Thin hair: interesting ideas and fashion photos hairstyles

styling for fine hairHairstyles for medium thin hair
need to choose especially carefully.

Proper haircut will give the missing volume to the strands.

With a variety of styling, the base model is easy
transform by making her elegantly restrained or romantically

To curls always look beautiful, you need them
carefully care, choosing the highest quality styling
tools and fashion accessories.

  • 1 Rules for the care of thin hair
  • 2 How to choose a hairstyle
  • 3 Trendy haircuts for thin hair
  • 4 Rules for styling rare hair
    • 4.1 Bundle
    • 4.2 Shell
    • 4.3 Braids
    • 4.4 Tail
    • 4.5 Asymmetry in styling
    • 4.6 Corrugation and curls

Rules for the care of thin hair

Light, fragile and brittle strands need careful everyday
leaving. It is better to choose professional tools from one line,
well complementary.

  1. Wash hair need no more than 3 times a week,
    preferably soft water. The easiest way to soften
    Chlorinated tap water – boiling.
  2. Once every 2 months you can use shampoo for
    deep cleansing. It will gently remove the remnants of styling
    means, slightly peel off the dead epithelium, heal the roots and
    will make them more susceptible to nutrients.
  3. You should not use two-in-one tools that combine
    shampoo and balm. They are too heavy for light strands,
    after washing the curls will be flat and dull.
  4. hair washBefore washing it is useful to make a nutritional mask with
    egg, low-fat kefir or yogurt, black bread (more about
    masks for fine hair). Gelatin formulations work well,
    shrouding every hair with the thinnest protective film, but not making
    the curls are too heavy. In the ready-made mixture it is useful to add essential
    Mosle: Lemon, Orange, Pink, Rosemary or
    mint. Base oils should not be used, they
    will deprive light strands of the desired volume.
  5. For rinsing, you can use carbonated
    mineral water, it will well seal the rods and give
    strands missing volume. Another version of homemade rinse
    – plain water with natural apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed
    lemon juice.
  6. For laying fit mousses, gels and sprays on water
    basis, enriched with ceramides, glycerin, volatile
    silicones. It is better to refuse drugs containing alcohol,
    parabens or mineral oil.
  7. You can comb your hair from natural wood,
    horns or bones, teeth should be long enough
    sparse and rounded at the ends. Plastic accessories or
    metal can injure strands and provoke cross section

Council Do not use head scrubs,
they are too hard on fragile hair rods.

How to choose a hairstyle

Thin sparse hair lacking volume is a frequent occurrence for
european Strands look fluid and too light, they quickly
confused and difficult to fit into her hair. Stylists point out that
too thin rods perceive the paint worse.

how to choose a hairstyle for thin hairIf the scalp
fat, curls quickly pollute and become untidy appearance.
Owners of dry skin complain of dullness and increased
fragility of hair.

However, with all its flaws, light and fragile strands can
look great When choosing a hairstyle for sparse hair
length is important to consider

  1. The length of the main mass of hair and bangs. She should not be
    excessive, otherwise the curls will be constantly confused.
  2. Strands need to give the missing pomp. This is possible when
    selecting a haircut, changing the texture, proper coloring and
    use of quality styling products.
  3. The complexity of hair. The simpler the styling, the more beautiful it looks.
    thin strands. This type of hair is contraindicated complex braids,
    various bouffanting, frequent hot curls.

Choosing a shade for coloring, it is worth choosing difficult
warm shades. They give the strands the missing volume and beautiful
Highlight the face. Blondes fit cream and sand gamma,
brown-haired women and brunettes should experiment with tones of caramel,
honey, chocolate (see photo).

coloring for fine hair

Coloring in 1 tone will make the curls flat and boring,
aggressive highlighting can ruin an already fragile
rod structure. Ideal – shatush, balayazh or ombre with
the effect of burnt strands or regrown roots.

Colorists recommend to abandon too dark tones:
radically black, rich wine-red, purple,
black brown. These shades contrast with white skin,
translucent from under thin strands, the hair will look more
more rare.

Council Great idea – hair coloring
natural henna. It will seal the rods, make them shiny and
less brittle.

Trendy haircuts for thin hair

The main reception for cutting the lungs, deprived of the volume of hair –
graduation. It will add curls of splendor, while preserving the natural

Good idea for straight or wavy strands. It can
add a bang, lay on a straight or side parting. Hair,
trimmed oblique, will look natural and will require
minimal styling.

A win-win for women of any age –
universal bean Particularly impressive option with strands
of different lengths, giving the hairstyle up-to-date carelessly disheveled

bob cut for fine hair

Good fit and haircuts with pronounced asymmetry: elongated
temples, strongly raised nape, voluminous bangs,
trimmed diagonally and laid sideways.

If the hair is not only sparse, but brittle, it is worth trying
haircut with a straight cut. It will create the illusion of thicker strands,
not thinning to the tips. In addition, when visiting the salon is not
need to completely update the haircut, quite simply
trim length.

square with bangs and without for thin hair

Rules for styling rare hair

Hairstyles for thin hair of medium length need daily
styling. It should be simple, when creating hairstyles not
It is recommended to abuse styling products. Enough
use 2 drugs, one will give the right texture to the strands,
the second will record the result.

Facilitate the installation will help multifunctional tools
which give volume, protect hair from harmful
exposure to ultraviolet rays, remove an excess of static
electricity and reliably fix the styling.

