The tablets Mumiyo – irreplaceable means for activation of hair growth and combat their loss

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  • Medical and cosmetic properties of mummy
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Rules for the use of mummy for hair treatment
  • The best means of mummy for hair: recipes

Everyone knows pieces of frozen resin, which are attributed
so wonderful properties. Mumie called mountain balm, rich
all kinds of vitamins, amino acids, resinous
substances, organic and inorganic elements. Him
chemical composition and beneficial properties are still being studied in
different areas to expand its application.
Modern beauty industry proposes using mummy for
hair for the treatment of loose, falling out, lifeless strands. Him
firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic properties give
Excellent results with proper and regular use.

Mummy for hair

Medical and cosmetic properties of mummy

Representing a purified, extracted substance, mummy
can be found in pharmacies or specialized online stores
most often in the form of compressed tablets, although private owners can
purchase and solid layer. The substance looks like a brilliant
homogeneous mass of dark brown color that can beautifully
shimmer with shades of black. To your taste it is bitter
the smell, like all tar-like substances, is specifically aromatic.
Cosmetology advises to use it as an active
hair mask ingredient because its unique chemical
the composition makes a real revolution at the cellular level, getting
into the scalp. Mumie is not just caring for her hair, making them
brilliant and beautiful – it treats such painful conditions as
intensive loss of strands and seborrhea. Therefore it is imperative
consult this miracle of nature for the help of so many
active action:

  • Promotes active hair growth, awakening frozen in
    development of follicles, being safe, non-hormonal
  • It improves blood circulation, expanding blood vessels and cleaning them,
    by providing the cells with proper nutrition and adequate access
    oxygen – as a result, the curls bloom without
    exaggerations, because they get everything you need to complete
    vital activity;
  • Stops and warns the strand fallout process –
    intense and slow;
  • Dries oily hair, reducing the production of subcutaneous fat,
    controlling the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • Treats various forms of seborrhea;
  • Under the influence of mummy in cells begins enhanced production
    elastin and collagen fibers that turns hair into
    a flowing cascade of smooth, smooth, shiny curls;
  • Able to repair damaged tissue and effectively
    tighten microcracks, possessing regenerating properties –
    Therefore, the mummy is so actively used for the treatment of detached and
    brittle strands;
  • Possessing antibacterial and disinfectant properties, mummy
    does not give chances to fungi and other infections and inflammations,
    characteristic of the scalp;
  • The antitoxic properties of mountain balm are able to revive the most
    dull curls, as they effectively remove heavy salts from them
    metals and other harmful chemicals that hair so fond of
    soak up from the surrounding atmosphere.

A huge number of problems ranging from rare and
thinned strands and ending
alopecia can be solved without drastic measures and
expensive procedures in the cabin, using regularly mummy.

Having absorbed all the healing power of the mountains, this frozen balsam
is an amazing in its properties, perfectly
unique cosmetic for the care of fat and
normal hair. Many perceive it as
drug, its spectrum is so wide.

Medical and cosmetic properties of mummy

What to do if hair falls out:

Effective treatment of dandruff with medicines and folk remedies
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Indications and contraindications for use

Coming from such a rich action palette, cosmetologists,
dermatologists and trichologists, working closely with each other, derived
a number of indications for which you need to seek help from
mummy. They include:

  • all known forms of seborrhea;
  • split ends;
  • strand fallout;
  • slow or even stopped hair growth;
  • fat content and greasiness due to malfunctioning subcutaneous
  • brittleness, thinning;
  • regular exposure of the hair to harmful factors (various
    sort of evaporation, work with chemicals, ultraviolet,
    low temperatures, etc.);
  • prevention of various skin diseases of the head.

However, given the relatively large activity of chemical
substances in the composition of the mummy, the same experts, taking care of
health of the hair of their patients, and brought a number of contraindications. Not
observing them, you can significantly harm your locks. To such
Cases include:

  • very dry hair;
  • high temperature;
  • headaches;
  • high pressure;
  • idiosyncrasy of this drug.

There are very few contraindications for such an active patient.
substances, which is essentially a mummy. Still not worth it
treat them frivolously. Only correct, competent
using this gift of nature will allow you to feel all his
power and wonderfully, beyond recognition will transform hair. For this
it is required to master a few simple, but very necessary rules.

Mumiy for hair growth

Rules for the use of mummy for hair treatment

Being a medicinal product for the improvement of hair, mummy
requires careful use. Drugstores most often
issued with instructions that you must read
before use. This will allow to achieve exactly those results about
who can only dream of.

