These hairstyles will help make a round face. perfect!

hairstyles for a round faceChubby girls often
think about how to bring your face shape to the ideal
– oval. This is quite possible with the right hairstyle.
Contrary to popular belief, hairstyles for round faces
can be very diverse, and for hair of any length and
textures – long and short, thick and thin.
Experiment with your image and find the best for you.
will help our article.

Choose your style

Start by making sure you are the owner of the round.
faces. You can make measurements of its length and width. If these two
values ​​are close, you have a round face. Or outline your reflection in
a mirror with a flashing marker: if you can make a circle,
respectively, and your face is round.

Women’s hairstyles for round face should contain as much as possible
more vertical lines, have asymmetry and cover the ears.
It is desirable that several strands fall on the face, as if
cutting it and thus lengthening it. You can use bangs, but not
thick. Hair color can affect the visual perception of the form
faces. So, highlighting and coloring help to achieve the necessary
effect. Let’s take a closer look at which hairstyles go
round face, based on the length of the hair.

Long hair

Of course, long hair is preferable for chubby
ladies, because already by themselves visually lengthen the face. Here
There may be a variety of haircuts, the main thing for a round face –
asymmetry, so the cascade options are best suited
ladders. It is better to avoid large curls near the face. If very
want to have large curls, then run them from the middle of the length, and
lift the roots, make the volume. Flowing curls will do
just wavy hair on a side parting. You can make a long
bangs, combing it to the side.

Average length

For medium hair for a round face is perfect
extended caret. The front strands make slightly longer than the back and
pull the iron. Parting here is also needed oblique. Hair
Pull and bangs comb to the side. Either close completely
both ears, or at least one. On medium hair can also be done
cascade and asymmetric ladder.


Modern haircuts for a round face may well be very
short Today, under the boy’s haircuts are popular, and they
Great for a round face. Ok make
disheveled styling using vertical lines that
visually pull the face. You can make and bangs, the main thing is to
at the same time hair covered ears and fell a little on the face. If a
hair a little longer, you can remove it back, slightly combed, giving
volume, and tips slightly add inward. Despite the fact that
chubby beauties do not go smooth hair, they are fine
This hairstyle will do: parting with a side part and straightening your hair.
Here you will need bangs, it should be asymmetric and remove
on the side of the ear.

For any length

If your hair is of medium length or even longer, except for different
haircuts and styling you can make more complex hairstyles.
Perfect tail high, collected at the back. If you have
there is a bang, release it and comb it to the side, and if there is no bang,
release a pair of thin strands. From the hair picked up in the tail, you can
braid pigtail. These hairstyles are well suited for a round face.
and thin hair. In general, any high will look great
hairstyles, because they make the face stretched.


Chubby girls spit very go, they can do the most
their various variants, including such fashionable now French braids and
braids in the style of “fish tail”. To perform such hairstyles need
having previously lifted the hair at the back of the head and slightly combed it.
Spit braided on the side, diversify your daily image. the main thing
close her ear and braid her own braid slightly or slightly pull off
its links to get such a semi-free spit.
On the other side, you can also release the strand and slightly curl it.

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