Top 10 stylish ideas hairstyles on the side for long hair

In pursuit of the desire to look stunning, optional
go on the most unbeaten paths. Especially if you are
owner of luxurious long hair.

To become the center of attention and an icon of style, enough
use the old as the world reception – just lay curls
on the side – and a stunning image is ready! Using
numerous variations of this type of styling, you can produce
furor anywhere, without spending much time and

Stylish hairstyles

So, we arm with our recommendations, we consider a photo,
note tips and lifehacks and immediately
apply them on yourself!

  • 1 Asymmetry for long hair – fashionable classics
  • 2 Multilayer plus side parting
  • 3 Shaved temple – be brave!
  • 4 Haircut “Rhapsody”
  • 5 Subtleties of coloring asymmetrical haircuts
  • 6 Laying on the side for long hair
    • 6.1 Side knot with curls
    • 6.2 Romantic side beam
    • 6.3 Asymmetric styling with braids and tails
    • 6.4 French braid to the side
    • 6.5 Hairstyles on the side with waves
    • 6.6 Simulate bangs in the hair on its side

Asymmetry for long hair – fashionable classics

If there is a trend in hairdressing, which is already a long time
not out of fashion, so it is asymmetrical haircuts for long
hair. This hairstyle has many

  • allows you to look fashionable, young and stylish, while not
    to sacrifice long and far to deviate from the classics,
  • helps owners of all types of facial contours
    visually lengthen it,
  • allows for modeling and frequent image changes.

Important! Asymmetry requires regular reference to
barber to keep his original shape and avoid
carelessness when strands begin to grow.

Just look at the list of asymmetrical hairstyles
for long hair to understand – will make your choice
easy. So pick up!

Asymmetry for long hair

Multilayer plus side parting

This is perfect for ladies with round, square and
rectangular face shape. Side parting brings to the image
harmony, hiding too “heavy” and angular lines. Besides
hair, divided by a scythe, look very fashionable, fresh and

And layering adds volume and liveliness to even thin and
sparse hair. There are numerous ways
the performance of these haircuts, both on straight and curly

  • ladder cascade run with creation
    uneven torn strands. In the wizard use techniques
    graduation and thinning. As a result – dynamic, bold.
    hairstyle, ideal for both straight and curly
    hair; Haircuts ladder
  • tiered cap implies short
    clipped top and temporal regions and long strands on the back of the head.
    Torn casual lines perfectly add volume and
    create a bold and bold image; Short trimmed top
  • geometric asymmetry on straight hair
    implies short side strands that are placed on top
    long. Usually performed exactly on slice close to the face. Such
    option looks stylish and unusual, requires careful
    styling. Geometric Asymmetry

Shaved temple – be brave!

Hairstyles on the side with long hair with shaved temple –
a real hit, especially preferred by the young and
extravagant girls. It turns out quite interesting –
the contrast between long curls and short clipped areas
Looks fresh and attractive.

Shaved whiskey

There are several options for creating such a hairstyle. Usually shaved
one or both temples, and sometimes the back of the head. Bangs must do
long, torn, oblique.

The hair is placed in the opposite direction from the shaved area,
to emphasize the emphasis. To underline the volume curls on
the top is lifted and secured with
bouffant or fixing means.

Haircut “Rhapsody”

Haircuts for long hair

Gained popularity in the dashing 90s haircut “Rhapsody” still
still not losing ground. The main way to create it is
graduation when hair is cut off in steps
and lay on each other strands.

The main features are a volume top with short strands, sides with
curls of different lengths, forming a ladder, milled tips.
The highlight of the “rhapsody” in its universality – in
Depending on the styling methods, the haircut may look
boyishly daring or, conversely, elegant and stylish.

Uneven strands sticking out in different directions or stepped
neatly stacked curls – this is all “Rhapsody”, equally good
suitable for a wide variety of situations, hair types and

The subtleties of coloring asymmetric haircuts

Give additional dynamics and originality asymmetric
haircut for long hair can competent
staining. Most often, experienced craftsmen use
the following tricks:

  • highlighting,
  • coloring,
  • a sharp transition from one color to another,
  • balayazh (smooth transition from bright ends to more
    dark roots)
  • separate contrasting strands.


An interesting effect can be achieved by coloring the ends.
curls with torn sections, emphasizing a different color
shaved area of ​​the temples or occiput, highlighting the individual strands.

Important! To make your asymmetrical haircut on long
hair looked perfect, we recommend staining
regularly from a proven master.

Laying on the side for long hair

Due to the large number of possible side stacks on
long hair, you can always pick a hairstyle,
appropriate to your mood or specific occasion.

The versatility of this type of hairstyle allows you to quickly
create a harmonious image, characterized by elegance. We offer
a choice of several attractive and easy to
performance options.

Side knot with curls

Hairstyle to the side

Such laying on the side is perfect for a haircut with long
posterior strands and shortened temporal. Hair on the back of the head
gather in a low lateral bundle using
elastic bands and hairpins, and the ends of the separated side curls are wound
on the curtain to create the effect of light flowing curls.

This option is great for everyday use when
quickly need to create an elegant but not too formal

Romantic side beam

The scope of application of such styling is quite wide – from dating,
walks around the city, photo shoots to ceremonial events.
Romantic side beam means styling
pre coarsely curled locks, as they say, in the lung

The beam is fixed on its side in a frame beautifully outlined
strands. Can be used as an option when creating a lateral beam
braid. The main highlight – do not fix the hair too
strongly, giving the impression of some negligence.

This video shows how to lay curly curls on its side

Asymmetrical styling with braids and tails

Another way to make your image with long hair unbeaten
and interesting – to perform one of the types of asymmetric
styling with the addition of a spit or tail.

On the one hand, you will be able to achieve accuracy and concentration,
on the other hand, to bring in the image a share of freedom, liveliness and romance. You
You can collect the hair in the side tail, placing it low or
on the contrary high, smoothly combed hair and strongly pulling them off, or
leaving the curls to lie free.

Various types of braids, braided on its side –
non-trivial classic that is perfect for going to
gym and for the wedding ceremony.

Laying with braids

French braid to the side

Spending quite a bit of time you can create
universal styling that will emphasize your facial contours and
declare you as the owner of a delicate taste.

Split the hair center parting, begin to weave
French braid over the ear, gradually going down to the back of the head. Then
weave an ordinary braid, putting it on its side and a little
fluff to give naturalness.

The tip can be fixed with a rubber band, beautiful
ribbon brooch.

This video shows how to weave a French braid on its side.

Hairstyles on the side with waves

We have before us a sample of excellent styling for the solemn
case. Just spreading the hair to the side and using
curling irons forming clear horizontal waves that follow
fix varnish, you will get a win-win hairstyle on

In combination with a luxurious dress and spectacular
make-up such an addition will make you real
Hollywood film star.

Simulate bangs in the hair on its side

Imitation bangs

If the hairstyle does not provide bangs, but change
the image is very desirable, it is easy to achieve. The main thing is that
Our proposed method does not require any radical measures.

Having separated the wide front strand, just place it on the forehead,
forming a fringe, and fix the locks behind the ear with varnish or
invisible. It will be interesting and impressive.

It is possible as a continuation of the bangs to form a braid – also
very good option. You can experiment and
try to lay such a bang every time
the other side, seeking the effect of novelty.

Important! To make any of your styling successful,
follow these rules: it is desirable that the hair was clean
washed and dried, and before using curling, tongs or
ironing apply heat protection to the curls.

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