To suit highlighting – the top 5 best species highlighting on hair of different lengths and colors, depending on age

Highlighting is a fairly common staining technique.
hair that hasn’t gone out of fashion for many years, but only
being modernized.

Do all girls fit this gentle way to brighten
individual strands? On this issue we will dwell in more detail.

TOP 5 main types of highlighting

The content of the article:

  • TOP 5 main types of highlighting
  • Suitable types of highlighting depending on the hair color
  • Depending on the hairstyle
  • Depending on age
  • Depending on the type of hair
  • Contraindications for highlighting
  • Basic rules, tips and precautions
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Frequently asked Questions

Highlights suitable for almost all hair

Consider the most popular and winning ways to highlight
to date.

Classic highlighting

It is a uniform staining of individual strands by
the entire length. The thickness / width can be varied in
according to personal preferences or characteristics

Classic highlighting

It is important to know! The thinner the strands and the lower the contrast with
natural hair, the more natural looks hair.

California highlighting

California highlighting

With this technique, hair is painted from the middle, and
used several shades of paint. It is applied
chaotically, has no clear lines. After staining
the impression of slightly sun-bleached hair.

Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting

It is similar to Californian technology, also
Mostly several colors are used. But when painting should
recede from the roots of hair 2-3 centimeters.

French highlighting

French highlighting

It is performed using ammonia-free cream paint on
wax base. This is one of the most benign techniques.
staining curls. French highlighting is only suitable for
light blond or fair hair. On dark ringlets used
paints will not be able to give intensive clarification, only slightly
will change the shade. But the blonde girls hair will be more
brilliant, bright and voluminous.

Radical highlighting

Radical highlighting

Radical highlighting is done when hair is washed out.
already grown and you can see the roots. Usually performed
a specialist.

Suitable types of highlighting depending on the hair color

In spite of the fact that it is recommended
rely only on individual tastes and preferences, shade
hair should also be taken into account.

On blonde hair

Highlights on blonde hair

Owners of bright hair simply enough
select the appropriate highlighting technique. Can stop
your choice on these types:

  • classic
  • the opposite;
  • Californian;
  • ombre;
  • balayazh;
  • veiling;
  • Scandinavian;
  • French
  • salt and pepper;
  • color.

On dark hair

Highlights on dark hair

Burning brunettes to give freshness and volume to hair
should use one of these techniques:

  • classic
  • diagonal
  • Venetian;
  • American;
  • salt and pepper;
  • ombre;
  • balayazh;
  • shatush;
  • contrast;
  • the opposite.

On light brown hair

Highlights on blond hair

Often, fair-haired beauties look like “gray mice”
by virtue of hair color. To give brightness to the image will help such

  • frequent classical;
  • French
  • zonal;
  • Californian;
  • shatush;
  • balayazh.

Depending on the hairstyle

Choosing the type of highlighting you should pay attention to the length of hair and
for a haircut.

On short hair

Highlights on short hair

Highlights on short hair gives a hair
additional volume, visually makes the haircut more
contour. For this hairstyle the best option would be
classic, balayazh, ombre or veiling.

On medium hair

Highlights on medium hair

Bright contrasting strands and curls with a smooth transition
shades look good on girls with medium hair
lengths Consider what effect can be achieved in
depending on the coloring technique:

  1. Classic highlight will add volume to the hair.
  2. Thanks to the zonal or diagonal haircut will
    look more textured.
  3. Even painting individual strands in bright colors will be wrong.
    defiant look like on short haircuts.
  4. American technology will suit women who want to barely
    noticeable changes.

Long hair

Highlighting long hair

Long curls give a flight of fantasy as the girl herself,
and her hairdresser:

  • ombra looks original;
  • lightweight shatush looks very natural;
  • California highlighting will increase the volume, will give freshness
  • French highlighting – the most gentle method of staining,
    so you can not be afraid for your hair;
  • dark-haired girls with long hair are best suited
    balayazh equipment

On the square

Highlights on the car

The classic square is exactly trimmed curls with
bangs. The length of this haircut is not enough for an ombre or
balayazha. In this case, the ideal option would be the classic.
highlights, which will make the hair more voluminous.

On bob

Highlighting on the bob haircut

This haircut is similar to the classic four.
A distinctive feature is that in the neck area
part of the hair is cut off, thereby increasing the volume on the back of the head,
the neck opens. On the hair bob will look good
french technique and reservation. Brave and confident
Ladies can experiment with bright colors.

On pixie

Highlighting on a pixie hairstyle

This haircut provides shorter whiskey and slightly
long hair at the back, while bangs can be
any form. Strict lines in the hair there. You can add them
using classical or diagonal highlighting. Can also
to do the opposite – to paint with the California technique, giving
a hairstyle of careless charm. Pixie colors are matched as
bright and bright.

