Top 10 long hair styling: fast, easy easy

Long hair needs daily styling.
The ability to beautifully lay fit to fit everyone.

Hairstyles for long hair

There are ways to fast styling, time-tested.

  • 1 Styling Tools
  • 2 Means for styling
  • 3 Preparation for installation
  • 4 Hair styling with hair dryer
  • 5 Laying long hair with forceps
  • 6 How to put your hair ironing
  • 7 Straightening naughty hair
  • 8 Creating romantic curls
  • 9 Twisting the tips
  • 10 Sexy Beach Curls
  • 11 hair curlers for styling strands
  • 12 Wet Hairstyle
  • 13 Easy negligence
  • 14 Elegant classics
  • 15 laying bow
  • 16 Rock Laying
  • 17 Casual, Simple and Fast Hairstyles.
    • 17.1 Classic tail
    • 17.2 Horse tail
    • 17.3 Elegant beam
    • 17.4 Without a comb
    • 17.5 Spit
  • 18 evening styling options
    • 18.1 Bundles
    • 18.2 Malvina
    • 18.3 Evening styling with weaving
    • 18.4 Waves, curls, curls
    • 18.5 Spit Crown and Low Beam

Styling tools

Erect styling at home will help
special tools. Some are needed
every day, others will come in handy to create a festive

In the arsenal of each girl should be the following hairdressers

  • a set of combs;
  • hair dryer with nozzles;
  • rectifier;
  • curlers;
  • clamps;
  • hairpins and hairpins.

On sale you can find specialized hairdressers
tools and ordinary for everyday use. With their
Functions cope well and those and others.

Styling Tools

The cost of the first will be much higher. What tools
give preference, the woman decides for herself.

It is advisable to purchase to start necessary
minimum. The set of daily care products should
comb, powerful hair dryer, hair curlers and curling iron. When choosing should
pay attention to quality.

Styling products

Modern industry produces many
styling products. Variety makes it difficult to choose. Sometimes
It is difficult to decide which products to prefer.

To create an attractive image is enough to have on hand.
a couple of styling products. Styling products are divided into the following.

  • volume creation (mousse, foam);
  • formation of texture (wax, gel);
  • fixing (varnish, spray).

All styling products have varying degrees.
fixing. Suitable for everyday use product
medium fixation. A potent spray is needed in special
when you need to fix a festive hairstyle.

Styling Products

Preparation for laying

To create a hairstyle you will need a good hair dryer with a nozzle
hub. You need to wash your hair and dry
towel, gently kicking each strand.

Important! For volume
a modeling mousse is applied to distribute
evenly over the entire length.

Slightly dry your head with a hair dryer, whipping wet strands
hands to get the basal volume.

Hair dryer for long hair

Getting to curl itself. The shag is divided into
sectors. Better to do this with the blunt end of a comb. Every
the strand must be twisted into a bun, avoiding the section on
back of the head.

Alternately wind each strand on fennachinaya from
roots and gradually going down to the tips. It turns long

This video describes the secrets of hair dryer and
shows how to do a voluminous hairstyle.

Long hair styling with tongs

A beautiful perm on loose hair can be done
electric tongs. Power appliance (curling)
varies by model.

Owners of thin, loose curls should be given away.
preference for models with a ceramic coating. Ceramic
the plates serve as a barrier
protects hair from moisture loss.

Wash and dry thoroughly before curling.
every strand. Long hair styling begins with their
division into thin strands. The thinner the strand, the better
It turns out a perm.

The strand twisted on the rod is heated, taking
spiral shape. How to style your hair after
waving shown in the photo. Ready hairstyle should be fixed
fixing varnish.

Laying curling

How to pack your hair ironing

Ironing is called electrical appliance with two heating
plates. In expensive models, the plates are covered with a protective
ceramic coating. Easy styling will turn out bulk if
wash and dry your head.

To obtain steep curls, the tip of the strand is clamped between
forceps plates and twist around the heating rod along
the entire length. This should be repeated with each strand.

Straightening naughty hair

Straighten disobedient hair can be iron-straightener.
A strand sandwiched between heated plates is ironed across
length. Straightening should start from the roots,
going down to the tips.

This video shows three styling for long hair.

Fast laying with straightening possible
without ironing. To do this, you need large curlers Velcro.
Hair-dried hair is wound on curlers.
Velcro removed in two hours.

Creating romantic curls

Careless styling in a romantic style can be created by ordinary
curling iron To get beautiful spirals, strands should
twist inward, towards the roots.
Curls should be slightly tousled with fingers to get careless

Twisting the tips

To create a stylish hairstyle, it is not necessary to curl all over.
length. Sometimes it is enough to twist the tips. Normal fit
household curling iron. She captures the very tip of the strand, which is two
The turn is wound on the rod.

Sexy beach curls

Beach curls

Fashion beach curls back every summer. Such stacking
make it easy. Enough to have on hand a hair dryer. Need to
process wet curls with styling mousse and
twist them in two bundles.

Then it is necessary to dry the hair dryer, holding it in a twisted
able to dry completely. Spray your finished hair
fixing spray.

Curler styling strands

Curlers are made from different materials. Are popular
plastic curlers, foam, metal, bobbins.
Curlers come in different configurations. Large for
create soft curls and small for playful curls.

Thermo hair rollers and velcro curlers are not suitable for daily use.
application. When removing these curlers damage the hair structure.
Papilotki and classic hair curlers can be used each
a day without harm to the hair.

Wet hair

Hair styling

To create a wet effect, you must stock up
means. Suitable medium fixation foam and modeling mousse.
Clean hair needs to be sprinkled with water from
spray gun, slightly crushing wet strands with your hands.

