Top 5 Bridget Bardo movies worth look

Shy and insecure Brigitte Bardot did
sexual revolution around the world. In clothes or without BB clothes
looked on the screen just magnetically. Arrange yourself
Magnetic Weekend and watch the top 5 incredible movies
Brigitte Bardot.


  • Bridget Bardot: “And God Made a Woman”
  • The film “Neglect”
  • The film with Bridget Bardo “Parisian”
  • The film “Babette goes to war”
  • The film with Bridget Bardo “Truth”

Bridget Bardot: “And God Made a Woman”

Ribbon Roger Vadim, in which he took off his wife at that time
Brigitte Bardot, who turned the world’s view of women’s
sexuality. 22 year old actress began to be called new Marilyn

Brigitte Bardo's Best Movies

In the story, a beautiful woman is torn between three men.
– selfish, romantic and cynical. Each of them wants to give his
influence on the fate of the girl, but she is not so
frivolous, as it seems at first glance.

One year after the release of Bridget Bardot and Roger Vadim
parted, becoming both world famous.

The film “Neglect”

Before the director Jean-Luc Godard, the producers set the task
add more nude bardo to the tape. Yielding the request
film revolutionary Godard still made the love scene between the main
heroes of the most non-erotic.

The protagonist, screenwriter Zhaval is instructed to remake the script
Homer’s “Odyssey” on blockbuster with hand-to-hand fighting and naked
virgins. Yielding to the temptation to work in Hollywood, Javal
agrees to write the script.

He introduces his wife Camille to a producer who is experiencing
contempt for her husband for going into a commercial movie. AT
As a result, she leaves her husband, leaves with a millionaire producer and
gets into a fatal accident with him. Suppressed by these events
Zhaval returns to work in the theater.

The film with Bridget Bardo “Parisian”

Fun and easy comedy by Michel Boiron to the daughter of the chairman
the French government, in love with the young chief of the Cabinet

Instead of worrying about the beloved’s novels, the heroine
Bridget arranges an emu with curious situations at home and at work in
government. In this tape, talent BB, as an actress, harmoniously
combined with her talent to be naked on the screen.

The film “Babette goes to war”

At the beginning of World War II, a young, naive girl
Babette gets a job in a brothel. However, the institution of debauchery
evacuated, and Babette gets in England to the headquarters of the British

The girl turns out to be like two drops of water on a loved one
German general who plans to attack Germany
UK Here she faces an important task – to kidnap
general with the documentation and find your love.

By the name of the protagonist Babette was named a high hairstyle,
which Bridget Bardo wore in this tape.

The film with Bridget Bardo “Truth”

In this film, Bridget Bardo dispelled the myth that can play
only sexy and frivolous girls. Domenic Marceau accused
in the murder of a conservatory student, a talented conductor.

The viewer is shown alternately scenes from the courtroom and everyday life.
Domenik. The purpose of the court hearing is to establish the truth about
than the lawyers of both parties repeatedly declare. Truth may be
only one, but as shown by the director of the tape, there are a lot of it
alternative options.


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