Thermolifting faces in the fight against age skin changes: features rejuvenating procedure


If you notice the first age changes in the mirror, it’s time
Sign up for face thermolifting – exposure to skin warm. we
tell you about the amazing rejuvenating effect of this salon
procedures. We will tell you which one is better to choose – radio wave
(RF) , infrared or laser.


  • Thermal lifting efficiency for face
  • Types of thermage
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Devices and materials
  • Stages of thermolifting
  • Effects of the procedure

For the return of youth and elasticity of the skin, for lifting bryley,
ptotic eyelids and saggy second chin to women of mature age
Cosmetologists offer a unique and very effective procedure.
This is a thermal facelift when dealing with change.
in the skin is conducted through high temperatures. Heat held in
dermis various sources, affects cellular processes and
thereby having a lifting effect. It is noticeable almost
immediately after the first session. For those who decide to use
this rejuvenating salon procedure, there are many
questions. Will the skin feel burning high temperatures?
How is heat delivered to the depths of the epidermis? How many visits
cosmetologist will be required to achieve a stable result? What are
side effects after the procedure? All these questions are best addressed.
more before visiting the salon.

What is thermal facelift?

Thermal lifting efficiency for face

First you need to understand what is
face thermal lifting – what it is and how it affects
on the cells. This is a thermal effect on the skin that causes
tissues shrink and activates fibroblasts. Going on
this is due to increased metabolism and microcirculation processes,
death of old cells, which leads to their intensive

Heat exposure temperature varies between 25 ° C and 55 ° C
(depending on the type of thermal lifting). Protein from this
collapses, and elastin and collagen fibers are actively
are shrinking. Tissue damage occurring at this time is strictly
controlled by a beautician and begins to stimulate the immune
system, forcing it to work in double mode. Activated
neocollagenesis and elastin synthesis, thanks to which the skeleton is created
faces. As a result, you get the following changes on output

  • facial contour becomes clear, smooth, relief;
  • if you choose a thermal lifting around the eyes, he
    eliminates eyelid ptosis, makes the look wider and open;
  • its tone increases;
  • we cannot say that wrinkles are smoothed out, but they become
    not so noticeable and deep;
  • as it is primarily assigned to thermal lifting against
    sagging of the skin, it is different after the procedure
  • fatty tissue is involved in the processes, so after the procedure
    You can hope for a slimming face;
  • very often applied thermolifting against painting
    bags – fat deposits on the cheekbones;
  • complexion becomes natural and natural;
  • the epidermis acquires lost elasticity and

Today, face thermolifting in cosmetology is very
demanded procedure that ladies seek help from
balzakovskogo age. And it is quite clear: its rejuvenating
the effect can be a great alternative to botox injections and
gold threads, stitched into the skin to tighten the frame of the face. Wherein
sensations will be pleasant, side effects – a minimum, and the result
will definitely be worth the effort, time and money spent on it.
But which procedure to choose?

Origin of the word. Term thermolifting
originates from two languages ​​at once. In English “lifting” –
to raise (i.e., pull up), in Greek “therme” – heat. If a
translate it verbatim, you get a “lift with high
temperatures. ”

The rejuvenating effect of the procedure

Vacuum facial massage can be done both in the salon and at home:

Узнайте как сузить поры на лице>>.

Types of thermage

There are different types of thermal lifting for the face,
which may appear in the price lists of salons under different names.
Before visiting the beautician, learn in advance the features of each of
them to make the right choice. The basis of the classification are
various sources of heat on the skin.

  • Infrared face thermolifting (IR)

It has a mild effect on the skin. Heat penetrates on
depth up to 5 mm. The source of heating becomes infrared
radiation. It is recommended for early aging. Held on
Titan and Sharp Light. The optimum temperature is up to
39 ° C.

  • Deep Laser Face Thermal Lifting (IPL)

Laser-induced exposure to the deep layers of the dermis
predetermined power. Held on devices Sciton, Palomar
Lux Deep IR (Palomar), Max IR. Laser penetration depth – 6-7
mm The recommended age for carrying out is 30-35 years, since
appearance of obvious signs of aging.

  • Radio wave (radiofrequency) thermolifting

The skin is affected by radio waves of different frequencies. Depth of them
penetration – from 0.5 mm to 4 cm. The older the client, the larger
depth chooses a beautician. In the framework of RF thermolifting distinguish
some more types: monopolar, bipolar and multipolar
(tripolar, five-polar).

  1. Monopolar RF Thermolifting

A bright representative of the monopolar system – technology “Thermage”
on the device Thermo Cool. On it, you can set the temperature 30-60
° s Advantages – high power and excellent level.
performance. Disadvantages – pain and formation of fibrosis
tissues afterwards. The lifting effect is maintained until
three years.

  1. Bipolar radio wave thermolifting

Bipolar thermolifting penetrates to a depth of 1 mm at
temperature conditions of 40 ° C. Disadvantage – low efficiency
procedures for the correction of significant age-related changes.
It is used to improve the overall condition of the skin due to stimulation
fibroblasts. By performance it resembles the technique
photo rejuvenation.

  1. Tripolar and more thermolifting system

On a tripolar radiowave thermolift machine, the depth
heat exposure – 2 mm. Devices can be configured for different
modes, with the addition of vacuum (Aluma, Accent XL).

The cosmetologist will examine the skin, determine its condition and prompt
which thermal facelift to choose from all
the above procedures. You can familiarize yourself with them in advance.
so that later in the cabin only ask questions about the negatives and side
effects that most often become a rejection of this technique
rejuvenation, as well as the presence of contraindications.