A large amount of foam should be squeezed into the palm and evenly
spread over the entire length. Need to shake strands
roots to add volume. Fingers to give
the desired shape, modeling hair. Dry the finished styling
hair dryer

Easy negligence

Negligent hairstyle from disheveled curls is always in trend. For
its creation requires a modeling gel. Before laying
head washed and dried.

Important! Gently massaging the gel
applied over the entire length. Hair should be divided into fine strands.
Each strand is wrapped in a flagellum, twisting the tips.

Thus obtained curls are dried with a hairdryer with a nozzle.
diffuser. During the drying of the flagella is necessary
hold hand to curl not dissolved.
Ready hairstyle needs to be fixed with varnish.

Laying curls

Elegant classics

Hairstyles in an elegant style are concise and simple in design.
Classical styling is distinguished by its strict form and
clear lines.

An elegant tuft at the back of the head is a vivid example of a classic hairdressing salon.
To create an elegant look, studs and locking

Laying bow

Original bow on the back of the head an unusual version of the hairstyle
for evening. The basis of the hairstyle is a classic tail. Hair need
gather in the tail, securing the rubber band.

Then curls divided into three strands. The thinnest will be
the middle of the bow. It is temporarily fastened with a pin on the head. Of
the two remaining strands form the ears of the bow. The middle of the bow
we wrap a thin strand and fasten with pins.

Hair bow

Rock style

This hairstyle looks bold and mysterious at the same time,
it works especially well on long curls. To make
rock styling, hair should be divided into three

Two strands on the sides are braided in thin braids. Central,
the thickest strand running from the forehead must be combed.
The volume obtained in this way is pinned and
sprayed with varnish.

Tip: if the bangs interfere, you can braid it in
braid and secure stealth.

Casual simple and fast hairstyles

Long hair needs simple and quick styling. On
long hairstyle is often not enough time. Simple
styling for long hair going for five

There are many options for simple everyday hairstyles.
Tell you about the most common ones.

Simple hairstyles

Classic tail

High tail with long hair looks beautiful. To
hairstyle looked neat, we select the strand coming from the forehead,
we comb it at the roots and lay it on its side.
The rest of the curls are collected in the tail and fasten with a rubber band.


The ponytail is a simple, comfortable hairstyle for every day. To
hairstyle looked good, hair should be properly combed.
We collect curls at the back of the head, smoothing out
Strand smoothly to the head. We fix the finished tail with a rubber band.
For best results, fix the hair with lacquer.

Elegant beam

The classic beam is created on the basis of an ordinary tail.
We collect hair in a tail and we fix a rubber band. Tail
divided into two parts, one strand twist around
other. The resulting spiral is wrapped in
bundle, which we fasten with pins on the back of the head.

This video shows simple hairstyles for medium and long

No comb

It does not matter if there is no comb at hand. Stylish, slightly casual
Hair can be done without a comb and hair dryer. We collect curls on
top, release the side strands.

The collected hair is twisted into a spiral and fix the finished bundle.
on top. Drop down locks leave, they will be the highlight
image. For fidelity, the hair should be fixed

Laying without a comb


Classic braid is a convenient option for everyday hairstyles.
There are several ways to weave. To start
enough to learn to weave a classic braid.

You can practice on ribbons or thicker threads. Option
Classic weaving begins with the division into three strands.
The rightmost strand spreads to the center.

Then also the leftmost strand is thrown. Movements
repeat until the braid is braided.
The tip is fixed with an elastic band.

This video shows how you can make a romantic styling with
curls and oblique.

Evening styling options

Evening hairstyle is designed for special occasions. She is
can be truly luxurious. To create it
apply complex weaving options in combination with
multistage perm.

Often, fashionable images are created on the basis of everyday. So based on
Classic tail can get a spectacular image. On
the basis of “Malvina” creates a spectacular hairstyle in the style


From straight long hair, you can collect a variety of bunches. Their
can be positioned low on the back of the head or raised to the very top of the head.
A simple bundle is created on the basis of a ponytail.
Curls folded into a spiral and fastened at the back. Can weave
braid, roll in a bun and fasten.

Careless bundle can be obtained from two side
strands. Each strand must be coiled
then we connect on a nape to the node. Hair we fix hairpins and

Evening hairstyles


Classic Malvina is extremely popular this season. Her
can be done quickly and easily with your own hands. First you need to carefully
brush hair. Select the two side strands.
Each strand is twisted with a flagellum and tied at the back of the head with a hairpin.
or rubber band.

Tip: If you spray varnish on a hairpin, it doesn’t
will slide off the hair.

Evening styling with weaving

Beautiful styling for long hair is the basis of enchanting
image. Weaving will help create an unusually stylish option.
Thoroughly wash your hair before braiding
and dry.

Hair weave on a nape in a graceful braid “cone”,
maximum stretching strands. Several strands of loose
Leave free to hang. This will add to the image.

WeavingWaves, curls, curls

Fluffy styling is obtained from long hair, curled into small
curls, waves and curls. To create a mischievous image you will need
curlers, curling iron and a little styling tools. Small curls can
get if you wind them on a spiral or papilotki. Large
soft waves are created by electric tongs. To hairstyle kept
longer, it is fixed with varnish.

Spit Crown and Low Beam

Spit Crown is an excellent hairstyle for solemn
cases. Weaving start from the temple. We continue to weave
gradually picking up hanging strands and weaving them into a braid. Eventually
it turns out beautiful braid, covering the head with a crown.

Braid crown and curls

Low beam is created on the basis of the horse tail.
Hair, rubber band collected in the tail, we twist
bundle and wrap around the base. Thus obtained
bundle fasten studs.

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