  1. Mummy, bought with it, without a certificate and
    instructions may cost much less than pharmacy pills or
    balm. However, for its quality and freshness, no one will vouch,
    and in this case, you risk aggravating the same seborrhea or alopecia,
    which only intensifies. Therefore it is worth checking those with whom you
    get the tool. Experts strongly recommend contacting
    in this case only to pharmacy forms of release
  2. Unenlightened can stall at the initial stage.
    making mummy products for hair since the pills
    have a high degree of compaction and as a result
    turn out to be practically insoluble in any liquid. Outputs from
    This situation is two. The first is to use a balm, but in it
    The concentration of substances useful to the hair will be significantly less.
    The second is to crush tablets into a powder that dissolves perfectly.
    after thorough mixing in warm water. And dilute them
    can not only water (which must be passed through the filter
    for the cleaning). You can enhance the effect of mummy, dissolving it in
    herb broth or tincture.
  3. It is not always possible to bring the prepared product to the desired
    consistency: it turns out too thick, then lumps do not
    stir up It is very easy to cope with the first problem: just
    add more fluid. The second misunderstanding can be removed with
    using a blender or mixer.
  4. Given the biological activity of mummy, do not need bold
    experiments with the thought “the more – the better.”
    Focus only on those dosages that are listed in
    recipes. Neglecting them can cost your hair.
  5. Individual intolerance, and even more allergic
    the reaction to the mummy is very rare. However worth
    pre-test your body if before you never
    dealt with this substance. Apply the prepared mixture to
    sensitive area of ​​skin behind the ear for 20 minutes and wash off. Experts
    advised to observe the reaction during the day, as in some
    In some cases, it may be delayed. Only in the absence of burning,
    redness, itching and rash are allowed to apply the tool with
    mummy for hair for its intended purpose.
  6. Wash the head before applying the product.
    necessarily though some definite advice and
    experts do not give contraindications for this. Mummy Masks
    for hair have a great effect, even if they are applied to
    clean head
  7. Strands should be dry or slightly wet.
  8. First, the mixture is slowly massaged into
    scalp, and then distributed rare comb across
    the length of the strands. The tips can also be processed if they require care.
    and additional power.
  9. Do you want to strengthen the effect of your prepared product based on
    mummy? In this case, do not forget to create after applying
    greenhouse effect, warming the head with a shower cap and
    bath towel. Under the action of heat, subcutaneous processes,
    which are activated at the cellular level, will still occur
    more intense.
  10. Action time is calculated in 30–45 minutes. Such duration
    procedures should not interfere with any side effects, since the mummy
    not an annoying and aggressive drug.
  11. If you use a mummy as a prophylactic,
    one mask per week will be enough. If
    the purpose of its application is getting rid of a serious misfortune, disease
    (alopecia, seborrhea, strong treatment), then the quantity in a week
    procedures can be increased up to 2 times (but not more).
  12. The preventive course consists of 8 masks, curative – from 15.
    It will be possible to return to them only after two months.

If you want your home use mummy gave excellent
results and pleased you with its efficiency, just observe
these rules, be extremely careful and do not experiment. Neither
don’t forget for a minute that this pharmacy drug is just
oversaturated with all sorts of biologically active substances,
therefore requires to itself such a careful attitude and competent
of use. The lack of recipes for home remedies with
Mummy for the scalp and hair will be, as their –
a large number of.

Masks for hair with mummy

The best means of mummy for hair: recipes

The most common mummy-based remedies for treating
hair are homemade masks. They are easy to prepare, give
a feeling of freshness and vitality, positively affect the state
hair. They can be used for purely cosmetic purposes in order to
curls looked beautiful and well-groomed, and in the treatment – against
seborrhea, hair loss and to activate them

  • Shampoo

If you are not a fan of hair masks, the state of curls can be
improve by adding mummy to shampoo. On a tablespoon of detergent
funds are 2 crushed and liquid diluted tablets.
You can use it with every shampooing.

  • From seborrhea

10 crushed tablets mumie dissolve warm, fresh decoction
from calendula to liquid. On strands such a composition applied
not necessary: ​​the main thing is to treat the roots and scalp to
eliminate the effect of harmful microorganisms.

  • Drying mask for fatty

10 tablets grind, dilute to the desired consistency warm
skimmed (or 1.2%) milk. Beat raw squirrels and foam
add to mask.

  • Moisturizing mask for dry

10 tablets mumie crush, dilute to the desired consistency
the fattest creams you’ll find. Three raw egg
grind the yolks with warm, liquid honey and add to the main

  • Anti-dropout mask

In equal quantities (three tablespoons) mix the balm.
mummy and warm water, and then a teaspoon of oil is added

  • Growth promoter

10 tablets grind to a state of powder and bring to the desired
the consistency of freshly squeezed fresh lemon juice.

  • Nourishing mask

Mumiyo (10 crushed tablets) is diluted with warm water to
liquid state. After that warm is added, enough
liquid honey (3 tablespoons).

If you are tired of fighting split, dull,
brittle strands, constantly falling out and not
growing, perhaps, it is the mummy – the saving means,
which you need. Follow the advice of experts – and you can
achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time.

Mumiye will strengthen hair, make it more beautiful and stronger, will eliminate
dandruff, save you from hair loss and accelerate their growth. Find
time for home treatment, follow the instructions – and mummy
will be one of your favorite care products.

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