Price issue. Face Thermal Lifting Cost
depends on the authoritativeness of the cabin, the quality of the equipment,
materials used, the selected type of procedure area
treated area. For example, in Moscow there are such prices
as $ 81, $ 93, $ 111, $ 150 (data relevant for 2017).

What kind of thermal facelift to choose

Indications and contraindications

There are certain indications for
Thermal lifting for the face, as a bright rejuvenating effect
procedure does not allow access to it for up to 30 years in the absence of
obvious signs of aging.


  • The contour of the face is vague;
  • century ptosis;
  • wrinkles;
  • age after 30 years with the first signs
  • sagging in the form of bryley and double chin;
  • crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes;
  • fatty deposits in the face area;
  • painting bags on the cheekbones;
  • unhealthy, unnatural, spoiled complexion.



  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • oncology;
  • dermatosis, inflammation of the face;
  • metal implants in the head;
  • infections;
  • chronic diseases.


  • Emotional instability, epilepsy;
  • simultaneous thermolifting of epilation, Botox,
    photo rejuvenation, contour plastics.

Be sure to keep in mind all these contraindications.
for thermal facelift and tell about their presence
beautician. If you ignore these prohibitions, the consequences
procedures will not only not please, but will turn for you the most
severe complications of existing diseases and side effects
affecting the skin condition. After obtaining permission to
carrying out the procedure see the list of used devices
and materials for thermal facelift.

On a note. In the presence of relative
contraindications cosmetologist may allow
thermal lifting under certain conditions.

Indications for holding thermage

Devices and materials

In modern salons are mainly used
devices of Russian origin for
thermal lifting, as analogues from foreign
manufacturers are much more expensive. Accordingly, the price of
The procedure increases several times. However, the latter are different
high quality and guaranteed effect. So here is the choice –
just for you.


  1. AirLax – apparatus for thermal lifting and vacuum massage of the face
  2. Anti Lax (Japan).
  3. Atlas (South Korea).
  4. Cryo Shape Pro 008 – the ultra-modern universal machine
    for cryolipolysis, thermolift (RF + laser), Russia.
  5. IntraGen (Japan).
  6. IPL + RF – the device for photorejuvenation, photoepilation and
    thermolift (Russia).
  7. MagicPolar – a multipolar thermolifting machine with
    photochromotherapy (Russia).
  8. Palomar (Palomar), USA.
  9. ReAction (Israel).
  10. Renew Evolution (Italy).
  11. Renew Face (Italy).
  12. Scarlet RF (Scarlet) – minimally invasive fractional bipolar RF
    with microneedles (Russia).
  13. SharpLight (Israel).
  14. SkinTyte – infrared thermolifting (Ukraine).
  15. Soprano XL ICE (Israel).
  16. Thermage (Russia).
  17. Titan (Titan) – infrared thermolifting (USA).
  18. V – Shape Pro is a universal device for thermolifting and
    vacuum facial massage (Russia).


  1. Face Thermolift Cream.
  2. Beauty Style – a plaster-based thermolift mask,

Find out in advance on which equipment thermolifting is carried out in
Tom Salon, where you signed up for a session of rejuvenation, what materials
firms they use. From this will depend on the final result.
The procedure itself is carried out according to a pre-approved scheme.

Note. If you buy masks on
a plaster basis (Beauty Style) or cosmetics with effect
Mary Kay Thermolifting for eyes, this procedure can be
hold and at home without any special

Materials and apparatus for the procedure

Stages of thermolifting

Facial thermal facelining procedure itself
easy, quick and painless. By the time it takes no more
half an hour. In different salons, the stages of its holding can be insignificant.
differ, but in general the scheme is about the same.

  1. Interview with the patient, examination of the skin, identification
  2. Selection of thermal lifting and materials.
  3. Marking of the treated area on the face.
  4. Setting the settings on the device.
  5. Applying a cooling gel.
  6. Accurate handling of problem areas by the device. Nozzles
    move smoothly, without pressure and friction.
  7. Applying a soothing emulsion to the face, in passing
    light massage

Immediately after thermal facelift you can return
to the usual life. But a few limitations and contraindications
everything is just like that:

  • intense exercise;
  • a tan;
  • saunas, baths, solariums;
  • other cosmetic procedures.

From all of this it is advisable to abstain for a couple of weeks for
fixing the result. The effect of thermal facelift long enough
and lasts for 1 to 3 years, depending on
applied heat source and individual features of the skin.
Beauticians recommend carrying out the procedure in the fall and winter.

Keep in mind. Described in the article
procedure – salon. If you do thermolifting in
home conditions, and efficiency, and durability of results will be
significantly reduced.

Result and consequences

Effects of the procedure

If skin care after thermal facelift
will be insufficient, the unpleasant consequences are unlikely to succeed
to avoid. If immediately after the procedure, tan, hold a chemical
peeling, sit in a bath or sauna, use an abundance of cosmetics,
You may encounter the following troubles:

  • tissue atrophy, burns – due to the use of monopolar devices
    old sample;
  • lack of results – again due to use
    outdated or low-power equipment;
  • hyperemia due to inadequate skin care.

To the results of thermolifting justified
expectations and funds spent on the procedure, you need to be
finished as well as provide the skin with decent care in rehab
period. Without compliance with the recommendations of the beautician will be very difficult.
enjoy your own reflection in the mirror. Therefore not
ignore them, follow the advice, and then the face will change. You
will give much less years than it actually is: goose
paws will be less, eyelids will catch up, flew and second chin
may leave completely. The noticeable visual effect of the procedure is one of
obvious advantages of this salon rejuvenation.

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