Tonic for the face – everything you need to know and not only

Tonic for the skin of the face is a cosmetic product that
cleans the face and removes the remnants of the decorative
cosmetics and excess sebum. Our skin, like the whole body,
requires regular nourishment and cleansing, especially when it comes to
It concerns its open areas. After all, the face is constantly
communicates with the environment and feels all its negative
Impact whether it is snow, rain, dust or hot sun. All this
instantly affects his condition and adversely affects
appearance of a person. To eliminate these shortcomings use
various beauty products, among which there is also a tonic.

However, at present, disputes have arisen about the utility and
expediency of toning the skin. There are two absolutely
opposing opinions about the use of this product in home
care, because in the beauty salon toning is mandatory

Some claim that toning is completely useless.
The procedure in which the skin does not need. Others
believe that without it, you can not do with everyday care. BUT
the advertisement ascribes the magic liquid to the tonic liquid
a force that magically transforms our skin and
rejuvenates her. So what is right? Let’s figure it out.


  • Why do I need a tonic for the face
  • Composition
  • What are the tonics
  • Toning or not – that is the question
  • How to use face tonic

Why do I need a tonic for the face

All cosmetic compositions for cleansing (even the notorious
micellar water) have irritating ingredients (surfactants) for
high-quality removal of dirt from the skin. Using
cleansing agents change the skin’s acid – alkaline balance
the mantle. Washing violates its acidity and shifts to alkaline
side (pH ~ 7), because cleansing preparations contain many
alkaline components. At acidity pH 5-5.5 microflora balance
is normal. What does the balance shift to the alkaline side and
How does this threaten our skin? The fact is that the alkaline pH, the
pathogenic microbes multiply faster on its

Of course, after some time the pH balance is restored
independently, however the use of toned liquid
contributes to the acceleration of this process. So her main
the challenge is to instantly restore the acid – base
balance to normal levels (pH 5.5).

Currently, experts believe that toning after
washing does not have any noticeable effect. Besides,
Currently there are a huge number of mild cleansing
products that gently remove dirt. They are practically not
break the acidity, and if they break, the epidermis
recovers in less time.

In other cases, this cosmetic product is used.

  • elimination of residual decorative cosmetics;
  • elimination of balances for cleansing;
  • neutralizing the action of irritating ingredients
    composition of cleansing compositions;
  • return to the face tone and refreshing effect;
  • relieving the feeling of tightness of the face after washing;
  • better absorption of serums and creams.


The composition of tonic fluid usually includes:

  • alcohol;
  • matting ingredients;
  • essential oils;
  • vegetable oils;
  • herbal extracts;
  • salicylic acid.

Until recently, alcohol was part of all tonic
products. However, now it is used only if
means intend for oily skin. In such a means
is up to 50% alcohol. Currently there are many
other variations. So, the use of matting agents contribute to
eliminate oily sheen. Such components are very relevant in
combination with alcohol. Vegetable and essential oils (cocoa,
grape seed, olive) is rich in nourishing and moisturizing
substances. Medicinal plants heal skin damage,
relieve inflammation, and salicylic acid fights acne and
dries pimples.

What are the tonics

The following toning agents are available:

  1. Moisturizers. Such drugs include medicinal
    plants, vitamins A, B, C and E, moisturizing and softening
    Ingredients. Alcohol-free preparations delicately cleanse, moisturize and
    soften the epidermis.
  2. Exfoliating. These compositions are intended for delicate
    removing the stratum corneum and leveling the epidermis. Therefore, very often
    supplied with the wording “for skin radiance”. They include
    quite a large amount of salicylic acid, fruit
    acids (ANA-acids), herbal extracts, vegetable
    and essential oils, vitamins. With regular use of such
    means you can eliminate freckles, age spots, improve color
    face and its tone.
  3. Matting This type of tonic fluid is designed to
    eliminate shine, anti-inflammatory effect
    and tone alignment. It includes a small amount.
    salicylic acid, medicinal plant extracts, medicinal
    ingredients (tea tree oil, lavender, lemon, etc.)
  4. Anti-age (anti-aging). These include amino acids,
    collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts, vitamins and
    minerals. All of these ingredients are able to stop aging and
    move it to a later date.
  5. Flower water. This product is not complete.
    tonic fluid, and is a hydrolat, which
    is a waste product after processing
    certain plants in the production of essential oil. He possesses
    Multiple healing properties and is considered very beneficial.
    product. Passing many times through a herbal preparation, liquid
    enriched with moisturizers and antioxidants. Such drugs
    sold in pharmacies freely available.

Toning or not – that is the question

It is believed that the tonic provides the passage of creams
through the protective barrier of the epidermis. However, the epidermis consists of
dead cells that are very close to each other. They
reliably prevent the passage of the cream in the deep layers of the skin. Also
high molecular weight does not allow some components
go through the protective layer and penetrate the dermis.

Scientists have now found a way to break up large molecules.
on easily digestible amino acids or they add special cream to the cream
substances – enhancers (conductors) that allow the cream quickly
soak into the epidermis. Therefore, the use of toned
fluid in these cases does not make sense. So toning
the skin does not solve any of the above problems.

However, some ingredients in the cream act as sponges,
absorbing moisture and holding it. In this case, the components
tonic fluid activates the action of these substances. So,
for example, when applied to moist skin
hyaluronic acid, there is some dryness of the epidermis. BUT
applying toned liquid can moisten it and
activate the action of hyaluronate. In addition, tonics are enriched
moisturizing, nourishing and disinfecting ingredients. In this
category can be attributed thick toners that are very popular in
South Korea. They act as full-fledged cosmetic
drugs and are not intermediate products.

How to use face tonic

After removing the makeup and cleansing the face you need to put a small
amount of funds on a cotton pad and wipe your face strictly by
massage lines. You can also spray the drug directly on the face when
spray gun help. For greasy tone it is recommended to use
tonic with some alcohol content, but avoid it
contact with the mucous membrane of the eye. Tonics are applied on already cleansed skin,
but do not use as a cleansing agent. Just in this case they
will not cope with pollution, because they do not contain active
components (surfactants).

It is appropriate to use a cleanser and tonic one.
cosmetic brand. This is important because the tonic is made from
ingredients based on the previous stage of purification. His need
use after more aggressive cleansing preparations. If
clean the epidermis with micellar water, which includes
poloxamer, then it is not necessary. This emulsifier is not
irritates and does not dry the skin.

Tonic fluid can activate some
cosmetic products, if applied before the cream. Besides
some creams leave behind a feeling of film on the face. So,
in some cases, the pre-use of tonic
fluid can relieve this unpleasant sensation.

Thus, it can be summarized. The use of tonic
products – a rather ambiguous thing. However, it can be quite
useful stage of care, especially if the drug is selected correctly and
use. The use of toning products – enough thing
ambiguous. Simple cosmetic compositions based on alcohol
needed only to owners of oily and problem skin. Facilities
without alcohol can eliminate the tightness of the epidermis, and if they
supplemented with moisturizing ingredients, it softens and
moisturize it. Acidic compositions replace mechanical
exfoliation, they smooth fine wrinkles, even tone and
improve the complexion and also act as an independent
product to care.

It should also be remembered that when choosing a natural tonic
fluids based on medicinal extracts, it can occur
“discrepancy” with beauty products of another brand. Therefore it is better
choose cleaning products for one series.

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