The secrets of a spectacular haircut

cut your own handsNothing updates and so
rejuvenates a man like a haircut. Nice hairstyle attached
confidence, uplifting and makes you want to be fashionable,
fit and beautiful in everything. Is it inherent in men? and women.
True, a bad hairstyle can with the same force deprive a person
self confidence and upset to an indefinite amount
of time. So if you decide to cut your hair, go to that.

Choosing a haircut

The choice is mainly affected by:

  1. face shape;
  2. hair texture;
  3. body volumes;
  4. face shape.

Haircut is a great way to visually change the shape of a face. On
The oval and length of the face affect the volume and length of the curls, the length of the bangs. Also
a proper haircut can hide full cheeks and even
visually shorten the long nose. Decide on the right choice
the master professional will help, although this can be done at home
conditions. Information on this topic can always be found on the Internet.
fashion magazines and relevant literature.

Hair texture

It is known that the type and
haircut techniques. A special approach requires thin hair, which
possesses the majority of residents of Russia. Ways to cut thin
hairs are designed to create more volume, since even thick,
but thin hair looks fluid. Hairstyle from such curls quickly
loses shape, they fit to the head and from this look

For haircuts thin hair, hairdressers resort to graduation,
use hot scissors and advise you to cut them short. Although if
you really want to have long and beautiful curls that will suit you
haircut ladder. But the best options for thin hair are
popular at all times quads and bob. Curly and hard hair
Will look better on a long haircut. Also a choice of haircuts
affects the direction of hair growth, the presence of vortices.

Body volumes

Oddly enough, but choose a hairstyle is desirable, given
build. So for obese women it is undesirable to have a haircut too
short or have too long curls. Also do not need to do
parting and bangs. It is better to have a haircut so that was lush
hairstyle at the back and oblique bangs. Also complete women go
cascading haircuts.

Create a new image by yourself

Sometimes there are situations when a woman faces the question – how
hair cut itself? This happens if you can not leave the house
(for various reasons) want to save money or just love

Fundamental rules

The main condition for high-quality haircuts, regardless of
who will cut whom and where will it be carried out – in
barber shop or at home it is a good special
scissors. If you intend to cut your hair on your own and further, you
will have to spend on their acquisition. Men will have to buy
special clippers. It is better to take quality, since
to use a machine that does not cut all the hair is very uncomfortable,
Yes, and neat hair does not work.

It is better to cut your hair, standing between two mirrors. So you will
see your head from all sides. Cut clean wet hair –
It is easier and more convenient. If you start not immediately after washing
heads, moisten them with a spray bottle. They should be good
combed. Do not take on the creation of complex hairstyles,
you yourself are unlikely to be able to have a haircut
photo in the magazine. No need to try to cut your hair short, because if your
haircut you do not like, even a professional will fix it

At home it is possible to perform a simple haircut, where
all strands will be the same length. Determine for yourself the length of your
future hairstyle. If before you did not have to own
hair cut, and you have no experience in this business, it is better to measure the length
strands with a ruler. Proceed gradually, choosing strands first on
one section of the head, then move on. If a haircut
Man, you can do it with a machine – so faster and more reliably.

what to look for when cutting at homeIf you have curly hair, be
careful – even straight hair looks longer when wet. On
curly hair this effect is stronger. So do not shear
too much so that later your hairstyle is not shorter than
I would like to. The girl can advise another original and not
very difficult way to cut at home. Need to carefully
comb clean wet curls, head bent down. In such
the position you need to cut your hair straight, in line, on
your chosen length.

Then lift your head and comb your hair again. Trim
now the ends of the strands in this position. When you cut your bangs,
divide the curls first in the middle, then trim each half
bangs, combing it to the center. Gently hold the bangs to
make the edge as smooth as possible. Ask someone close
Evaluate your new hairstyle. If they are satisfied with the result, you can
congratulate you – you managed to cut your own hair. When you master
simple haircut, feel free to take on more complex work and
try on yourself creating a model hairstyle.


Remember that any hairstyle requires care. Required
periodically update it, trimming the ends. If you decide
cut your hair short, preferably every month; if you have
haircut for long hair, trimming do one and a half to two
of the month. When you do trimming yourself, cutting off with
regrown ends of equal lengths of ends, keep in mind that on
different parts of the head hair can grow at different speeds. And at
this way trimming haircut will gradually lose shape. If a
you did it with the master, better and not be trimmed at home

Do not be afraid to change and experiment with your appearance.
Be beautiful and stylish!

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