no more than 20 minutes;
  • Be sure to wear a warming cap;
  • Rinse the mask with cool water only;
  • Use a maximum of once a week.

The main components of masks for dry hair

Olive oilОливковое масло Burr oilРепейное масло Egg yolkЯичный желток HoneyМед CognacКоньяк SourПростокваша Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточекСклонные
to dry hair

  • Mask is best applied before washing the head;
  • After applying the composition is recommended for some time
    massage the scalp;
  • Putting a mask on the hair, more attention should be paid
  • Keep the tool on the head need at least 30 minutes;
  • Rinse should only warm (not hot and not cool)
    water and suitable shampoo;
  • Hair dryer for drying hair can not be used.

For brittle and split ends

SourПростокваша Burr oilРепейное масло Olive oilОливковое масло HoneyМед Sea saltМорская соль Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточек
BowЛук CognacКоньяк

Against fallout

Egg yolkЯичный желток Burr oilРепейное масло BowЛук HoneyМед

For colored hair

Olive oilОливковое масло Burr oilРепейное масло Egg yolkЯичный желток HoneyМед CognacКоньяк LemonЛимон

  • Do not heat the composition and do not use a warming cap;
  • Carefully apply a mask over the entire length of the hair with a rare
    comb, paying special attention to the tips;
  • Keep the tool no more than 15 minutes;
  • Do not use rinsing agents when flushing;
  • Masks can be applied weekly, but not more than 2 times.

For dull and weak hair

Olive oilОливковое масло Egg yolkЯичный желток Sea saltМорская соль CognacКоньяк Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточек

  • Strictly before washing the head;
  • With scalp massage and thorough rubbing on
  • Hold for at least 30 minutes;
  • With the application of balms after rinsing.

For naughty hair

Olive oilОливковое масло HoneyМед CognacКоньяк Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточек

Against dandruff and seborrhea

Get rid of such annoying troubles as dandruff and seborrhea
You can use the means based on burdock oil, onion, marine
salt or sour milk. It is recommended to use them as follows.
in the following way:

  • Apply the mask after washing the head;
  • Rub the composition into the scalp is undesirable: it will exfoliate
  • Leave the mask should be at least 15 minutes;
  • It is best to wash off the composition with cool (not hot!) Water;
  • You can use masks for seborrhea daily.

Burr oilРепейное масло BowЛук Sea saltМорская соль SourПростокваша Grape seed oilМасло виноградных косточек
LemonLemonIt’s interesting: a resident of Spain
avoid using lemon juice as a rinse:
It is believed that it can adversely affect hair color. For
give splendor to their curls Spaniards prefer to use
natural cranberry juice.

Obviously, some components can be used for different
hair types: you need to mix them with others
ingredients in certain proportions. But only one right
the choice of the components of the mask for the proper effect is not enough: in
Depending on the problem with the hair, the mask application rules will be
Different. For example, below is a wonderful mask against
hair loss.

Low cost, noticeable effect, the ability to use
any time – all these advantages of homemade hair masks are undoubted.
The most important thing is not to be lazy: only regular use
folk recipes will help to find the curls of your dreams.

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