Thrilling curls or playful curls? Perm is the best way to experiment with way

perm hairEverything
women, without exception, want to emphasize their individuality.
And it can be expressed not only in the behavior, manner of dress
or make-up, but also a choice of various haircuts and hairstyles. Here is
it is then that the time comes to “Her Majesty” chemical perm hair,
thanks to which a woman can most radically
change, showing everyone the diversity of its beauty.

Great hairdressing opening – perm hair

What is this magical procedure – perm? “Chemistry”
is the most effective way to turn straight from nature
hair in luxurious curls, wavy curls or small curls,
turning even thin hair into a magnificent huddle. Permanent
perm is kept on the curls for a long time that
greatly facilitates the process of daily hair styling.

Such significant changes are being achieved through the use of
time of perm procedure of various potent
chemicals that change the structure of the hair in the deep layers. WITH
On the one hand, such methods of “aggressive” processing can
justify, because what measures only women do not go to be
beautiful But on the other hand, while applying hair
irreparable harm, and sometimes it is much better
harder than doing this or that kind of curling.

Nowadays with negative results of hair perm
on large curls, vertical or small curls to face
virtually impossible, since the master hairdressers are
their work more responsibly, and the chemical compositions used
for perm has changed for the better, and the choice of care products
for damaged hair has become much wider.

And the quality of chemical. perm depends not only on this or that
types of drugs, but also from the technique used during
procedures. For example, you can give hair volume by raising them
only at the roots, you can make a vertical perm
(“wet” chemistry), curling them spirally, wind on curlers
different diameter to get large or small curls,
or just braid it in pigtails. Chemistry options you can choose
set, settling on one that will advise you
professional hair stylist.

And yet, in order not to be disappointed in his new image, and
no longer cause irreparable harm to hair, you need as much as possible
learn about what types of perm hair today
apply, as well as what type of chemical dressing will fit to a specific
hair type.

The main types of chemical perms

Alkaline perm – the most durable method
Give your hair the desired wavy shape. During the procedure
are used strong alkaline substances capable
penetrate the internal structure of the hair, changing it in a certain
direction. Hair treated with this method does not lose shape.
for a period of 6 to 12 months or more.

Acid perm – has more gentle
impact on the hair, and does not destroy their natural structure,
getting in through the hair scales. Thanks to such a soft
the hair remains practically intact, however
acid perm persists just six months. By
the expiration of this period must be repeated. Acidic
perm is not recommended to do owners of soft hair, as well as
with too sensitive scalp and dry hair type.

Neutral perm, or as it is also called Japanese
perm hair – the most “painless” and
harmless to the structure of curls treatment option. Used
with neutral perm chemical compositions have almost
harmless to the structure of the hair action. But at the same time, this
Chemistry persists much longer acidic, and curls after
procedures look healthy and natural. Japanese chem. curling
shown to hair of any type. At the same time, large curls and curls
always turn out elastic and strong.

In addition, Japanese chemistry is recommended to do as
Prevention for problematic hair. Thanks to the use of drugs
with a biphasic lipid-protein complex LC2 and neutral
ph-processing technology, hair gets extra moisture,
become silky, elastic and shiny.

Alternative chemical perms

hairIn order to hair
after chemistry spoiled as little as possible, in the composition of modern
preparations for a wave are added natural proteins and
amino acids. This changes not only the degree of impact
chemicals on the structure of curls, but also the resistance of chemical.

Amino-acid perm – short-lived, but
Amino acids and proteins used in its implementation
nourishing and healing effects on the hair. After amino acid
Curls curls look even more alive than before, but
negative effects of aggressive chemicals on curls
almost not felt. To do this type of chemical. Waving not
recommended for heavy, long or coarse hair because
curls under its own weight hair straighten very quickly.

