To which doctor to address for pediculosis – who diagnoses and treats the disease

Many try to cope with this problem on their own,
without attracting attention from. However, this approach to solving
the issue of lice is irrational. Abundance of chemicals for
treatment of pediculosis is not a reason to engage in self-treatment.

What doctor treats pediculosis in adults?

The content of the article:

  • What doctor treats pediculosis in adults?
  • What doctor treats pediculosis in children?
  • How to diagnose a disease? Symptoms and Causes
  • What is dangerous pediculosis
  • Pediculosis treatment methods

The district therapist, family doctor, dermatologist and trichologist are
specialists who are able to help with this problem. They
will help you choose the means most safe for the patient and
suicidal for lice.

Are you going to treat pediculosis with a doctor? Yes

What doctor treats pediculosis in children?

Most often in our twenty-first century the prosperity of civilization
lice are still perceived as a disease of the lower strata of the population. BUT
it is the children that pick up arthropods from their peers and
bring them home. The first medical professional who
can reveal parasites on your baby’s head is
nurse nursery school or preschool institutions. AT
further treatment will certainly be engaged parents, but not
the advice of a pediatrician, dermatologist, or
trichologist. pediculosis in children doctor

How to diagnose a disease? Symptoms and Causes

Cleanliness and neatness does not mean that you or your
the baby will never get lice. The first symptom on
which pay attention – the strongest itching of the scalp.
Itching occurs when lice bites, precisely with the help of a powerful oral
apparatus arthropods get their own food. In the moment
prokusyvaniya skin is a special secretion salivary
glands, which interferes with normal blood coagulation.

The second symptom is papules and red spots,
remaining on the ground bites. In the future may
join an infectious agent that promotes development
pustular rash on the scalp and neck.

Reference! Lice are wingless arthropods, perfectly
who can not jump. However, the speed of their movement can be compared
only with the speed of a cheetah. Considering the tiny size (3–5 mm) of them
speed is 10 centimeters per minute.

And the third, but not least, symptom is detection
arthropods on the head with the naked eye. Small
six-parasites, with a long body no more than four millimeters.
The brown body may not be visible among the hair, however
after drinking blood the louse cannot run unnoticed.
It is also important to note white small lumps located
mostly at the root of the hair – it’s nits. Mature female for
a month is able to set aside about 300 nits (eggs) that are tight
attached to the hair structure with a sticky substance,
which stands out at the time of “birth”. Most often nits
located behind the ears or on the back of the head. lice detection

Reference! Lice higher speed can
only be the speed of reproduction.

The main causes of pediculosis include:

  • direct contact with an infected person
    (it is impossible to get infected by an animal, since the parasite is purely
  • stay in common areas long
    time (baths, saunas, hairdressers, kindergartens and schools,
    trains, hospitals and others);
  • use of personal hygiene items
    (towels, combs).

alien combs

What is dangerous pediculosis

One of the most dangerous consequences of pediculosis is considered to be
typhus, which can be infected at the time of a louse bite. During
World War II this infection struck more people than nocturnal
bombing of settlements. The rapid spread of pediculosis
contributes to mass infection. pediculosis in children

Children are the most violent people on the planet. If in school
the team has a child with lice, there is a high probability
that his peers will not allow to forget about it.
Psychological trauma provided. To prevent
Such a situation must be explained to all children that this
diseases no one is insured.

Do not forget about infectious skin lesions
heads. Wounds left after a louse bite may be
susceptible to infection of the normal microflora of the skin
(staphylococci and streptococci, which are not dangerous for healthy

Pediculosis treatment methods

All funds for the treatment of pediculosis can be divided into
chemical, physical and biological.

Biological is commonly attributed to oils, fats and esters.
plant and animal origin. They are not
pose a particular danger to humans (excluding moments
individual intolerance to the components). Easy to use.
and safe for children under three years old. oils

The physical methods of treatment of pediculosis include
mechanical combing with a special comb with frequent and close
placed teeth. Most often these ridges go in
set of chemicals. Can also be purchased
them separately in any pharmacy. The choice of material for
anti-pedicular scallop is not fundamentally important
question, the main thing is to satisfactorily perform its function.
However, it should be noted that metal combs with laser
notches help faster and more efficiently comb out parasites.

Dedushkin method of mechanical treatment of pediculosis
consists in the complete removal of hair on the head (in other words
shave baldly). Radical method, no hair – no
head lice. However, the bearer of chic hair such
radicalism to anything.

Chemicals for the treatment of pediculosis contain
substance permethrin. Effective component that
able to destroy not only adults, but nits. For
physicians recommend combining the method of chemical
effects on arthropods with careful combing of each strand
hair. means-from-pediculosis

Important! Before using chemicals
carefully read the instructions for use. And better
consult a physician to avoid adverse reactions.

The most famous drugs:

  • Knicks shampoo; Knicks
  • Paranit shampoo (can be used for children
    under the age of two years); Paranit shampoo
  • Hygia shampoo (limited to children under 6 years old);
    Hygia Shampoo
  • Spray Pair plus (can be used for children
    at the age of 2.5 years, limited to the category of patients with
    chronic diseases of the respiratory system). Spray Pair Plus

And of course, traditional medicine has in its reserve
for the treatment of lice, however, their effectiveness is weaker in comparison
with other methods:

  • Kerosene and vegetable oil in the ratio
    1:10. This compress must be kept on the hair is not
    less than two hours, and then rinse the hair thoroughly with ordinary
    shampoo Kerosene and vegetable oil
  • Anise oil. Apply to hair, after 4
    hours to wash off and comb out the remaining corpses with a frequent comb.
    Anise oil
  • Tar shampoo. Applied to hair and skin.
    heads, cover with a towel and wait 40 minutes. After that rinse
    hair with acetic acid water (add 1 cup of 9% to 10 liters of water
    table vinegar). And again, comb through all strands of frequent scallop.
    tar shampoo for lice and nits

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