Toning hair masks: top 10 professional and home

Persistent rich color and healthy shine is the dream of a woman
regularly dye your hair. Tonics allow you to achieve this
goals Gently acting without damaging the structure,
they create the desired shade and care for curls.

Bright hair color

Reusability retains color brightness and
prolongs the periods between staining.

  • 1 What is toning
  • 2 Pros and cons of tinting compared to staining
  • 3 How to choose the right shade
  • 4 Types of tinting masks
    • 4.1 Temporary tonics
    • 4.2 Light tonics
    • 4.3 Gentle tonics
    • 4.4 Resistant
  • 5 Review and comparison of popular brands
    • 5.1 Collistar
    • 5.2 Schwarzkopf
    • 5.3 Vella Color
    • 5.4 Acme Color
    • 5.5 Estelle Newton (Newtone)
    • 5.6 Revlon
    • 5.7 Tethys
    • 5.8 Ecoline Color an
    • 5.9 Berrevell
    • 5.10 L’Oreal
  • 6 How to use a toning mask
  • 7 Homemade masks for toning

What is toning

The task of toning means is to correct the shade and
add shine. It is important to understand that to give hair saturated
color can only paint.

Pros and cons of toning compared to staining

Toning is a more gentle procedure for bright and
saturated color. Cosmetics used
have a mild effect and can

Pigments do not penetrate the hair as opposed to dye, but
envelop, creating the necessary tone.

Beautiful hair


  • as part no aggressive chemical
  • affects carefully;
  • gives the strands shine;
  • adjusts color;
  • good means to prolong the effect between
    staining procedures;
  • frequent use is possible;
  • caring effect – contains nourishing
    substances, seals flakes, laminating effect.


  • not used hair with damaged
    structure (penetrates deeply, so the pigment can lie
  • short duration;
  • faintly fills gray hair and natural color,
    but makes them less noticeable;
  • streaked or bleached strands cover unevenly;
  • uneconomical consumption;
  • may leave marks on clothes during prolonged

How to choose the right shade

Shade Selection

The selection is based on several principles related to
features of the action and the original color.

Light curls are more susceptible to effects.
pigment, so the effect of staining is more pronounced.
The choice of shades is big.

Important! Masks for dark hair
stronger, but less palette. Dark strands are more difficult
coloring in light shades.

Experts do not recommend choosing a shade more than 2 above.
of the original. Otherwise the color of the hair can be

Types of tinting masks

Types of tinting masks

An interesting novelty among cosmetics –
mask tuning neutral color.

The goal is to give the hair shine and well-groomed appearance, to create a pastel
hue (fashion trend of the season).

Hairdressers use tuning in two

  • separately to give a glossy shine;
  • together with other means to create a transparent
    pastel color.

This video shows one of the ways to tint hair in
home conditions, mixing two tint colors.

Temporary tonics

Tint balsam is easy to use. It is applied in
headwashing time. Some time you need to hold
without flushing.

The advantage is that it is washed off from 1-2
time. A good option for the experiment.

Light tonics

Toning shampoos have a mild effect.
They do not contain ammonia and oxidizing agents. Available to home

Wash off 4-6 times.

Temporary and light tonics

Gentle tonics

All toning agents are gentle
option as opposed to paint.

By creating tonics, manufacturers seek to achieve a combination of the two
effects: persistent color and caring effect.

Important! Most toning agents contain
the current formula in addition to the coloring pigment micro and macro
elements that restore and nourish hair.


In the composition of the tonics-paints there is no ammonia, the percentage
oxidant is very low. Paints with
tinting effect.

Their action does not violate the structure of the hair, and the color keeps
up to 3 weeks.

Toning masks

Overview and comparison of popular brands


Italian brand, well proven in the market
cosmetic products. Double action mask: coloring and care.
Used for dyed hair and on natural

Important! The result is a uniform saturated color.
Contains a number of protective and repairing components: vitamin B5 and
E, wheat protein and cashmere keratin.

Hair get a natural shine.

Advantage: hair is soft, docile.

Disadvantage: the pigment is quickly washed out.

Italian mask


The tool is well showed itself when toning dark blond

It has more than ten different shades.

Result: well-groomed, shiny hair.

Varieties: spray, shampoo, mousse and professional
dyes. Does not require the use of an oxidizing agent.

Disadvantage: high price.

Tonics tint Schwarzkopf

Vella color

Tint paint received good reviews from professional
stylists. The effect is persistent, rich hair
silky and shiny.