Depending on age

When choosing technology, you should take into account the age of the woman, because
40-year-old lady is unlikely to want to go with pink or purple
highlighting. Consider how you can paint, relying on

Up to 30 years

Highlighting for girls under 30

This is the age of experimentation and search.
individuality, so absolutely every technique will
look appropriate.

Brighter and more contrasting tones will suit the more courageous girls, and modest
Ladies can stop at the California technique, shatush,

After 30 years

Highlighting women after 30 years

It was exactly when she crossed the threshold of 30 years old that a woman feels
more attractive. She already knows what colors,
forms of haircuts her go. At this age, you can still not try
hide your age, but extravagant experiments are no longer
relevant. Therefore, you can use any technique, the main thing –
correctly choose the shades.

Note! Bright curls on ladies over 20 years will be
look not attractive, but only a way to rejuvenate.

Over 40 years

Highlighting women over 40 years

Ladies balsakovskogo age is best painted
curls 2-3 tones lighter, not more. Dark and
contrasting shades only emphasize the onset of solid age.
The natural transition from dark to light is carried out.
brondirovanie, Venetian highlighting, shatush technique.

Over 50 years

Highlighting women over 50 years

Regardless of the base color, lighter shades
help to look an order of magnitude younger. Most suitable
Technicians at this age are Californian, shatush, salt and

Important to remember! Bright and contrasting strands only emphasize
old age, look too defiant.

Depending on the type of hair

Another criterion for choosing the method

On curly hair

Highlights on curly hair

Owners of curly hair can be curled curls, but
It is desirable to do this in the cabin. Curls, iridescent
shades sometimes look much better than stained
smooth curls.

Read more about highlighting on curly hair

It is important to know! Curly hair more porous,
therefore, at home it is much more difficult to make highlighting
than on smooth curls.

Straight hair

Highlights on straight hair

You can experiment with straight hair as
whatever But the first procedure is better to paint staining

Contraindications for highlighting

Highlighting has certain

Lighten individual strands should not be in such

  • on pre-dyed hair with henna or basma;
  • if the hair has been freshly colored or has been made
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • during the period of hormonal drugs.

Basic rules, tips and precautions

After highlighting, you must regularly use
nourishing shampoos

Stylists when self-painting strands at home
conditions recommend listening to these tips:

  1. Brunettes should remember that lightening dark hair is
    rather complicated process. Therefore, to choose a palette of colors you need
    take responsibility.
  2. In no case can not overdo the coloring composition, it is not
    will help improve color saturation. Everything is required to perform
    according to instructions.
  3. After bleaching curls should be used regularly.
    nourishing shampoos and masks, as well as for several weeks
    refrain from using a hair dryer, ironing, pleyk.

Hair care after the procedure

After dyeing, additional hair is needed

Hair care is in such

  1. Maintain color with a line of shampoos, balsams and
    conditioners for colored hair. They will make the color more
    saturated, do not give tarnish or quickly wash.
  2. Recovery. Although highlighting and a gentle painting method, all
    strands require recovery after bleaching. For this
    should be done at least 1 time per week
  3. Nutrition. Painted strands suffer from a lack of moisture, they
    become over time, dry, brittle. Rectify the situation
    regular application of nourishing masks to the hair will help.

Frequently asked Questions

Highlighting is one of the most popular types.

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to highlight during pregnancy?

Many experts strongly discourage future moms.
paint curls due to inhalation of ammonia vapors during
carrying out the procedure. In fact, not all doctors
aware of the intricacies and innovations of modern cosmetic
means. Pregnant women should choose to paint
ammonia-free formulations. Read more about highlighting during pregnancy

Is it possible to do highlighting on dyed hair?

At home, this is not recommended because
the result may be unpredictable. To smooth out
colored hair, it is better to contact a hairdresser.

Is it possible to highlight bleached hair?

It is possible, but only dyes need to be selected, differing not
more than 2 tones. On bleached hair, paints are taken more
fast, look much brighter.

Does highlighting when breastfeeding?

Nursing moms need to follow the same advice as
pregnant women to dye their hair exclusively
ammonia-free formulations.

Is it possible to highlight henna?

No, this is not necessary, since even the most
a qualified specialist in hairdressing will not be able to
predict the result of such staining.

Is it possible to do highlighting during menstruation?

In this opinion, women differ 50 to 50. The exact answer to this
the question is no. After all, some girls were satisfied
the result, the other half complained of fragility and dryness
hair after the procedure.

In any case, it is better not to risk, but wait out the period.
critical days, then go to a beauty salon.

The most appropriate highlights for brunettes with brown

The most suitable techniques for burning brunettes
are California and Venetian highlighting. These
ways to paint look very natural, especially not spoil
hair, give volume and lively shine.

Is bleaching done on thin hair?

It is done, but better sparing dyes. After the procedure
hair will look thicker.

The most suitable highlighting for dark girls

Thick dark hair of swarthy girls dramatically
It is extremely difficult to repaint. Therefore, preference is better.
to give such tones: chocolate, amber, nutmeg,
honey, caramel.

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