When working it is important to avoid overly aggressive exposure to
weak strands. Backing, use of metal combs and
Scratching studs under strict prohibition. Achieve the desired effect
simple but effective techniques will help.

Council Hair can not be tightened too tight, this
not only depriving them of volume, but also weaken the already fragile roots.


Universal option for every day – a classic bundle.
Hairstyle looks strictly, but at the same time feminine. To hair
did not lie too flat, before laying them curl on large
soft curlers. Another option is to position the beam very high,
as pictured:

high beam micron

Strands gently combed and collected in a low tail on
the back of the head, if desired, it can be moved to the side, closer to the ear. Hair
Get together and make a free harness. He is wrapped up
around the base of the tail and fasten with pins.

Council Visually increase the beam will help small
cunning. The hair in the tail is wrapped in a thin chiffon scarf, and
then curl and stab. To hairstyle turned out more
beautiful, you need to choose a scarf to match the costume.


A stylish hairstyle for an office can be created from wavy or
straight strands. Clean hair is treated with mousse, giving volume,
and comb on the side parting. One hand strands collected on
the back of the head and twisted into a bundle, leading it up. Then the harness is folded
in half.

His free hand is tucked under the strands on the left side,
carefully disguising them. Your hair should be perfectly flat
forming a neat vertical roller.

It is fastened with studs along the entire length, for greater reliability.
they are injected from the top down and slightly diagonal. Finally
fits bangs. To the shell fit side strand combed
on one side and slightly raised above the forehead.


An interesting option for thin hair of medium length –
French braid on the nape. It should not be tight to create
volume strands fall extremely free. To styling not
collapsed, curls are processed with a texturing spray or

The work is carried out according to the classical scheme. Wide forehead separates
strand, which is divided into 3 equal parts. Weaving is carried on
downward, every 3 crosses are added to it
curls, taken from the left and right temple.

They should be thin, it adds volume to the wicker. After
the spit is ready, it is stretched with both hands for
giving maximum fluffiness.

In the photo, other variants of braids on thin hair that is easy
do it yourself:

braids for medium hair


Comfortable and simple hairstyle – horse tail. Its better to do on
wavy hair. Straight strands are recommended to be treated with mousse, and
then curl on curlers or papilotki. After removing accessories
tresses combed and tied in a high tail on the crown.

tail for fine hair

From it you need to pull out a few strands that are woven into
pigtails. They wrap around the base of the tail, the ends
tucked in and secured with a pin.

Council Excellent tail is obtained from corrugated
strands. As decoration, you can use a braid from
artificial hair, it is wrapped around the base of the tail.

Styling asymmetry

The missing volume can be hidden using asymmetric styling.
It is performed on the basis of an appropriate haircut, for which
characteristic length difference. Highlight contrast helps maximize
smoothing short strands with gel.

Elongated curls treated with mousse, giving volume, and slightly
lay inside. Thus, you can make whiskey of different

stacking cascade

No less interesting experiments are possible with bangs. Her
placed in the form of a coca or a wave, lifting his forehead as much as possible
and shifting in one direction.

A sufficiently long bang can be lowered onto the face, flirtatiously
covering one eye. Curls on the other side of the head are fixed
Thin hairpins that provide perfect smoothness.

Corrugation and curls

Ideal deprivation for thin and rare locks – a corrugation. It
add hair volume, make styling more unusual and
original. The procedure is performed using special tips.
on thermo-tongs.

For thin strands it is better to use plates that create small
or medium corrugation. In one hairstyle, you can use 2 types
nozzles For example, the temporal zone can be issued a large corrugation, and
decorate the nape with small curls.

corrugation for thin curls

Before work, the hair is treated with a smoothing cream. is he
removes excess static electricity and makes strands more
textured. Special sprays or serums will help protect the curls.
with the effect of thermal protection. After application, you need to wait for drying and
Only then proceed to the installation.

Selected strands are clamped with forceps at the roots for 5-6 seconds. Then
the plates slowly lead down, crimping the entire surface. AT
Completion curls are treated with varnish. They can leave
loose or lay in a fluffy hairstyle, for example, in a low

Council Shirring hair need only special
cases. Even the use of thermal protection does not guarantee safety
fragile strands.

When laying fragile strands do not abuse the hot
styling. It is recommended to use instead of forceps, plethes and irons.
Classic soft curlers or boomerangs. Their location depends
from the idea of ​​hairstyles. To create even large curls in retro style
the curlers are placed strictly parallel, on either side of the parting (on
photo is a medium-sized curler).

beach curls on the square

Turn straight strands into a shock of laid-back curls will help
winding in different directions. Before curling hair abundantly
treated with a moisturizing fixative spray and allowed to dry
on their own, without the use of a hair dryer.

After the strands are completely dry, curlers carefully
removed, treated with varnish of moderate fixation and whipped
with your fingers.

In this video, just laying on curlers for thin
hair so that the hair does not look wavy or

Council For curling can be used
home-made paper pads and gauze strips. They are not
traumatize hair, creating beautiful smooth curls.

And here are 10 more hairstyles. Although the girl speaks
English, everything is clear without words:

Hair on thin, devoid of volume curls may look
sumptuously. The main idea is to add the missing pomp.
An experienced stylist can achieve the desired effect, but there are
ways to solve the problem at home.

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