The palette is wide. Spent sparingly.

The special formula does not allow the pigment to penetrate into the hair.
The structure of the curls remains intact.

Disadvantage: does not paint gray hair.

Hair dye

Acme Color

Tonic Ukrainian manufacturer.

Important! Has a multilateral action: toning,
giving saturation and brightness to color, restoring damaged

Components Included:

  • prevent breakage;
  • create silkiness;
  • gives shine;
  • enrich with useful elements;
  • restore moisture balance;
  • protect from harmful influences.

This is a budget option, unlike most well-known brands.
The cost of 65 rubles.

Despite the low price, the tool has proven itself well and
I received a lot of positive feedback.

Hair coloring

Estelle Newton (Newtone)

The action of tonic is based on special substances (enhancers),
acting as a conductor of active components in
deep hair structure.

The tool is created with a sun protection factor that provides
color fastness and protects against the damaging effects of UV.
Vitamin E strengthens lactic acid and beeswax
restore and nourish.

Cost approx. 600 rubles.

Advantage: leads among other manufacturers by
positive feedback. Combines high durability
and caring effect.

The only downside: the high price.

Estel Newton Series


Universal Italian tinting mask. Fits
any hair, no matter the type.

For uniformity and duration of toning is responsible ion
pigment. Tonic acts on the scalp and stimulates
blood circulation, creating a breeding ground for the growth of strong

Important! Suitable only for dyed hair.

Fruit moisturizing and nourishing

Tonic users speak positively about its quality,
noting her caring properties.

Disadvantage: quickly washed off.

Ammonia-free mask


Mask created in Italy. The composition includes Macodamia oils, argans
and monoi, known for their firming and regenerating

The unique technology underlying the tool links
water molecules with natural ingredients. This allows you to reduce
negative impact with high quality

The feedback is positive. The downside is
complexity of use (mixed with other
active substances).

Mask Tefiya

Ecoline Color Up

Italian tinting mask for hair. Remedy well
lays down on the colored curls. Can be used for
adjusting the natural color. Active pigments enhance
tone quality.

The extract of honey, which is part of, moisturizes and nourishes the curls.
Milk proteins restore hair follicles.
Suitable for hair, regardless of their type.

Reviews of ecoline color are ambiguous. Among the disadvantages
called weak color fastness and high

Italian tinting mask


Manufacturer Germany.

Coloring pigments have the property of direct
actions. There are no substances with ammonia content and
peroxide, so the effect is soft and gentle. Tonic nourishes hair
and starts the regeneration processes.

Result – resistant color, well-groomed shiny

14 shades are offered. The cost of 300 rubles.

According to reviews, tonic is well suited to owners of blond hair

Toning masks and tonics


Active ingredients: proteins and free amino acids,
coloring pigment. Caring formula protects hair from

Color resistant. Corrects unwanted
shade, gives shine.

The cost of 350 rubles.

Advantage: deservedly received positive feedback
women seeking to paint over gray hair.

Disadvantage: frequent use adversely affects
state strands.

Shampoo Loreal

How to use a toning mask

The procedure for applying tinting agents is generally similar.
Pre-read the instructions,
Perhaps the manufacturer pays attention to the individual nuances
of use.

The mask is applied to dry clean hair. The waiting period depends
from the expected effect.

For a light shade, just hold the tonic
about a quarter of an hour. Saturated shade tickle at
waiting up to 45 minutes.

Rinse tonic under running water. Can use
a caring balm or a mask that prolongs
color fastness.

Drawing tonic

For protection of hands and clothes it is advisable to use disposable
gloves and cape.

In some cases, to achieve the expected color
reapplication is required. In this case
the pigment lays down better.

Important! Tonic is a gentle remedy, therefore
its frequent use is allowed to maintain stamina and
saturation of hair color.

This video describes the rules of hair tinting, as well as
shows one of his methods.

Homemade masks for toning

The most popular natural toning masks – henna
and basma. The combination of these two means allows
create different shades from golden red to chestnut.

It is recommended to use Iranian or Indian. These paints
Give lasting color and natural shine.

Disadvantage: dry hair. Suitable for ladies with fatty
hair The owners of thin, brittle curls do not
It is desirable to use this tool.

House Tinting

Known tinting effect decoctions of some

  • daisies;
  • hazelnut;
  • oak bark;
  • black tea;

Herbal decoctions give the desired shade,
stimulate blood circulation, nourish the scalp.

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