The use of levomekol from acne

Levomekol acne is an excellent tool to
not only to carry out the treatment of damaged skin, but also to perform
regeneration (restoration) of damaged tissues. Besides he
quite effectively allows you to get rid of

Levomekol application

During the life of a person can not avoid the appearance of acne,
acne, sores, and other skin conditions. In modern
Cosmetology has a fairly large number of therapeutic agents
allowing to eliminate the appeared problems with an integument. But in
most of them allow you only to mask external

Ointment Levomekol

Most often, the appearance of acne suggests that a person has
there was a violation of the sebaceous glands. To the most
perform high-quality skin restoration, application is required
drugs, one of which is levomekol. is he
allows to neutralize infection of the skin. Due to this
the fact that in the composition of this ointment are such active ingredients
as methyluracil and chloramphenicol.

If you use levomekol from acne, it will
have a qualitative effect on the inflamed area.
At the same time, the consistency of the ointment allows it to penetrate into the deepest
layers of the epidermis, affecting the focus of infection.

With all these qualities, levomekol has not only positive
sides, but also negative. Among the positive qualities of medication
can be called the following:

  • the ability to eliminate toxins;
  • fast recovery effect;
  • low cost.

The disadvantages of this tool is much less. Of them can
name the short duration of the therapeutic effect, therefore apply ointment
on the face is required quite often. As a result, in patients
Getting used to this drug begins, which is largely
reduces recovery effect. In addition, we must not forget that
Some people may be allergic to ointment. She calls
severe itching and swelling of the affected areas.

Rules for the use of levomekol

Mainly levomecol used to remove large acne
on the face.

It should be applied pointwise, i.e. do not spread all over
surface of the face, and clearly applied to the pimple. In that case, when
skin lesions occupy a large area;
put on a gauze bandage. In this case, a layer of ointment on it should be
thick enough. Next, this bandage is applied to the desired area
skin and fix with a medical patch. In this form, the ointment
must be kept for a day, then it must be replaced.

Smear the remedy must be carefully, trying
rub it into the skin surface as much as possible. At the same time
non-inflamed areas of the surface should not be applied,
because it will reduce the recovery effect. In addition, in the case of
subsequent infection of the skin at this place ointment will not have on her
proper exposure. This is due to the fact that the epidermis will get used
to the components of the remedy and the restorative effect is not
will come.

All patients need to know before applying levomekol
features of your body – it will help avoid the appearance
allergic reactions and other unpleasant consequences. For this
should go to the hospital and do an allergen test.
Pregnant women and young mothers during lactation
use of this remedy is contraindicated. This is due to the fact
that babies have a poorly developed immune system, therefore
Levomekol may have unpredictable effects on them.

To improve the effectiveness of treatment, all patients need
stick to diet food. To do this in the daily diet
the consumption of sweet and highly allergenic should be reduced
products. Among them are milk, marinades and
preservatives. Moreover, you cannot eat all kinds of marine

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