The use of essential oils from cellulite

Excellent helpers in the fight for a smooth, elastic and
healthy skin can become essential oils from cellulite. And not
need to spend money on expensive procedures in beauty salons,
wear yourself on the gym at the gym, use others, sometimes
radical, measures to get rid of the hated “orange
peel. ”


  • The effectiveness of essential oils
  • Action of essential oils
  • Anti-cellulite aroma treatments

The effectiveness of essential oils

Such a manifestation as cellulite, can be any woman or
girls It doesn’t matter how old she is, what her weight and build are.
Enlarged from the accumulated fat cells, squeezing lymph nodes and
blood vessels, can be on the legs, buttocks, abdomen.

Essential oil

Essential oils from cellulite using only one
Aroma effectively help relieve us from stress. And stress, like
known to be one of the main causes of orange peel on
hips and buttocks.

Anti-cellulite aromatherapy is aimed at:

  • destruction of fat cells;
  • removing excess moisture from problem areas and getting rid of

As a result – a significant increase in elasticity and elasticity.

The effectiveness of aromatherapy procedures depends on the used
component. The right choice will eliminate cellulite and solve the problem.
Slimming, if it is relevant.

Oil mixtures have the greatest effect: various
components not only complement each other’s actions, but also enhance

However, multicomponent blends have one feature: essential
oils from cellulite are added in order of increasing their volume, and
the latter add a base (orange or almond).

Why is almond oil from cellulite used in
as the basis of aromatic blends? It is endowed with a unique
ability to dissolve in itself various oily substances. A plus
its own beneficial effects on the skin, expressed in its
tightening, accelerating metabolism, enhancing processes

Remember: the mixture must be freshly prepared. From exposure to
air beneficial properties of essential substances are lost. Tanks with
Components are kept tightly closed and in a dark place.

Action of essential oils

What essential anti-cellulite oils can be used?

  • lipolytic (this group includes citrus);
  • lymphatic drainage (conifers and umbrella).

Lipolytic effect have:

Orange oil

Orange essential oil is more often produced from the peel and
less often from whole fruits by cold pressing. As a result
the liquid turns orange, yellow, sometimes brownish
colors, which when cooled slightly cloudy.

  1. Orange essential oil. Those girls and women who do not
    knows which oil to choose, it is advisable to start with
    orange. It takes the leading place in order to lose weight and in
    anti cellulite. Oil well “breaks” orange peel,
    stimulates the flow of lymph, reduces swelling, softens and tightens
  2. Mandarin essential oil. Especially recommended to use before
    and after pregnancy because it prevents the appearance
    stretch marks and prevents the spreading of the contours of the body.
  3. Lemon essential oil. It is often used for home
    wraps and massage. It removes the visible pattern of blood vessels.
    (mesh), burns fat, eliminates stretch marks and makes the skin
    surprisingly smooth. Used in aromatherapy procedures for
    losing weight
  4. Grapefruit Accelerates lymph microcirculation, removes excess
    water, restores the nutrition of cells, and also normalizes fatty
    exchange and struggling with extra pounds.
  5. Bergamot. Helps against cellulite and is used for
    slimming, tones and refreshes the skin.

Oils with lymphatic drainage action:

  1. Cedar. Increases skin turgor and regeneration,
    normalizes lipid metabolism, tightens the figure. Skin will be
    look young and healthy.
  2. Pine. Smoothes wrinkles, enhances skin barrier functions.
    It affects the sensitive receptors of the skin, normalizing them
    physiological susceptibility.
  3. Juniper. Its action is aimed at improving
    circulation processes in all layers of the skin. Has a powerful
    wound healing action. Removes toxins from skin and free
  4. Cypress. Improves blood circulation and returns it
    elasticity, eliminates skin irregularities. It has anti-cellulite and
    anti-varicose action.
  5. Caraway. Used for weight loss and normalization of metabolism.
  6. Fennel. Refreshes the skin and removes flabbiness. Performs
    “contour plastic” of the body and face.
  7. Dill. Relieves swelling and improves microcirculation.

Anti-cellulite aroma treatments

In the fight against cellulite use:


  1. Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils. He carried
    rubbing substances with circular movements into the problem areas.
    The direction of the massage is from bottom to top, this is the direction of the movement.
    lymph. Massage accelerates the flow of lymph and blood, has a positive effect on
    exchange processes. Nutrition of cells improves, and fat cells
    are split. There is a significant improvement in the skin condition.
    It is used for weight loss. For massage base oil is taken from
    cellulite or oil mixture, for example: geranium oil, orange
    and rosemary (2 drops).
  2. Aromabaths It is also very effective and very pleasant.
    way to. The water temperature should be about 40 degrees. And
    The duration of the procedure is half an hour. Bath with essential oils
    will help to relax, and the active substances will affect
    your skin, making it beautiful and supple. Bath recipe: take
    orange or almond oil (5-7 drops), add it to
    a small amount of olive, mix and pour into
    cooked water.
  3. Wraps This application on cellulite places of ether mixtures
    and subsequent wrapping them with cling film. Then you need to lie in
    bed, take cover blanket. An hour later, wash off the remnants of the mixture with water, and
    body apply a nourishing cream. The course of procedures – 10-14 times.
    Wraps – a great way to lose weight.

Blends for wraps:

  • take orange oil (10 drops), olive oil (1 tsp.), honey
    (4 tbsp. L.) And cocoa powder (10 tbsp. L.), Mix;
  • mix oils of lemon, lavender, rosemary and cinnamon in equal
    quantities, as a basis to take orange oil.

Important: anti-cellulite treatments are performed.
highly concentrated oils or practically undiluted.
This is done in order to achieve the maximum effect. Therefore test
portability is necessary, and each component in
separately and blends if used.

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