Tibetan facial massage procedure

Tibetan facial massage energizes the entire body – here is
The main idea of ​​this procedure. The technique of Tibetan monks is unique,
After all, working with certain points, we can give youth
whole body. This technique has existed for several centuries, but only in
In recent years, it has become widely popular. Women
in particular, she is interested in her side, which prolongs her youth


  • And aromatherapy, as a bonus!
  • Want to get a result – be patient
  • For a smart face – for professionals

And aromatherapy, as a bonus!

The essence of the procedure is to clean the aura
human and fill the body with energy, and give the person

Ideally, of course, in order to get an absolute result you need,
to make this technique a monk from Tibet, but you can do without
him Today, almost all high-end beauty salons
offer a similar service, and, besides this, works at home
many professional massage therapists who will make you
Tibetan massage. If you prefer, you can even try it yourself.
make it.

Essential oils

One of the main features of Tibetan massage –
use of natural essential oils. In them lies the main

What does a woman get after the course of such procedures:

  1. Even skin color without bruises under the eyes, red blush and
    painful pallor.
  2. The number of wrinkles decreases, and their depth becomes shallower.
    Women who have experienced this procedure on themselves claim that
    even after the first massage you can already see the result.
  3. This technique relieves headaches, migraines.
  4. The shape of the face improves – the swelling does not bother, and the second
    chin goes away.
  5. For problem skin has its advantages – rashes
    decrease, skin becomes more elastic and spider veins
    tapers off.
  6. Vision problems can go away.

The secret of so many positive moments in the use of essential
oils, which thanks to their extracts have a beneficial effect on

In addition to this effect, the woman receives a session during the massage.
aromatherapy, after all the essential oils that are used to
procedures have incredibly pleasant smells.

What specific oils are used for massage:

  1. Tea tree oil is great for oily and
    combination skin. It has an antiseptic effect,
    thanks to its use, rashes and greasy pass faster
    glands begin to work normally.
  2. Avocado oil is great for dry skin. Thanks
    fatty amino acids this oil deeply nourishes dry skin.
  3. Jojoba oil is recommended for women with fading
    or aging skin. It has a lifting effect and a good
    tightens the skin with proper movements.

Want to get a result – be patient

To start the oil to work, it must be pre-mixed.
in some kind of neutral basis. For this, oil is usually used.
grape seed. Need to take a tablespoon of grape oil
seed and add there literally 3 drops of any essential oil,
which is suitable for your face.

Tibetan facial massage

This massage by the method of Tibetan monks is
comprehensive treatment including relaxation

So, before the massage, pin your hair so that it does not fall on
face, wash well with the help of special cosmetology
means. After that, start stroking your face with your fingers.
clockwise. This will warm up the skin and it will be ready for the next one.

Then dip your fingers in the prepared oil and start working.
with the chin, where very often the woman has a problem area. Need to
In this place, start intensively stroking the neck from the chin down, after
you can even tweak and tap a little on this place back
side of the palm. After that go to the cheeks, stroke them
just clockwise, and then draw a line with your fingers as if
you want to draw a triangle. Repeat this several times. Forehead
also knead with stroking movements. The main thing is to not massage
brought discomfort, make sure to make a manicure before the procedure,
so as not to accidentally scratch. Reaching the forehead, first thoroughly
smooth, “iron out” his palms in the direction of the bottom

No wonder Tibetan massage is still very often called – sculptural
facial massage, because stroking movements do not end there.
Next, to get the effect, you need to work with you.

After the above described lightweight procedure on the face go to
more aggressive kneading movements, “rolling” the skin between
phalanges of fingers, pressing on certain points and
“squeezing” along the massage lines.

The movements are done at a very high speed and the purpose of the event –
not easy to knead the skin and improve blood circulation
layers, and the effect on deep muscles and bone structures. Here already
We are working with massage lines and there is a strong pressure on
face. But the pain is not acute, but dull, and it lasts just a few

To produce the effect of the procedure, the therapist must work
not only with fingertips, but also with phalanges during rolls and
of pressure.

For a smart face – for professionals

Like other techniques, the sculptural facial massage also has
contraindications. These include:

  • dermatitis;
  • allergic reaction to essential oils;
  • infectious diseases;
  • thyroid problems;
  • acute form of herpes;
  • oncological diseases.

Women who have ever experienced this procedure
assure that it is not easy to sustain it and to call it relaxing, the language
will not turn. To get the result – you need to suffer. Therefore,
if you came to a Tibetan massage, and you were just stroked there, then
this is a lie. Do not contact the charlatans. Who want on you
earn! This sculptural massage includes a stage
relaxation, but it is replaced by the active stage of work on your face with
painful grips and clamps.

Professional massage in Tibetan technology

Thanks to the massage, the complexion improves, disappears
painful pallor and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles
become less deep and their numbers are noticeable
going down.

It’s certainly possible to learn how to do such a procedure, but
leave a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to quickly get
resilient and elastic face, it is better to turn to professionals,
who will take care of this. Be sure to go to
consultation to the beautician who will tell you whether this is shown to you
procedure and in what form.

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