“Silk wave” or silk protein waving – creates on
the hair has soft, natural curls that are not straightened in
for two to three months. The composition of the drugs used in
The silk wave is composed of natural ingredients and proteins.
silk, so that when processing the hair structure is not only not
spoils, but even improves, becoming stronger and healthier.
The vast majority of women who have tried this on themselves
technology, leave feedback on the chemical curling hair “silk
wave “exceptionally enthusiastic. An additional advantage
This type of perm is that even spoiled
endless procedures lightening hair blondes after
Silk Protein Waving applications become more alive and

Biowave is a long-lasting and most gentle chemical
a perm that does not use drugs with
ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and thioglycolic acid. Similar
types of curls not only turn hair into elastic, resistant,
beautiful curls, but also have on them a favorable, therapeutic

Chemical Perm Techniques

Ideal choice for short hair or medium length curls
become a radical perm, which is also gorgeous
volume will be able to give to hair, and regrown after the previous chemistry
hair will correct. To perform such a chemical technique
Curls can choose any of the main types of chemical. curls as well
curlers, bobbins or hairpins of the required size and diameter.

During processing, the curl curls on the selected bobbins for
perm and coated with a chemical composition that has no
such a strong effect, as when conducting chemistry along the entire length
hair. So the main exposure to chemicals
It falls on the root zone and the hair roots without affecting them.
the rest of the length.

With the help of radical chemistry you can lift and dry straight
strands in the problem areas of the head, give them pomp and hairstyle
the correct form and volume. However, such chemistry will remain
not for long, losing its properties as hair grows.

In addition, short hair perm is often
performed not at the roots, but at the tips of the hair. Especially in demand
this procedure for women who want to visually expand the narrow face
triangular in shape and at the same time add additional
volume In addition, such a technique chemical. Curling allows you to turn
thin sparse hair in a luxurious thick hair that serves
perfect base for creating a variety of styles.

Spiral perm is most often performed on medium
by length or long hair. The process of performing spiral chemistry
very laborious and laborious as the master has to
wind thin strands of hair on a large number of bobbins.
Moreover, the thickness of the curls with a spiral perm can be varied by
on your own. In addition, spiral chemistry can be done with
using spiral curlers of different diameters, special spokes,
papilotok, “boomerangs” and other devices, and curls at the same time
turn out absolutely different toughness and the size.

Currently, there are many types of creative
spiral chem. curls, such as “broken” spiral, “flute”,
zigzag, local or zonal spiral perm and many
others. Such unusual curls look just amazing! In addition
their clear advantage is that the spiral perm in different
variations can be done not only on curls of decent length, but also on
relatively short haircuts.

As for the super popular in our day American
perm, this technique is suitable only for
long hair. Permed on special curlers “Olivia
Garden “which were invented in the USA.

The design of these devices is such that when using
they can be combined with each other, forming the hair
intricate configurations. In addition, there are several technologies.
spinning the strands on the curlers “Olivia Garden”, so you can
achieve very interesting, varied forms of curls. If
use for american chemical curlers curlers of different diameter,
it turns out fashionable today “messy” curls, indistinguishable from
thick mass of curly hair with nature with clearly structured

Perm: cautions and contraindications

No matter how hard we try to treat your hair, regular
the impact on them of various cosmetic and chemical preparations
leads to deterioration of the curls. As for the procedure
perm, even resorting to the sparing types and the newest
technology, changes in the structural structure of the hair can not be avoided.

That is why before you decide on a radical change
your image you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons, choose
the least dangerous way to chemistry and of course strictly adhere to
all hair care rules after any kind of chemical

The first rule – do not save on the cost of salon services
of this type. Before you sit in the barber chair, detail
ask what preparations the master will use at work,
what tools and devices to use, how much does it cost
perm hair in a particular salon. Add it all
components of the procedure and only after a detailed analysis, select
The most suitable option for you on the technology and price.

Second – remember that there are a number of contraindications to chemistry.
So, pick up one or another kind of perm you need under
specific hair type, it is possible to dye curls only after
at least 3 days after the procedure, it is strictly forbidden to do
chemistry during pregnancy and lactation, if available
allergies and after the use of natural paints (henna, basma). Also
It is contraindicated to resort to similar procedures during any
diseases or taking potent drugs.

Also, if you want to do a perm in home
conditions, be sure to invite an experienced specialist and in no way
case, do not try to do everything yourself. Wrong
selected and compiled drugs can not only lead to
the desired result, but also hopelessly spoil your hair.

And don’t forget about the intensive care that your hair needs.
after perm. Be sure to use moisturizers
balsams, restoring and nourishing masks, special
hair conditioners. Do not abuse cosmetic
means and electric for styling hair.

Do not neglect our recommendations, and then you are guaranteed
become the owner of luxurious, dazzlingly beautiful, alive
curly curls!

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