To which order of insects are head lice, features and characteristics

A large detachment of ectoparasites – blood-sucking insects,
living on mammals, has about 500 species. Oral
these insect organs are designed to pierce the skin and
sucking blood. Lice squad

As for lice, on a person can parasitize some
species, and related mammals are different.

Characteristics of the squad lice

The content of the article:

  • Characteristics of the squad lice
  • Species Differences
  • Symptoms of infection
  • Treatment methods
  • Prevention

In Latin they are called Anoplura or
Siphunculata. The main morphological features of this
squad following. Oval or oblong body that is flattened
in the dorso-ventral direction. Body length 0.5-6 mm, width – 0.2-2

The body consists of the head, chest and abdomen. 3 pairs are attached to the chest
clawed feet that hold the insect on
host’s hair. Therefore, it is enough to tear the louse from the hair
not so easy. Detachment lice photo

Many parasites have no eye at all, but those who have them,
eyes are primitive pigment spots. AT
space lice are not guided by the organs of sight, but with
using the smell.

The peculiarity of the structure of this insect is its oral
apparatus. The basis of it – the proboscis, which has tenacious hooks, they
the louse clings to the host’s skin. During bloodsucking insect
extends proboscis, from which two sharp needles are shown, by them
the louse pierces the host’s skin, starts the proboscis in the punctures and drinks

Lice are well developed salivary glands, and insect saliva contains
special substances that inhibit blood clotting.
The bite is accompanied by itching, and the puncture site is constantly
I want to scratch.

Species Differences

The following species can parasitize a person:

  • head; head
  • pubic; pubic
  • wardrobe wardrobe

Reference! Human infection with any kind of lice
is called pediculosis, in some cases it can wear
mixed character – parasites of several types are present.

Next, each type of lice, parasitic on a person, will
considered in more detail.

Head lice

The causative agent of this form of lice is an insect.
Pediculus humanus capitis. It is grayish or translucent
Insect from 2 to 4 mm in length. Per day an adult can
lay up to 10 eggs, maturation of nits occurs at 7-10 days.
Then the young hatch and immediately begins to saturate with blood.
person Puberty head lice occurs in 2
weeks, life expectancy on the body of the host – about 1.5
of the month. lice for the liver

Reference! Without food, a louse can exist up to 2

You can become infected with head lice if you:

  • close contact with a sick person
  • use of personal belongings of the carrier
  • being in a public pool – louse in
    water can remain viable for two days.

Body lice

The size of this species is 3-5 mm. Their color is dirty white, life
cycle – 35 days. During this period, the female can postpone several hundred.

Body lice live in the seams and folds of clothes and
linen. They bite their prey mostly at night.
time. Finding a louse is difficult – she is very cleverly hiding in
tissue. They also lay their eggs there. This view is not
lives on the body of a person, and gets over it not only for food
by blood. Lingerie

More often all louses bite their victim in the neck, shoulders,
waist, lower back. I must say that the dressing lice
there is less headache and most often it is diagnosed in individuals
who absolutely do not comply with personal hygiene, live in conditions
unsanitary conditions, do not change bed linen.

You can become infected in the following ways:

  • wear the clothes of the patient;
  • is close to the things of the patient;
  • sleep in a sick bed;
  • measure clothing in second-hand or on

Pubic lice

Differently pubic lice are called plosschitsy, and this species
pediculosis – ftiriaz. Insects settle on the pubis of a person
on the external genitals and in the armpits. They are attracted
the smell of apocrine glands located in these places. With strong
defeat pubic louse can be found in the anus, on the hands
and legs. On the head, this type of insect does not parasitize.
pubic lice

The size of the pubic louse is 1.5 mm. Mature individuals set aside
eggs at the roots of the hair. This species does not breed at temperature.
environment below 20 and above 40 degrees. Also
insects cannot live on the host’s body without
vegetation. Therefore, shaving intimate areas and armpits
is the prevention of pubic lice.

You can become infected with:

  • sexual intercourse with the patient;
  • contact with the patient’s skin;
  • the use of things of the patient;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene in the baths, swimming pools,
    public toilets. children in the pool

Symptoms of infection

Signs of infection are:

  • the presence of bites on the scalp;
  • severe itching in the ears, temples, neck;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • the presence of crusts on the scalp;
  • nervousness and constant anxiety.


In the presence of nits in the human hair is marked
the appearance of an unpleasant smell from the hair, their confusion and even
the formation of mats.

Signs of Infection with Lice

  • itching, urticaria;
  • bluish tinge on the skin;
  • in severe cases, the temperature may rise, appear
    headaches. hives

Signs of having pubic lice:

  • itching;
  • hemorrhage at the site of injury;
  • for sensitive skin, blistering is possible;
  • traces of life in underwear. head

Treatment methods

You can get rid of head lice in a variety of ways, and
almost all of them are based on the use of special mixtures and
combing nits.

Selecting the appropriate tool, you need:

  1. To test the drug for allergies –
    a small amount of the product is applied to the inner elbow and
    wait a couple of hours, if there are no negative reactions, you can
    proceed to the treatment of the head.
  2. The drug is distributed throughout the length of the hair.
    (and some products need to be applied to wet hair, and
    others are dry).
  3. Then the head is covered with polyethylene.
    hat to create a greenhouse effect and speed up
  4. Keep the tool need from 15 minutes to several
    hours, depending on the selected drug.
  5. To sell the mixture should be running water, and then
    it is desirable to rinse the hair with vinegar solution –
    dissolve the sticky substance that parasite eggs attach to
  6. Dead insects and their faces are combed from the hair
    scallop with frequent teeth.


As for the treatment of pubic lice, the simplest
and the effective way is to shave off all vegetation. If a
for some reason it is impossible, it is recommended to use
protivopedikulezny ointments and creams.

Body lice are derived in two stages:

  1. Hygienic procedure – thorough washing with
    using soap and scouring pads,
  2. Sanitary treatment of all things and insecticidal linen
    drugs, and the use of high and low
    temperatures. Infected clothing can be packed in
    sealed packages for a month, during which time insects will die without
    food. shampoo shampoo


To protect yourself from infection, it is recommended to adhere to
following rules:

  • avoid close contact with infected
  • refuse random sex
  • use only your household items –
    combs, hairpins, kerchiefs and more;
  • regularly change and wash clothes at high
  • carefully examine the scalp in his
    and a child;
  • use special scare when necessary
  • from time to time apply shampoo against head lice
    small quantities.


Do not take lice as unpleasant, but harmless
bugs that can only cause itching in bite areas.
These blood-sucking parasites can carry severe infectious
disease, provoke allergies and be the cause of skin hardening.
It is necessary to fight with head lice as soon as insects or their products
livelihoods will be noticed.

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